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[community profile] pbam: Porn Battle is still accepting prompts and will continue to do so until February 22nd at 23:00 GMT. So get in there and prompt prompt prompt! :D

I threw in quite a few prompts for various fandoms (Sherlock, MCU, various FFs) but I forgot some fandoms.

I would really like to get a lot of stuff written/drawn for this one! Posting coincides with spring break (March 6th-10th) so here's to hoping! :D
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So I mentioned a few posts ago that I was creating a company for my graphic design class called Vain Glory Zodiac. For this company, I'm creating character designs and posters for each of the Zodiac signs.

I FINALLY FINISHED ONE. Kinda. I'm a little unsure about some of the design elements but that'll be fixed tomorrow once my professor sees it, haha. But anyway, here's Sagittarius! :D

Sagittarius! )

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I feel like I haven't drawn for pleasure in a while so that's what I'm going to do when I get home - probably draw the King and the Rook from my chess piece series.

I have so many other things to work on but naaaah
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I took a day from everything, which was probably a terrible idea but I don't care~ My sister has been sick for like a week, I worked with her yesterday and now I feel like shit, haha. Sorry school. :D

Mom and I watched the latest episode of This is Us and damn, this show makes me cry every freaking episode. And then I cried watching the preview for the next episode! This show kills me. ;3;

I really want to write something for [community profile] fan_flashworks current prompt (together) but I'm struggling right now with writing. MOSTLY because the writing prompts for class are really difficult and they're kinda take up all my writing abilities right now. Booooooo.

February Final Fantasy Kissing Battle is happening right now! Go forth and write kisses! All Final Fantasy canons are represented! Even Brave Exvius and Spirits Within!
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I've played about three hours and here are my initial thoughts!

DANG THIS GAME IS PRETTY. Okay so look, my pc is such that I can play it on the highest quality so I knew it would be pretty but dang, it is. Super pretty. Damn.

The CAS is pretty great because it doesn't really determine gender and you can set it so that your male presenting sim has to pee sitting down and can get pregnant, while your female presenting sim can pee standing and can't get pregnant. You can set it so that sims can wear the clothing typical for the opposite gender. It's really, really nice.

Some of the worlds are small and that's kind of a bummer. Forgotten Hollow only has five lots! (four residential and one empty). That's super small. I'm playing in San Myshuno because I like city living with apartments and stuff, but also it seems like it has a lot of stuff going on.

Speaking of which, THERE'S A LOT OF SIMS HANGING AROUND. The communities feel very alive and there's a lot of sims to interact with. Dang.

I'm really enjoying it and I can't believe I played the amount of time I did and only took three pictures. OH WELL.

Boom! )

Anyway, I really love it so far, of course. There are little things that I'm less than thrilled with but you know. Oh well.
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DW NOW HAS IMAGE HOSTING. DW NOW HAS IMAGE HOSTING. And it works with the crossposter! I am so excited. *___*
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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. As a Single (TM) I guess I'm suppose to be bitter about this holiday but naaaaah. Have fun, everyone. :3

Mom and I watched the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead and spoilers )

It honestly feels like no matter how much sleep I get, it's not actually enough. ;;;;

OOOOOH. Also, I haven't gotten the chance to play any of the sims 4 (which is a goddamn tragedy, let me tell you!) but once I do, I'll probably be posting pictures here. :3
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It's my birfday! :D 31 years old, what. Who authorized this????

My mom got me the sims 4 and the Sims 4 vampire pack! They were both on sale (and also City Living, Get to Work, and Get Together on currently on sale at Gamestop, if any simmers are interested!). I'm debating whether I want to get a bunch of mod stuff like I have for Sims 3 or if I'd rather just play the game as is. I don't know yet.

My sister got me a candle, a bath fizzy, this pocketbac holder, and some hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works, all Japanese Cherry Blossom scented. *_*

I'm going to spend the evening sleeping relaxing, I think. :3
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Aw dang, woke up at 8am, why. ;3;

[community profile] getyourwordsout is having a Bingo card event so of course I signed up to get one! The options were settings, genres, and literary devices. I picked settings because you can work genres into that and idk what some of the literary devices even were, haha.

