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Classes have started in full swing and I've been buried in graphic design stuff. My company is Vainglory Zodiac (although it is often spelled Vain Glory Zodiac because the logo I created looked better with that space, aaahhh) and I've been designing the zodiacs in Mad Max and MCR's Killjoys aesthetics. It's work, although it's fun work. :3

I was watching Sherlock yesterday and I got to The Hounds of Baskerville and my mom came in a watched a few minutes before saying "Well maybe I should watch this show too!" So when we came back from town, we binged the first season. XD I think we're going to try to watch the second season today.

Spoilers through A Scandal in Belgravia )

Also, dang, what is happening in Sherlock fandom. I don't know exactly what happened in season four but a lot of people are angry, hahahaha.

ANYWAY, since today is a day off, I'm going to maybe actually create a thing again, idk maybe.
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Title: Getting Acclimated
Fandom - Ship: Sherlock (BBC) - onesided Sherlock/John
Rating: G
Length: 525
Content notes: None
Author notes: set sometime between S01E01 and S01E02. Written for the [community profile] fan_flashworks prompt "new." Also, whoa, first time writing in this fandom, totally intimidated, haha.
Summary: Sherlock slowly gets used to John's presence.

( Getting Acclimated )
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And by funday, I mean the current prompt over at [community profile] fan_flashworks ends on the 10th and I'd really like to get something written before then, because I won't have any time to do it during the week technically I've got shit to do today but you know ssssshhhhh

There's another friending meme! It's small right now so spread the word. :3

To-Do List:
- Write a thing for [community profile] fan_flashworks
- Finish The Blind Banker
- Decide on a name for my mythology illustrations company for graphic design/create sketches for the logo (aaaaaahhhhh) I might be asking for advice here, maybe!
- Sketch out painting projects

That's it, that's my day. :3
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I don't know how it works for other colleges/universities but for mine, once you get into upper level painting classes, you basically start the semester making your own syllabus about a series of works you want to do. This semester I want to focus on mythology, both established and of my own design.

I have three pieces I want know I want to focus on; the first being nature as an anthropomorphic entity (for example, Gaia). Know who I am, tho, it'll end up being kind of grotesque, lmao. The second will be the idea of psychopomps, the entities that guide souls to the afterlife. And the third is a play on the tal of Apollo and Daphne. Instead of Daphne getting turned into a tree, she's going to turn in to a flock of hummingbirds (I know hummingbirds don't flock but!), with a central piece of canvas/paper and then smaller pieces fragmenting off of it.

However, I need two more! I can't decide what I want for them! Maybe Zeus and Ganymede? Maybe the idea of the three fates? HMMM. :\a

And for graphic design 2, we're developing a branding system for a product that we also must create and distribute in the retail space on campus. I asked my professor if something do to the zodiac would be appropriate - since everyone loves zodiac stuff - and she's was very supportive of the idea. She also mentioned tarot cards and I've always wanted to create my own deck, but not in less than four months, haha.

Anyway, it's really nice when I end up similar stuff for different classes. It helps me stay in the same mindset for them. :3

About me!

Jan. 6th, 2017 01:16 pm
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WELP. I was let out early from class tonight (not due to weather) and work has been canceled for tomorrow (entirely due to weather) so I guess it's time for an about me post!

HELLO new friends and old! I'm Nan. I've got by some form of Nan (the earliest being Nanthimus) since around 2003? Or thereabouts? But I first joined internet fandom late 1999. I'm a 30 year old, extroverted, somewhat geeky, obsessive minded woman from the southeastern part of the US! I'm an art student and I work at a pet grooming salon when I'm not frantically trying to catch up on classwork, ha.

I have two dogs and a cat and my mom has four dogs and two cats so there are occasional pet photos, haha.

I'm very multifandom and I like all mediums; western, eastern, live action, anime, whatever. Right now I'm mostly into Yuri!!! on Ice and FFXV, although perennial favorites are Star Wars and the MCU. Past fandoms (that still crop up from time to time!) are FFVIII, FFXII, Gundam Wing, Hellboy (movies online), and Until Dawn (2015 video game). I'm currently watching Sherlock (BBC), which is a shame because I've always made fun of that fandom. XD

In terms of output, I'm both a ficauthor and a fanartist, although I'm terrible at writing fic for non-English speaking fandoms and I tend to really dislike dubs. This means anime tends to be fanart only! I'm just really terrible at telling if I'm in character for non-English characters, haha, idk that probably doesn't make sense. I also do a lot of original art, obviously, although I don't really post very much of that here. I guess I...probably should?

Fandom is extremely important to me but I also try not to take it too seriously. I'm also pretty over the whole fandom discourse when it comes to non-con, underage, so on and so forth. I'm a pretty big believer in ykinmk. I'm also a pretty big believer in warnings and tags!

Related, I guess, but I try very hard to not read spoilers and also try not to spoil other people.

AND ALSO I have a listography to help me keep track of what I watch and when I watch it, as well as to help inspire me to stop procrastinating on things I want to do.

