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Hello to all my new readers! :D It's nice to see all of you. It's also nice to check my reading page multiple times a day and have new things to read. How awesome. :D

I've spent a ton of time over these past few days playing Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Let me refresh you on what my avatar looks like:

He's my blessed child. ;3; He's married to Niles:

The flirtatious, mildly sadistic character. I love him and I love them together. ♥

However, dang, I'm terrible at strategy games! I'm playing in easy with permadeath turned off because I'm so bad. Apparently Conquest is the hardest version of Fates? That's good. I have Birthright, I'm just waiting until I finish Conquest before I start it. :3

I'm on chapter twenty now and I've only managed to get three of the second gen characters. I don't know if that's good or not but maybe I'll be able to get more before the end! :3


You know how some libraries and people will have summer reading lists? Well, I want to have a summer anime watching list, haha. It's just easier for me to watch things with subtitles when I have a lot of free time (because I can't multitask when watching subtitles and I always end up feeling like it's wasting time, even though what hobby isn't ultimately a time-waster, really?).

Speaking of summer, I have class on Friday and finals on Monday and then I'm done with this semester. Come ooooon, summer. *_*

Oh and also, jeep is fixed! I drove to class yesterday with no problem. :D
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It was a rainy, rainy day today so I spent most of it playing video games and painting this. :D

Title: Time and Place
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Rating: PG-13 for sexually suggestive situations (they could be cuddling or this could be post-coital...or mid-coitus lmao)
Content notes: None
Artist notes: Drawn for the amnesty challenge over at [community profile] fan_flashworks. The past challenge I picked was photo.
Summary: Noctis doesn't think this is the time or place but Prompto's always up for a selfie.

Time and Place
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Jeep is fixed! I'm cautiously optimistic, just because that's who I am. I'll drive to work this morning and see how it goes but gosh, fingers crossed, guys. The jeep is not okay, I tried to drive to work and it started leaking all of the power steering fluid I put in it. So it's going to the car doctor on Monday. :\

Things I'm working on in the immediate

[community profile] fan_flashworks is doing an Amnesty challenge and one of the previous prompts is 'photo.' I'm working on a fanart piece for that for a fandom where photos and selfies definitely come into play. :>

The current prompt for [community profile] 100words is 'bliss' and I'm sure I can write something for that.'s a small list but I'm going into my final week of classes so I don't want to try to add too much here lmao.


DW has gotten quite a bit more activity lately but that doesn't always translate to community activity so I broke the ice and made the first post at over at [community profile] yurionicefans with my work. Related, [community profile] ffxv! I never bothered looking for a community when this game came out but this one was created about a week ago. I don't really have anything to share over there but hopefully I will soon. :) Also, [community profile] steveandbucky is also a thing (that I never searched for before) and I have, like, plenty to share there (and also here! Most of my art/fic was posted directly to tumblr and AO3, never here).

I was talking with [personal profile] imperion last night; she's made a simblr and was talking about that fandom and while I certainly don't want to create a tumblr for my sims, I'm a little interested in sharing photos/stories here. :3 Or possibly creating a new journal for it, although frankly I'm terrible at keeping up with multiple journals, haha.

AO3 Meme

Apr. 21st, 2017 05:59 pm
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I've been seeing this around and decided I'll give it a shot. No links because I'm lazy - here's my A03 profile. XD

Top Five by Hits

1. Feels Like Belonging - 117,983 (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles)
2. What It Takes - 39,140 (Teen Wolf, Peter/Stiles, Derek/Stiles, Peter/Stiles/Derek, ABANDONED)
3. Making Amends - 34,517 (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles)
4. Learning Each Other - 10,873 (Homestuck, John/Karkat)
5. A Need As Great - 10,368 (Star Trek, Spock/Bones)'s kind of a bummer because I'm not in Teen Wolf fandom anymore and if I were, I'd be all over Scott/Stiles. On the other hand, Feels Like Belonging is so tropey and full of things fandom used to dig (pack mom Stiles!) that I'm not surprised it's so much ahead of everything else, haha.

Top Five by Kudos

1. Feels Like Belonging - 7,059
2. Making Amends - 1,422
3. What It Takes - 830
4. Save Yourself - 448 (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles)
5. A Need As Great - 428

....I mean, same, really. XD This is what happens when you shipped the big fandom ship for a minute.

