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Well piss, a random stranger in the NaNo facebook group managed to talk me into doing the April camp. XD I'm going to sign up for time durations rather than word counts. I'm thinking fifteen hours? That's a half hour of writing a day. :\a

Anyway, I dunno what I want to focus on, probably this magical realism piece that I need to write for English class. Who wants to read about a novice druid learning about his True Sight? XD
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I am still dead this morning and instead of spreading germs (like oh, I dunno, my advisor, the head the the art department, my graphic design professor, other students) I'm going to be responsible and courteous and stay home with my sickness. It's a terrible time because there are so many things due next week but I don't know, guys, I just can't find it within me to care.

I made a 94/100 on my introduction speech in public speaking. My only downfall was that I said "uhm" too many times, haha. I hope that my entertaining speech does as well (my topic was "Top Five TV Detectives (And Their Sidekicks) and in no particular order, I talked about: Shawn and Gus from Pysch, Adrian Monk from Monk, Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote, Munch and Fin from Law and Order: SVU, and of course, Sherlock and John from Sherlock. It was a pretty big hit with the class, I got some laughs and a lot of discussion afterwards, so that's nice.

Today's going to be spent catching up on DW (sorry I've been so absent, guys) and listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack (I bought the deluxe edition, it has something like 52 tracks and they're all wonderful). Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a little something written for one or two of the super short prompt communities I'm a member of.
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I spent most of the day with a slight fever, a major headache, and an upset stomach. I'm now pretty dang familiar with the inside of the toilet bowl, let me tell you. :\
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I've seen a few people on my reading page talking about things they want to work on in the next few months and I figured, hey, why not make a list of my own. :D

I guess I want to work on the next six of the zodiac series. It really doesn't make any sense that I only have six and since I have the design elements down, it's just the actual illustrations that I need to work on. That's not...too difficult, haha. I still need Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Gemini.

The creepster line art that I shared in a previous post! I want to paint it. I don't really have a color scheme in mind right now though.

I want a large painting of Sherlock! Watercolors probably. Playing the violin in front of the window at 221b Baker Street. Night time scene, blues and purples. It's gonna be great.

Speaking of which, I was really excited for what I thought was a soulmates big bang community but is actually an exchange community but then I was like well if I want to write Sherlock/John soulmates fic, I should just do it. I don't know if it's going to be the names/phrases written on skin or everything grey until they meet each other but! It'll be something, haha.

I'm planning on participating in Camp NaNo in July, which I'm pretty sure I've mentioned recently. It'll be the non-devout Muslim girl attending a Catholic school story because I'm still really digging that. I should draw the characters! But that'll be further down the line.

I also have to write a magical realism piece for creative writing but eeeehhh.
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At this point, with these classes, I just really feel like I'm wasting my time and I hate wasting my time on things I don't enjoy. :\ So yeah, definitely not happy about getting up and heading out this morning.
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Watched Beauty and the Beast with my mom, we both may have cried a bit. It was so good. Also the theater was filled with children and their reactions really just added to the whole thing. ♥

Art post!

Mar. 18th, 2017 11:25 pm
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I keep saying that I'm going to post art here but I never get around to it. But now! I'm finally doing it.

I completed that piece that I shared, of the King and the Rook. I really have fun with watercolors, even when they do things that I don't intend for them to do, haha.

Rook and King dancing )

Also, here's a small sketch of Aries and Aquarius. I just really like their design. Better than the others, save for maybe Sagittarius, haha.

line art of aries and aquarius

Aaaaand here's the next piece to be painted, a supernatural creepster who's probably going to have a quote over his head saying "Hello lovely" or something else suitably creepy, haha. The entire piece shows his entire body and he's kind of squatting down, but even in sketch form I'm not pleased enough to share that. :P

a man with fangs and a hand in his hair
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So. I've been in fandom for a very long time. It was late 2000, I was a shy 13 year old, and we got our first computer. I immediately started searching (not "googling", nope; I used Alta Vista back then) for Slayers and Sailor Moon related stuff. I almost immediately fell into Darkness Rising (I can't believe that site is still around) and the rest is history. Because I didn't go to high school, fandom was absolutely my main way of interacting with the world. From 2000 to 2005, I was basically a shut-in. Then I started college and met [personal profile] imperion. And I mean! I was still addicted to fandom! It's just that I had a partner in crime to enjoy it with irl, haha.

But things change. Fandom is a very different animal. It's so open now. People write their porn under their real name and photo. Rather than the deep discussions available on yahoo groups and journaling websites, the flash bang of tumblr rules. People don't really talk about things anymore. They just like and scroll on. And I've found that although people talk a lot about coming back to journal fandom and recreating what once was, it often ends up being nostalgia talking and very little actually gets done.

And maybe that's just the way it's suppose to be. Nothing can really recreate those golden years. And not just in terms of how fandom works; I don't think I could go back to being as consumed by fandom as I was. And that was absolutely part of the appeal, being able to just lose myself in this online world. I can't. There's too much happening offline. I have too many responsibilities. I have original works I want to develop. I want to take in new media.

