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Hello there! First off I want to go ahead and thank you! I’m so excited to see what you come up with and I’m pretty easily pleased so please don’t stress. This is meant to be a fun little exchange for everyone and that’s really the most important thing. <3

General Likes: With regards to treatsI love friendly banter and pining and happy endings. Power imbalances and possessiveness are also things I like! AUs are also pretty great (some fandom-specified exceptions, read below). Porn is also a-okay and dub-con of the “aliens/sex pollen/heat made them do it” variety is great (A/B/O is a huge fave of mine, but I’m not a fan of the more non-con/”omegas have no agency” aspects of it).

As for tricks, I really like creepy stuff. I also like gory stuff! You want to write a zombie AU? Go for it! Characters getting trapped in a haunted house? Kidnapped by the fae? YES. I do ask that there’s still a happy or at least hopeful ending. :)

Do Not Want: No hard non-con please. No unhappy/hopeless endings. No misunderstandings that remain unresolved. Ultimately I like for characters to wind up happy.

Fandom Specifics )

Aside from the Do Not Wants list, these are all suggestions to help you out and give you a sense of what I like so if you’d like to write something completely different from what anything I wrote above, go for it! I hope you have fun and thank you so much. :D
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So my script writing class has a project of writing a one act play of at least 30 pages. This project spans the length of November so my odds of successfully accomplishing NaNo are incredibly slim.

HOWEVER. I'm pretty hyped about this play! We don't have any genre limitations and we specifically talked about the pros and cons of magical realism, science fiction, and fantasy. So that's exciting! I have no idea which of my many storylines I want to focus on; it should be something that can be resolved in a reasonable amount of time since this is a one act play, lmao. But I'm hyped! I have a feeling I'm going to obsess over this aaah. I might throw up a poll for which one sounds the most interesting. Idk idk. fact, idk why I haven't posted my monologue and my silent scene here. Original fiction is original fiction, whatever format it comes in.
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Hello author! First off, thank you so much for what you create for me! I'm so excited to read it. :3 I'm extremely easy to please so don't stress. This exchange is meant to be fun. <3

General Likes: Friendly banter, pining, loyalty, physical affection, first times (not just sexual but also first time sharing a bed, a kiss, etc), porn (if it fits in the frame of the story!), teamwork, happy endings, casual insults between buddies, dirty talk, possessive behavior/thoughts, and "us versus the world" mentalities.

For porn, I really like power imbalances, dirty talk, praise kink, and overstimulation. But porn is absolutely optional! :3

General Dislikes: Hard non-con, unhappy/hopeless endings, and misunderstandings that remain unresolved. Also, I'd rather these stay in-universe - no AUs, please! <3

Fandom Specifics )

Anyway, there you have it. Aside from the dislikes list, these are all suggestions! If you decide to go in a different direction, that's cool too! I'm pretty dang easy going about exchanges. ♥


Oct. 8th, 2016 09:03 pm
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Guess who's OFFICIALLY ON FALL BREAK AAAAHHH. No work + no school + three days = very happy Nan. ;3;
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just some thoughts about characters, spoilers thru episode 8 )

Trying to catch up as quick as possible so I can enjoy the season two simulcast! I know it's already started. XD
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Look what one of my friends got for me at AWA this year. What a precious friend. ;3;
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The crumbling foundation of the Univers Peace Accords - the peace treaty set up by the High Space Colonies - gives rise to new militia, new separatist groups, and new attempts to be free. Groups who've long felt disenfranchised are seizing this opportunity to gain new, intoxicated power.

Meanwhile Earth, abandoned by the wealthy when space travel became the norm, is after its own autonomy in the universe. With human populations down (but not gone), the ecosystem and biosphere have slowly regrouped. Unfortunately this boon in natural resources gains the attention of those who would recreate the damages done so long ago. While Earth doesn't have the resources and wealth the colonies have, it has its own weapons...and its own alliances.

A small brigade of mostly child soldiers are willing to defend their planet. But what can such a small group do against the whole of the universe? And what weapons do they have at their disposal?