Top Five by Bookmarks

1. Feels Like Belonging - 1,649
2. Making Amends - 305
3. What It Takes - 221
4. Save Yourself - 99
5. What You Need - 76 (Teen Wolf, Scott/Stiles)

Yay, finally my actual Teen Wolf OTP showed up. XD

I'm disappointed more of my Star Wars and MCU stuff didn't show up, but to be fair that stuff is infinitely more popular on tumblr, while my Teen Wolf stuff was more ignored. Also, of course, no Yuri on Ice because that's mostly been fanart. I don't know. I'm pretty bitter towards Teen Wolf fandom so this just makes me want to delete all of my work for that fandom haha even though of course I'm not going to do that.

What this really means is that I've just got to write more stuff. XD


Apr. 20th, 2017 10:27 pm
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I typically try to stay out of school drama because I'm around a decade older than these people and it's just dumb. But sometimes I get dragged in and in the instance of the girl submitting fanfiction for critique, of course I get dragged in. :\

cut for drama )

Something's wrong with my car. I'm thinking it's something related to power steering, which is. Unfortunate. It's not drivable! So I'll be missing class tomorrow morning and instead will be calling all car guys to see if I can get it fixed in the next few days. If worse comes to worse, I can maybe carpool with a friend to class on Monday. But this really sucks. If only it waited two weeks! But nope.

I've been out of the video game loop lately (apparently Persona 5 is pretty great? That series isn't one that I'm super attached to - I've only played bits of Persona 3, although what I played was wonderful and I need to get back to it) but apparently Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is coming out in May! Apparently it's a remake of a game that's considered a "black sheep" of the series but I'm cautiously optimistic and hyped about it. That might be because look at these adorable characters I can't wait to ship them all. Absolutely no one is surprised.
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Jfc this weekend was terrible. I ended up not doing any of the fun things I'd planned and instead worked on all the projects my professors dumped on me for the long weekend. I got three hours of sleep last night. It's been great.


Quick fic recs, since that's what's getting me through the end of this semester, ha ha ha.

love means never having to say you're sorry by [ profile] coloredink, Sherlock/John: Sherlock Holmes knows what comes of love. Dang, this is so sweet? Sherlock fumbling through love is one of my faves.

Wildflowers by [ profile] axona, [ profile] Lulubean, Katsuki Yuuri/Yuri Plisetsky: These won’t be the last tears he sheds over Victor Nikiforov, but he has hit a point where they stop and leave him numb and dazed.

“He...that was my first kiss,” Yuuri whispers, staring down at his open palms on his lap helplessly.

Yurio makes a noise like he’s just been punched in the gut, and he growls something in Russian that Yuuri doesn’t bother translating. He only looks up when Yurio squats in front of him, firmly and unapologetically taking hold of Yuuri’s empty hands with his own, intense blue-green eyes staring at him.

“You deserve better than him.”

NOW DON'T YOU GIVE ME THAT LOOK OKAY, I know breaking up Yuuri/Victor is just Not On but I saw that this was a long, slow burn Yuri/Yuuri and thought I'd give it a shot. Some of the prose is a bit longwinded but I adore the way the author writes the characters and that's what's most important. XD


Also, finished my painting! Copic markers, watercolors, acrylics, about....jeeez, maybe 3'x4'? I don't really worry too much about measuring things, lmao. The critique was pretty interesting for this one, with most of the class deciding that this seemed like more of a caretaker role than anything sexual, while my professor saying there seems to be something almost transactional about the figures' relationship. It was pretty interesting! I certainly have my own intentions with this piece but I'm 100% fine with viewers interpreting it however they want.

a large winged figure holding a smaller figure
Click for full size!
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I was going to open up prompts for today but I think instead I'll work on bingo cards and maybe work on the latest prompt for [community profile] fan_flashworks. Or maybe some of the other prompt communities! Or maybe draw something for [community profile] anime_manga!

I got news yesterday that my great aunt passed away. We weren't terribly close but she was someone who always remembered birthdays and Christmas and was just all around a nice lady.
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This post at [site community profile] dw_maintenance is really heartening; people, at least superficially, are interesting in making and maintaining their DWs! Woo! Is there an active subscription meme going around?