Uh yeah, and this one is a biggie. My dad passed away June 22, 2016. THIS HAS FUCKED ME UP PRETTY BADLY and sometimes I talk about it. So yeah, fair warning there.
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So I finally did it, I finally watched the first (hour and a half) episode of this show and just barely started the second episode. Here's my thoughts on both!

Boop )


Jan. 2nd, 2017 03:04 pm
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So hey, [personal profile] dadcastellanos showed me this site and I thought I'd spread the obsession joy; if you're anything like me and you love lists, you should probably join listography. It's all about making lists! That's it! I mean, you can comment on peoples lists and stuff but. LISTS. I have several ongoing lists for 2017: movies, tv, anime, manga, and books.

The only problem I have with the site is that I don't know where I want everything to go! Faves are on the main, 2017 stuff is ongoing, and completed lists should go in archives. Right? I think that sounds right.

Anyway, I'm sharing this little bit of new obsession with you guys.

....maybe I should have a list of fics written in 2017? :\a I added the palette challenges on there so maybe. MAYBE.

EDIT: Also, haha, here's mine! If you make one, add me! :D
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A few weeks ago I signed up for [community profile] inkingitout to try and stimulate writing this year, since 2016 was a total wash in terms of fic. Here's to hoping!

[personal profile] kalloway has a comm called [community profile] monthlysupergo, which is described as an "old fandom challenges" community. January's challenge is themed prompt tables. Prompt tables. I haven't seen those in approximately a million years. I need to decide what to claim. ;3; Maybe I'll make them them drabbles! Like actual, 100 words drabbles! Ooooh.

It's time to make fandom fun again!

Goodreads emailed me about their 2017 Reading Challenge but look, I am a terrible reader anymore. /o\ I'm a little ashamed about it but there's just so many other things to do. Maybe...a book a month? ;;

Also, some of y'all track your media consumption and make weekly/monthly lists here and I think I'm going to take that up. For one thing, I really like lists. Like. A lot. Also, I want to consume more media! I have netflix! I have access to torrents! I have no idea why I procrastinate on things I actually want to do. Even when I have free time! But no more. Time to have some accountability. XD


And something else that really doesn't pertain to this journal at all, I really need to get my weight back under control so I'll be working out every day (except Wednesdays) and snapchatting my niece afterwards as proof. But I don't have any weight goals in mind, just working out every day. |D

I'm back!

Dec. 31st, 2016 08:29 pm
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Okay so technically I've been back for a couple of days but I've been busy. Sorry, DW! The trip to Texas ended up being really fun and too short and I'm kinda disappointed with myself for dreading it as much as I did. OH WELL. I spent way too much money (damn you, makeup addiction!) and watched Ghostbusters (not nearly as good as I'd hoped, however I am absolutely in love with Holtzmann) and The Boss (which I ended up liking, even though I know it was terrible, I just really like Melissa McCarthy okay). I also might have bought three volumes of that six volume Sherlock manga because while the covers were shoujo-y, I had hopes Sherlock would look like a lizard on the inside. AND HE KINDA DID.

Speaking of which, I've been reading a lot of Sherlock fic which is odd, considering I've never watched the show. And I'm not sure I want to! I started watching one of the first episodes and my god, Sherlock is a huge asshole. I have no idea if he ever gets properly humbled but I would need some kind of humbling to happen, even if he bounces back, for me to properly enjoy it.

Dark!Sherlock fic is pretty great tho! Oftentimes it gets too dark for me but sometimes it hits my possessive, obsessive character kink juuuuust right.


I've tried to stay away from all parts of superwholock but I bet I end up watching this dumb show. /o\

IN OTHER NEWS, finally watching Rogue One on Monday! I've done well in avoiding spoilers so I'm excited to see how it is. :3


ANYWAY, I'm not doing anything special for New Years so I think I'll spend the evening playing FFXV until it's time to watch the ball drop.

ALSO I still need to make my post about the Yuri on Ice finale! But not right now, haha.
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We did our Christmas yesterday and it wasn't as painful as I was expecting! The children were loud and playful, of course, but no one was permanently injured and only one toy was broken so I'm considering it a win. XD My gift haul was a set of 72 Derwent watercolor pencils (!!!), some super cute slippers with Schnauzer heads on them, some clothes, some money, and some drawing pads and those "adult coloring pencils" marketed for the adult coloring books (and I'm not sure why the family member who got me me these; she complains about my high dollar taste in art supplies and she still did this, haha, oh well). They'll be good for sketching. :D

Getting on a plane tomorrow afternoon! There'll be lots of running around, getting the dogs to where they need to be, finishing up packing, so I'll probably be pretty scarce around here until maybe Friday or Saturday.

I hope everyone is having good holidays! The year is almost over, aaaahhh.
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This is just a mishmash of various memes I've seen, haha.

Six favorite selfies through the year! This is one from tumblr and look, I actually really like taking selfies so this one was...eeeehhh.