Card! )

I've been really interested in working with original fiction lately, which I blame entirely on my creative writing class. I'm still going to write fanfiction, ofc (like stuff for various fic communities!) but I'm also going to put a bit more effort into developing original work as well. Which I've been saying for a while now but like I said, a brand new interest as been formed, haha.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, this is the prompt for the current piece of writing for my class: A story that uses humor to illustrate a moral, religious, or ethical dilemma. 3-4 pages. What does this even mean, I don't know but I better figure it out soon because it's due tomorrow at 1pm, hahaha fml.

I was going to work in Photoshop to ink my Zodiac stuff but wow, Photoshop is really great for a lot of things but the default brushes are terrible for inking! I'm going to keep using SAI for now and maybe I'll find time to look for better illustration brushes. Or maybe it's just that PS CC doesn't want to work with my PC. :\a
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I have so much work to do this weekend. ;;; I have got to write a thing for creative writing, I need at least two of my zodiac posters done (probably Sagittarius and Aries since they're the most thought out, although maybe Aquarius could get finished), and I've got to get massive amounts of work on my painting project (guys, it's six feet long. It's not all one piece, it's several pieces of paper kind of tacked together, but. Six feet long). There aren't enough hours in the daaaaay.

I also missed the previous [community profile] fan_flashworks prompt but I'm not going to let that get me down. I got my name tag, damn it, it's okay that I broke a streak.

I'll probably post original fiction here tonight.
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So I woke up this morning feeling really ill. I know my car needs gas and also air in one tire (it has a slow leak, I'm waiting until tax return hits before replacing it). So I decide to do this on my way to work. However! Someone went to all the nearby gas stations and either stole the nozzle off the air machines OR cut the hoses. W hat? So I buy gas and just go to work. Boss tells me to go ahead and go home. So I go to a gas station near my job and get air, and then come home.

THROUGHOUT THAT ENTIRE ORDEAL, my driver side door just...refuses to close?! So I'm having to drive while holding it shut and guys, this is very difficult to do.

Anyway, I make it back home and start working on the door. I have it fixed (although I don't know how long this will last) and now I'm just kind of vegging on the couch, feeling tired and sick, hahaha. Oh well.

Now I'm going to just chill and read fic, I guess.
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SATURDAY: So Saturday we met at the campus at around 1:30pm. Got loaded up and away we went. I thought we were going to Cloudland Canyon State Park but we ended up going to DeSoto State Park, just outside of Fort Payne Alabama. Uh, surprise! XD It was pretty great. We didn't really spend very much time in the actual park; we set up our camping gear and buckled down pretty early.

GUYS. I DON'T LIKE CAMPING. XD Granted, it was cold and the equipment I was using wasn't great? But dang, it was so cold and my tent mate, while a friend, is someone who gets on my nerves aaaahhh so yeah, that was a struggle.

We woke up pretty early the next day, around 6:30am. Got ready, ate, and then drove about 40 miles out to meet our cave guide. He was really cool and extremely knowledgeable!

CAVING IS INTENSE. We went to Tumbling Rock and it was so amazing. Here's some photos, not from my group (these photos are from 2008-ish) but not much has changed. I'm really surprised at how well I did considering how honestly risky this activity is.