Today I'll be going to work and immediately heading to the studio to work on my current painting (inspired by Zeus and Ganymede, although this Zeus wears a plague doctor mask and has wings and big monster claws so you know, definitely just inspired). I'm using markers to color the wings because I've had a lot of success using markers for feathers and I'm finally really interesting in something I'm doing for painting class this semester and I want it to be successful. Markers are really time-consuming though, haha, so that's what I'll be working on this weekend. ;3;

closeup wip of of Zeus wings

WIP closeup of the wings! Four colors are used for each feather. This really is going to take forever. :'D

Friday is a guilt-free day off and I can't wait.
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I took a day off today. I've been trying not to do that because honestly, I need all the hours at work I can get but. We've hired a new person and she's friends with the owners and those three get along really well but I don't really like any of them and this really highlights the differences between us all. Now to be fair, I'm related to the owners but you know, that doesn't really help so much. They talk about men and trucks and shit and I'm just like uh, okay welp.

We finished 13 Reasons Why and holy shit, what an intense ride. Spoilers ) I read somewhere that this show is opening a dialogue about bullying and suicide and I really hope that it helps some kids out there.

I have two presentations tomorrow, a friend is hosting her capstone event on Thursday, and I have two pretty massive projects due Monday. So. Thank God for Good Friday, I guess! It'll be a nice guilt-free day off where I can maybe get some work done. |D
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I was only slightly productive today because my mom and I binge-watched the first ten episodes of 13 Reasons Why. Ten one hour episodes. My eyes feel like sandpaper. It's a pretty great show though. Also, pretty damn grim and everyone is awful. I recommend it though! We're going to watch the last three episodes tomorrow night. :3 spoilers )

I also really want to watch Train to Busan and Your Name, although I don't know when I'll be able to. Maybe I'll do as I did today and just put off all my work until the late evening, lmao.
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I'm going on a field trip! :D The art department is hosting a trip to several nearby places; ATHICA, the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art; The Lyndon House Arts Center; The Georgia Museum of Art. Somehow, I've never been to any of these places! I don't know how that happened, haha. I'm pretty excited about this and I hope that I gain some measure of inspiration from it.

We spent most of today under a severe storm warning. It seems to be over now, although we're still under wind advisories and flash flood watches. :\ We'll see how it goes. My night class wasn't canceled but as my mom and I live in a trailer and I am the only driver/have the only vehicle, I wasn't about to leave her alone here. BUT a friend's night class was canceled so I'm just like that's not fair. :\ Oh well.

I'm reading long, romantic/happy ending, standby fics lately. A Dog's Life (Frank Castle/Foggy Nelson). Something Dumb to Do (Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson). Consolation (Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade). Once More, With Feeling (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson). National Pastime (John McClane/Matt Farrell). I recommend all of these fics if you want a guaranteed happy ending. ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, I made my farewell post over on LJ and I added where I can be found online. Figured I should also share that here, even though I'm pretty sure I recently did this, haha:

[ profile] nan_the_ghost
[ profile] nan
Instagram: heartfeltghoststudios
Goodreads: Nanners

And there you go!

.....oh, welp. I hear thunder grumbling again. Bad weather makes me so sleep.
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I've not commented/replied to comments on LJ recently because I don't want to accept the terms of service thing, haha. But what do? I have to accept to even be able to go to LJ and if I accept, I'm definitely just going to delete. How annoying. LJ, why are you the way that you are? :\

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We watched Logan yesterday for my nephew's birthday. Now, I'm not a huge X-Men fan, I don't really care that much about these movies. Spoilers )

Anyway, we're supposed to have some pretty severe weather today. We'll see! I really enjoy thunderstorms but I'd rather not have the hail or super duper high winds.

So last Friday we had our installed critique for our projects in graphic design. Two professors critiqued me; the ceramics professor (also the head of the art department) and the art history professor (also the museum director). It was a mixed bag! The major points ended up being:

Ceramics Professor: He basically made the suggestion that I'm not knowledgeable enough about the zodiac to do this project justice. He also questioned why I made Taurus a girl since Taurus is symbolized by a bull and bulls are male. HOWEVER, today my graphic design professor told me not to worry about that, to not worry about these kinds of gender absolutions. Also, she seemed to appreciate that I didn't take his criticism to heart; honestly I don't respect his opinion very much so I wasn't too bothered by why he said, haha.