Ashwen Lance, a child from Earth who has lost everything, and Jin Tsuji, a child from the colonies who never had anything to begin with, are two of five who are hand picked to train with specialized mobile suits. Initially distrustful of each other, they soon realize that in a universe full of enemies, allies are too precious to disregard.


Oct. 3rd, 2016 03:25 pm
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So [personal profile] imperion and I got together last night and were jealous nerds about all of my friends who went to AWA this past weekend so now we're super planning on going next AWA! Woo!

Anyway, I'm currently watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans now (the second season has already started! Aaaah!) and as far as the fall season goes, here's what I really want to watch:

Yuri!! On Ice: Is anyone surprised this is on my list? I mean, come on. XD
Magic-Kyun! Renaissance: I really like reverse harem anime so as long as the female character isn't too annoying, this should be good! I also really like the art.
Bloodivores: Dang, man, I just like the art. |D
Fune wo Amu: I really like slice-of-life anime where the protagonists aren't necessarily fighting huge battle or anything, they're just living their lives.
Days: Technically this is a summer anime but I'm just now starting to watch it so you know. I like sports anime and this one sounds particularly gay. The manga centers on two boys who were never meant to meet: Tsukushi Tsukamoto, who has no special skills but secretly hides a passionate heart, and Jin Kazama, an isolated soccer genius. On a stormy night, the two meet, and that meeting creates a whirlwind in the world of high school soccer. I MEAN.

So anyway, that is what's been going on in terms of anime. :3

Imktober #1

Oct. 2nd, 2016 09:54 am
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SHIT I meant to post this yesterday! It got posted everywhere else yesterday, little late on DW. ;;;

So my [personal profile] spook_me think was originally going to be Until Dawn, but now it's MCU with Until Dawn trappings - mostly that the Winter Soldier project turned Bucky into a wendigo instead of just a super soldier. Cue him running around cannibalizing Hydra agents, fuck yeah. |D
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I would like some Inktober prompts! You guys want to see a particular something something? Let me know! It can be fandom specific or just a random spooky prompt, I’m good either way. <3
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This week's [community profile] fandomweekly challenge is amnesia and I thought "well that would be perfect for Bucky but what if instead I destroyed Obi-Wan's life instead. Ha."

Damn you, Star Wars fandom. Damn you.

uh, whoops

Sep. 26th, 2016 09:51 am
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a picture of a black, white, and brown speckled hound dog on a fluff comforter
I slept through my alarm this morning and it's all Selphie's fault. ;3; I let her sleep with me last night and I woke up around 4am and sat up, which woke her up, so she moved up the bed until we were sharing a pillow, so I just slung an arm over her and went back to to sleep. My alarm went off at some point but...SHRUG.

Today I'll be spending some time sprucing up DW and LJ (again) and commenting on posts I've missed. Maybe playing video games? I don't know. :\a

Maybe I'll go to the coffee shop and see if I can get some writing done. That might be a good idea.
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I'm so out of practice writing things! So I'm going to challenge myself to write a teeny little thing for each of my summer mini-challenge thing, even though it's no longer summer. Oh well!

Speaking of which, I'm looking for a new layout for my DW and probably my LJ as well. It's officially fall, guys! OFFICIALLY FALL. It's still hot here which kinda of sucks but you know, whatever. It's fine. It'll get cooler eventually. I hope we have an actual winter this year.

I spent sometime this morning logged into my old email address and refamiliarizing myself with my old fandom spaces (from about 2002-2005) and being nostalgic. Which is something I feel the need to do from time to time, because fandom was awesome when it was the Most Important Thing going on in my life. I know I can never really go back to that (and I'm unsure whether I would even want to) but it's nice to read about. What a little dweeb I was, back then. <3

A friend of mine challenged me to draw myself as a witch so I took about a minute to sketch this out:
me as a witch looking very unimpressed

SPEAKING OF WHICH, the same friend and I are going to be participating in Inktober this year! GOOD LUCK TO US BOTH. Is anyone else going to be participating? It's a lot of fun and since I'm much more practiced with watercolors and wet media, I think I'll be able to include bottled ink this year, instead of just pens. I'm pretty excited. :3 I'm not going to work from a list of Halloween prompts this time (let's face it, the best way to draw every day is by including fandom stuff, at least for me) so I think I'll just work on whatever I want and let the ideas flow. |D

I'll try to remember to post here, it's just so much easier to post to tumblr and instagram from my phone. ;;;; Damn it, DW, get with the times!