I don't know. I still read fic and I'm still interested in writing fic. But. I don't know. I don't really know where I'm going with this. I'm just feeling really sad about the way fandom was but also aware and (finally) accepting that we can never go back to that, and also unsure about whether I would if I could and why is does this particular hobby mean so much (because it was very much a Way of Life for a while there, haha, oh me).

Anyway. This whole thing probably doesn't make much sense but I definitely would love to hear y'all thoughts.
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100% class stuff, original writing stuff, school stuff, so you may want to scroll on by, haha.

So the original piece I wrote (about a non-devout Muslim girl attending a Catholic school) was well-received by the professor, although I still only got an 8.5/10. I'm not really someone who worries too much about grades though, as long as I manage to actually learn something from the experience.

It's funny though, the differences in perspective going on. The class is primarily women (a class of twelve, there are eleven women and one man) and of course, most of them are 19-21 years old. The professor is a late thirties man. There were certain short sections of the piece that he circled and would make a comment about whether they were necessary to the overall story. However, a lot of the young women in the class circled the same sections and commented with variations of "I've totally felt this way before," "I can really relate," and "I really enjoy this glimpse into Amala's head."

Haha, it's interesting! I'm really enjoying this class, even though sometimes I feel like I don't have time to give each piece the time it needs to be written. Also, I'm terrible at writing short fiction but when turning in sections of longer pieces inevitable means I'm leaving something important out. :\ This is why I did so much better at script writing than fiction writing; our scripts needed to be at least 30 pages long while our fiction pieces have a maximum length of 7 pages.

ALSO. I've signed up for classes for next semester. It turns out I'm not going to be able to graduate next semester because godfuckingdamn it, this goddamn school refuses to hire a full time Spanish professor so there aren't any Spanish 1+2 classes that I was basically guaranteed to get. :\

So here's my proposed schedule:

Creative Writing: Non-fiction: 11:00am - 11:50am
Nature Writers: 12:00pm - 12:50pm
Multicultural American Literature: 1:00pm - 2:15pm (Mon and Wed only)
Elementary Spanish: 6:00pm - 8:10pm (Mon only)

No art classes! I have all the classes I need to graduation, plus frankly I'm over creating artwork for class. I want to work on my own stuff again! ;3; Plus, if I take these I'll have enough English classes to have an English minor! And if I take the Lit version of the Trillium class (the Lit and Art magazine) in spring I'll have a creative writing minor! So how about that. :D

Anyway, I really like the above schedule and even though it's heavy on English classes, I don't think they'll be nearly as grueling as upper level art and graphic design classes. :\

Today is kind of a mental health day because yesterday was rough. In graphic design, we had a ready, set, design project where we had to create and print out a brochure for the local county. From scratch. In an hour and a half. In painting, I basically just worked on a sketch of what I want to paint (Death! It's death. Friendly death). In creative writing, I was workshopped by the entire class and then in my four hour public speaking night class, I had to do a short presentation about myself.

SO YEAH, EXHAUSTED. Today I'm going to loaf and do enjoyable things, maybe. Fingers crossed, anyway.
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So I splurged a little bit and bought a Kindle paperwhite. :D I decided on a proper e-reader rather than a tablet because my phone is good for everything other than reading books. This, of course, means I'm more interested in keeping up with Goodreads. So, if we're not friends on there, I'm Nanners. Be my friend! :D Also if you have any ebook recs, let me know! I like horror and queer romance and young adult, because of course I do. XD

I also finally bought a bullet journal, by which I mean I bought a cute little journal with a magnetic latch and am tentatively using it for bullet journal-style....shenanigans. I do very much appreciate seeing things get checked up, even though I find it really, really easy to pass today's to-dos to tomorrow, haha. Oh well. I'm doing better than I was, anyway.

I really have a post on the horizon about fandom nostalgia, about stagnation, about the longing for the heyday of fandom and whether or not that's something that can ever be attained again, about the idea of growing up and moving on, but that's probably going to be an emotional post and I just don't have the oomph for that tonight. BUT IT'S ON THE HORIZON. Just like a half a dozen other posts, haha.
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Happy International Women's Day!

The Fearless Girl statue is very touching; I get a little teary eyed when I look at it, which???? Is an odd reaction, at least for me. I really, really love her. ♥

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm currently working on a "man vs society/culture" story. I kind of summed it up as lesbians in Catholic school but it's going to end up being quite a bit more then that. It's more that they're individuals trapped in a conservative, constricting environment that both pushes conformity but also breaks its own rules when convenient. For example, if you bring prestige to the school through sports competitions or science fairs, you get to flaunt the rules. It's playing into the system but it's really the only way to survive the system.

