Oct. 31st, 2015

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! \o/ Best holiday. We bought plenty of candy for the trick or treaters we never get. :3

I can't get the crossposting from DW to tumblr working and that's frustrating. Aaaaaahhhhh.

I have been so busy lately and that's also frustrating. Aaaaaahhhhh.

I'm officially too busy for any kind of real fandom responsibilities, so I didn't sign up for Yuletide. ;;; When I finish this thing that I need to do, I'll be done with Official Fandom Things for a while (episode reviews, random fanart, and random fanfiction are still happening, lmao). I just don't have the time to do these things and I end up screwing it up for other people when I sign up for something I can't commit to.

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow and I am super hyped. I feel more prepared than I have in years. I still need to finish the map making but I can be vague enough about traveling things to make that work. :3 I'm going to have writing meetups with two other people on Mondays and I am excited aaaaaaahhh. Also, one of them is a fellow student (and only two years younger than me!) so we'll be able to also attempt to get writing done between classes (we spend some about of time together in the art building lobby so!).

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
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I am so sleepy, we didn't get any trick-or-treaters, but I got some when I went to my boss's house to take care of her dogs. BUT I DIDN'T HAVE ANY CANDY.


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