Also, because I don't want to create a new post, yesterday was my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you and miss you so much. <3
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 photo 20160920_101144_zps9fqe15dt.jpg

My nerd shelf! I blame my Disney obsessed friend. She's the one who got me hooked in the stupid tsum tsums, while Mom had a hand with the Mopeez. |D And of course, the Funko Pop figures. Also I'm eyeballing the Dorbz but I really don't want to start another collection omg.

So anyway. I know this is so materialistic and so dumb but there's something nice about being able to look at this shelf and see all my little nerd things. Almost like completely a collection is some kind of achievement even though the only achievement is taking up more space on my shelves, hahaha (also I've not actually completed any collections hahaha).

idk. I'm having fun though. And now my family can stop complaining about how difficult I am to buy Christmas/birthday presents for because looks, family, look what you can get me!
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CHOICE OF GAMES. CHOICE OF GAAAAMES. I fucking love the Choice of Games. They're basically choose your own adventure, text-based games. They're on Steam and usually pretty dang cheap and I just love them. ;3; I recently bought the Devon Connell bundle, which included Samurai of Hyuga 1+2 and Fatehaven.

I signed up for [community profile] trickortreatex and I'm pretty dang excited about it. :D

I got my [personal profile] spook_me prompts and they. are. perfect. WOW. They work so perfectly for the characters I plan on writing and the story I'm planning on telling. So nice. :3

I've been pretty exhausted recently, just overall. It just seems like no matter how much I sleep, it's just not enough. I dunno. It'll get better, probably.

OH ALSO! I put a bike on layaway! This one. It's so adorable. That picture does not do it justice. It's just a cruiser, because I don't plan on doing any kind of extreme biking, just some peaceful biking through the park to help hatch my pokemon eggs get some exercise in. I'm pretty excited! :D
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+ Signups for [community profile] trickortreatex open Sunday so go ahead and plan that

+ Work on [personal profile] spook_me thing! I've got a couple hundred words for this so far!

+ Take ten photos of different textures for graphic design

+ Work on ravished king piece for painting 5 (next class is Tuesday)

+ Read the rest of the classes monologues for script writing (due Tuesday)

+ Work on sketchbook stuff for graphic design (technically this isn't due until Friday but I need to get a leg up because I have no time during the week to do it)

+ mow at least part of the freaking fracking backyard
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[personal profile] luxken27 is hosting their Summer Mini-Challenge again and I figured, what the hell? May as well participate. :3

Table 5
black velvet
Progress: 0/5
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[community profile] trickortreatex is gearing up! Most of my fandoms have already been nominated but I threw a few extras in there. I'm pretty hyped at the range of fandoms in there; western live action, eastern live action, anime, video games. If you want to participate in a low stress exchange (minimum requirements are 300 words or a nice sketch!), this one is the one to go for!

I'm also looking forward to the next round of [personal profile] spook_me. I've never successfully written anything for this challenge and I'd really like to change that, lmao. I've been falling back in love with Until Dawn but kinda disappointed in the fics I've been finding (there's been some nice fics! I'll have to make a rec list). So. I guess I'll have to just write what I want to see. |D

watercolor painting of fairy moth punk boy with purple and pink hair reaching out to pet a kitten

Here's my second ever watercolor painting, aaaah. I'm pretty pleased with it. :3
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So I have 10 Imsy invites if anyone wants one! I'm heartship on there. I have no idea what I'm doing and I don't like that I don't have an individual journal. I definitely prefer DW to it but it if it becomes the next big thing and displaces tumblr on the top of the fandom pile, I'm all for it. At least people talk on it.


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