Art History Professor: She was so, so enthused. She wanted me to add a border around the posters so they can be more easily framed. She wants me to finish the set and write some kind of narrative (she specifically mentioned a graphic novel/manga). She also told me to look into making figurines (!!!) of the characters. She loved my color palettes and was just really supportive and awesome.

SO YEAH. A mixed bag but the ceramics professor is a toolbag - one of my classmates made oil candles and he ruined one by turned it upside down and shaking it, which made her cry - so I'm absolutely going to listen to the art history professor, since she is so supportive and crazy smart and just awesome.

I've done some research into making figurines and wow, is that expensive. I also thought about creating dolls using Dollfie Plus dolls (the ones about the size of Barbies) but apparently those are no longer produced???? But then I thought about making plush dolls, which would be, in theory, a lot easier to do. I'm going to try making one and see how it goes; it might go pretty well.

Both art history professor and graphic design professor would like me to expand this so that it can be my capstone; so the posters, the cards, the figurines/plushies, apparel, stickers/buttons, stuff like that. I'm pretty excited!

the display for my zodiac project

Here's my display in the retail space! There's a spotlight on it so photos don't look so great, haha. The posters will be for sale but I need to redo the cards, since they're not really cut very well; plus it's only half and there's no reason to sell a half a deck of cards.

April 1st

Apr. 1st, 2017 08:54 am
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My college had their April Fool's Day edition of the newspaper and it was pretty great. Instituting uniforms? Taylor Swift coming to perform? Changing our mascot from a lion to a squirrel? Dang, I love it. I'll be walking into work prepared today because I work with a bunch of bullshitters and they'll be bullshitting extra hard.

Also, Camp NaNo starts today! Good luck to all who participate!
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The Zodiac project is done! (at least the first half, which was all I needed for the project) Critique is tomorrow but it's already been installed in it's location in the the store on campus. I'll definitely take a picture of the display. :3

And with that, a huge, huge load is off my shoulders. Aaah, thank god. What a killer project. I don't know what's next in this class but it can't possibly be as rough as that was. And when I get off work, there's nothing waiting for me! There's nothing that has to be done right now! :D

Camp starts this Saturday! I'm reasonably excited; I think I signed up for 900 minutes for the month of April. I really like measuring it by time rather than word count. It doesn't seem as intimidating.

so sleepy

Mar. 27th, 2017 10:02 pm
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I'm going to be anxious and stressed out until this semester ends and that's pretty much all there is to it. :\ At least the current project for graphic design is almost finished.

I've officially signed up for Camp! My project is here. :3 I signed up for 900 minutes for the month, which comes out to 30 minutes a day. That should be very doable but we'll see.

beauty and the best novel
I bought the Beauty and the Beast movie novelization. I am very weak.

creeper inked
Finally inked the creeper! The background has been painted, along with the words, but I don't have a photo of that yet. It's fun; at least I'm able to work on fun things at home, haha.
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Well piss, a random stranger in the NaNo facebook group managed to talk me into doing the April camp. XD I'm going to sign up for time durations rather than word counts. I'm thinking fifteen hours? That's a half hour of writing a day. :\a

Anyway, I dunno what I want to focus on, probably this magical realism piece that I need to write for English class. Who wants to read about a novice druid learning about his True Sight? XD
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I am still dead this morning and instead of spreading germs (like oh, I dunno, my advisor, the head the the art department, my graphic design professor, other students) I'm going to be responsible and courteous and stay home with my sickness. It's a terrible time because there are so many things due next week but I don't know, guys, I just can't find it within me to care.

I made a 94/100 on my introduction speech in public speaking. My only downfall was that I said "uhm" too many times, haha. I hope that my entertaining speech does as well (my topic was "Top Five TV Detectives (And Their Sidekicks) and in no particular order, I talked about: Shawn and Gus from Pysch, Adrian Monk from Monk, Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote, Munch and Fin from Law and Order: SVU, and of course, Sherlock and John from Sherlock. It was a pretty big hit with the class, I got some laughs and a lot of discussion afterwards, so that's nice.

Today's going to be spent catching up on DW (sorry I've been so absent, guys) and listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack (I bought the deluxe edition, it has something like 52 tracks and they're all wonderful). Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a little something written for one or two of the super short prompt communities I'm a member of.
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I spent most of the day with a slight fever, a major headache, and an upset stomach. I'm now pretty dang familiar with the inside of the toilet bowl, let me tell you. :\


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