It was pitch black except for our headlamps, it was so quiet except for our voices and for the trickling of water, and there were so many opportunities for someone to get hurt. For example, at one point we were walking on a slope and it was visibly wet so we knew it was slick. We had to walk across the slope to the other side but running parallel to the slope was a pit. Just a big, black, hole in the ground. We couldn't tell just how deep it was (because, obviously, the slope of the ground kept us from getting to close). And another example, we were climbing upwards (and by climbing, I mean we were basically rock climbing, except without harnesses) and running parallel to that was a pit of rocks. Just one slip and down you go! It was so intense and I'm so proud of my body for making it through and so proud of my mental state for not buckling. And I mean! I was completely fine with the darkness and the heights and the occasionally cramped spaces? My professor said I was like a billy goat in there, hahaha, and that she really respected my philosophy of making a choice and then acting on it instead of worrying about all the ways it could go wrong. a Professional Worrier (tm) I'm really proud of that compliment. XD

However my friend was a wreck (cw for acrophobia and the suggestion of faked phobias and probably jerkitude )

Anyway, I made friends with the other members of the group and we all added each other on snapchat so that's good. :3

Anyway, final opinion is that camping is bad (at least during winter) and caving is good (especially if you go with the right people!).

TODAY I only managed to go to one class (English) and I am so sore, particularly my legs. But I finally did my taxes so that's something I guess. XD

And hey, my paid time on DW expired. Booooooo.
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Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post.

I'l be afk this weekend. I'll be camping/caving and I doubt very much I'll have time to post here. I might be a bit more active on twitter, but it depends on time + wifi availability, haha.

But! When I come back I should have some interesting pictures to share! :D
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I HAVE A MOTHERFUCKING NAME TAG AT [community profile] fan_flashworks! :D :D :D IF I ACCOMPLISH NOTHING ELSE, I HAVE FINALLY ACCOMPLISHED THIS. I mean, my goal is to fill every prompt this year but this is a great start.

I got my original piece back (made a 9/10 which, what a surprise????) so I'll be cleaning it up and sharing it here soon-ish. :D The next writing piece is due Monday (aaaaaahhhh) so I'll have to be focusing on that the rest of the week.
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Title: Gently Clasped Hands
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Rating: PG
Length: 5093 words
Content notes: Manipulative behavior, possessive behavior.
Author notes: For the prompt "lever" at [community profile] fan_flashworks. Set post-The Reichenbach Fall, some dialogue lifted straight from The Empty Hearse. Also a fill for the "heart on sleeve" square on my [community profile] genprompt_bingo card. :D
Summary: Sherlock returns to London only to find a interloper has appeared.

Gently Clasped Hands
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Yesterday was pretty great. I didn't do a damn thing other than watch LPs and play with the dumb cats.

The lever fic is up to 3600 words and I'm beginning to worry about whether it'll actually be finished in time. ;;; It's beginning to get a little sloppy as I go along because typically I edit as I write and I've stopped that. I have a lot of schoolwork that I need to do tonight (and I had nightmares about doing it all, haha, so that's great) but maybe if I start as soon as I get home from work, I'll have time to work on this damn fic.

[community profile] fan_flashworks is not the community where you stress about your fics. XD

The Outdoor Club is going camping and caving this weekend at Cloudland Canyon State Park and I signed up to go. I have never gone camping and tbh I'm way more interested in the caving. But guys. It's going to be cold. And wet. What was I thinking? Dang, me.
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MAN. I'm definitely not going to class tomorrow. I don't know what my problem is but it's best if I not inflict myself on the world. :\

I didn't get as far into my fic as I wanted to. I mean, I'm at a spot where I could actually stop and be done with it, kinda, but I really want an actual resolution between Sherlock and John so I'm going to keep going, I reckon.

However I did finish watching Resident Evil VII, going between Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and Minx to finish it. Spoilers )

Anyway, speaking of survival horror, have a gif of my girl Sam from Until Dawn.

 photo Samyho_zpsadufiz1e.gif
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1) Work on [community profile] fan_flashworks fic
2) Maybe write a shorter fill for one of my [community profile] genprompt_bingo card???? Preferably for a fandom other than Sherlock. Unlikely? Maybe.
3) Catch up on my reading page! SORRY I'VE BEEN KINDA OF ABSENT!

And then there's boring things like wash clothes and stuff but that's boring so it's not going on the list. |D

ALSO [community profile] inkingitout had their January checkin and apparently I've written around 4500 words this month so far! That's not too shabby! For me, anyway, I know other people have written loads more than that, haha.


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