Excuse my face )

LET'S SEE. In terms of life, this year has really, really sucked. My dad was diagnosed with cancer May 16th and then passed away June 22nd. I mean, that alone makes this year a huge piece of shit, ha. But my dog Micah died in May, everything has been so incredibly stressful, and then Trump was elected, dang. It wasn't all bad though. My friends really stepped up in terms of supporting me through everything; I've really found out who I can depend on. That's something.

In terms of fandom, I started this year being super obsessed with MCU/Stucky, then was super in Star Wars (first The Force Awakens and then going back the prequel trilogy), and ended it with Yuri!!! on Ice. I haven't been in an anime fandom in a while. It's weird. I've found I really struggle with writing for non-English speaking canons; if I can't hear the characters saying what I'm writing, I can't tell if it's in character, I guess? And I definitely don't know enough Japanese for that to work, hahaha.

Most popular fanart: Sooo I really thought this Anakin/Obi-Wan art+fic combo was going to be the top spot at 607 notes but this Otabek/Yurio piece has gotten 696 notes. Thanks, Yuri on Ice fandom! (My most popular art thing of all time is this Stucky piece drawn last year, with 905 notes)

First art of the year: This Kylo Ren thing which is, frankly, not great. Last art of the year (so far): This Victuuri piece, which is also one of my least popular art things! I don't know if Yuri on Ice is just over saturated with Victuuri or if I just post Victuuri pieces at the wrong time, but as well received as my Otayuri work is, my Victuuri work is super ignored. It doesn't bother me very much, it's just funny, haha. Anyway, I'm pleased with how I've grown as an artist and I like to think, at least, that I'm getting better.

Most popular fic: UHM this year was pretty terrible in terms of fic output but either the Anakin/Obi-Wan art+fic combo above oooor Beginning of the End, which is a creepy fic+art Anakin/Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon piece. And I think was the start of the whole Sith!AU hahaha. People dig Siths.

UHM, in terms of fandom interaction, I've not been that great. I've started commenting more lately though! But for much of the year, I've been pretty absent. In my defense, I've been super busy, haha. But eeeh, that's not a great defense. Fandom is important to me! I know that interacting with other fans is a big part of why it's so much fun. So I need to be do better with that.

ANYWAY. 2016 in review. It's been a hell of a year. I don't want to hate this year because it's the last one I had with my dad, but lbr here; ultimately, it really fucking sucked. Here's to 2017!
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Still ready for Christmas to be over but have some fanart of Victor and Yuuri being romantic. This one is another palette challenge fill. :)

Dip Kiss! )

on tumblr. :)
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I want to say things about the Yuri on Ice finale and I want to talk about what art I'm currently producing and I want to comment on your posts, but the past couple of days have been horrible and I've been slammed with some really emotional bullshit and my mental health is on the fritz.

Hopefully after the hell that is tomorrow has passed, I can talk about some of this stuff.

♥ ♥ ♥ to all of you.

....j/k, gonna comment on everything now.
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I finished another palette challenge! Otabek/Yurio, flexible smooches.

Ballet dancing! )
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Ugh, this work week is going to suck. I'm ready for Christmas to be over. Although the day after Christmas, Mom and I are flying out to Texas and I'm also not looking forward to that so really I'm just looking forward to January 1st, haha.

I've finished another Otabek/Yuri piece and while I'm waiting until next weekend to post it to tumblr (weekends are the best time to get any kind of recognition!), I'll probably go ahead and post it here tonight or tomorrow. :\a

A family member is planning on watch Yuri!!! on Ice and I'm immediately on the defense about it. She's someone who makes fun of stuff, even when she enjoys it, and while I can sometimes deal with that, I've a feeling it's not so for this particular anime. It is very precious to me. I'm going to have to not get weird about it, haha, who am I kidding, I will definitely get weird about it.
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Look, I love year in reviews so I'll probably do at least a million for of these before 2016 officially comes to a close. XD

Take the first line of the first post from each month, and that's your year in review.

My one resolution for this new year's is to stop letting fear guide me. (hahahaha welp)

The current prompt for [community profile] fan_flashworks is metal which, considering I'm in the MCU fandom, should be a pretty easy prompt to fill. (I didn't write this prompt.)

SUPER LOVERS IS GETTING AN ANIME. I REPEAT, SUPER LOVERS IS GETTING AN ANIME. (I haven't watched this yet but I've heard terrible things, which...I'm taking with a grain of salt since the terrible things I've heard are also true for the manga, which I loooooooove)

It's April, which means Camp NaNoWriMo! (I didn't do Camp NaNo haha)

I started my job as a receptionist at my sister's grooming place today! (I still work there! I'm not a receptionist tho, I'm more of a "whatever we need" kinda person lmao)

Let the sinning begin. (My [community profile] seasonofkink card)

I started playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius yesterday. (Still a really cute game, I still super ship Rain and Lasswell, dang)

I'm experiencing two different kinds of sads. (After my dad died)

[community profile] trickortreatex is gearing up! (I successfully participated!)

SHIT I meant to post this yesterday! (An inktober fill!)

I don't care about sportsball but congrats to the Cubs! (I still do not care about the sportsballs)

Card! (My [community profile] genprompt_bingo card)


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