It sounds heavy but there's still going to be a fair amount of comedy. Also romance, because lesbians, because I'm me. XD This is going to end up being quite a bit bigger than the original prompt for class so I'm planning on working on this for Camp NaNoWriMo. The July go-round, not the April one. I'll be way too busy in April for NaNo, hahahaha.

This is probably the first thing I've written that doesn't have even a secondary male character. There are authority figures that are male, obviously, but those are certainly not going to be the focus of the story. I'm not sure if recent political activity is kind of directing what I'm writing but you know, if so, that's fine.


Mar. 5th, 2017 09:42 pm
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Today was absolutely a vegging out day. Mom and I mostly sat on our asses and watched movies and enjoyed our many, many pets. Cloverfield (we'd both seen this before and overall it holds up pretty well!), Beverly Hills Cop 2 (new to both of us and dang, what a lot of fun that movie is!), The White Helmets (very eye-opening, depressing, definitely watch to get a clearer image of what's happening in Syria), and Finding Dory (suuuuper cute but also too long). Now we're watching The Walking Dead, haha.

I have to make a to-do list for my time off from school, particularly since my graphic design professor assigned so much work for spring break. :(

list! )

This doesn't include things like media consumption (other than reading) and stuff like that. I'd really like to watch Logan and Get Out sometime this week. We'll see. :3
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I'm on spring break now and it couldn't have come any faster tbh. However, I've been given so much classwork to do over the break that I'm just like, well great.

Also, I thought my work was going to be closed on Saturday but we're going to be open, but I thought I was still going to have it off. I find out Thursday that nope, I'm still expected to work. With my very much least favorite coworker, haha, great. If her homophobic boyfriend shows up, I'm leaving.

Anyway, there are things I want to do: make a to-do list, show you guys the art I've done for class, maybe eventually actually post some original work here; but I gotta get ready for work so I'll have to do that later! :(
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Ooooooh my god, I am struggling so much right now, haha. School has been beyond stressful and this past week has been absolutely awful. The weekend wasn't really much better; last night I stayed up to about 3am working on graphic design work and I wasn't even actually finished. I ended up finishing up after class this morning, voluntarily missing my painting class to get this done. Everything's printed out, it just needs to be mounted on illustration board now.

HOWEVER. Because that class has been so damn demanding, everything else in my life is basically a bust, haha. I ended up leaving immediately after printing because I'm running off of approximately three hours of sleep, haha. Oh well. I'm hanging in there.

I'm also going through a huge low in terms of grief and grief processing, haha. It's making it really difficult to navigate through the slightest difficulty without, like, completely losing my shit.

My night class starts Wednesday, which is a bummer since it's a) public speaking and b) from 6pm-10:20pm. I have an 8am. That's a ridiculously long day, haha. But! Spring break is next week! Including the weekends, that's nine days of no school! And work is going to be closed a couple of days so I'll only be able to work three days! I just have to survive until then, haha.

idk how to end this but have this inked line art for the Rook and the King of my chess piece series. One day it'll be painted haha.

rook and king dancing
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the sherlock manga "a study in pink"

Shouldn't have gone to my local art store/comic shop. This was on prominent display and I am a weak person lmao.

We watched This is Us and spoilers )

ANYWAY, I've also finally really started watching the second season of Daredevil and spoilers )

I dunno how to end this post so have a pic of Penelope hugging my arm, haha.

my cat penelope hugging my arm
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[community profile] pbam: Porn Battle is still accepting prompts and will continue to do so until February 22nd at 23:00 GMT. So get in there and prompt prompt prompt! :D

I threw in quite a few prompts for various fandoms (Sherlock, MCU, various FFs) but I forgot some fandoms.

I would really like to get a lot of stuff written/drawn for this one! Posting coincides with spring break (March 6th-10th) so here's to hoping! :D
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So I mentioned a few posts ago that I was creating a company for my graphic design class called Vain Glory Zodiac. For this company, I'm creating character designs and posters for each of the Zodiac signs.

I FINALLY FINISHED ONE. Kinda. I'm a little unsure about some of the design elements but that'll be fixed tomorrow once my professor sees it, haha. But anyway, here's Sagittarius! :D

Sagittarius! )

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I feel like I haven't drawn for pleasure in a while so that's what I'm going to do when I get home - probably draw the King and the Rook from my chess piece series.

I have so many other things to work on but naaaah
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I took a day from everything, which was probably a terrible idea but I don't care~ My sister has been sick for like a week, I worked with her yesterday and now I feel like shit, haha. Sorry school. :D

Mom and I watched the latest episode of This is Us and damn, this show makes me cry every freaking episode. And then I cried watching the preview for the next episode! This show kills me. ;3;

I really want to write something for [community profile] fan_flashworks current prompt (together) but I'm struggling right now with writing. MOSTLY because the writing prompts for class are really difficult and they're kinda take up all my writing abilities right now. Booooooo.

February Final Fantasy Kissing Battle is happening right now! Go forth and write kisses! All Final Fantasy canons are represented! Even Brave Exvius and Spirits Within!


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