Feb. 15th, 2017

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DW NOW HAS IMAGE HOSTING. DW NOW HAS IMAGE HOSTING. And it works with the crossposter! I am so excited. *___*
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I've played about three hours and here are my initial thoughts!

DANG THIS GAME IS PRETTY. Okay so look, my pc is such that I can play it on the highest quality so I knew it would be pretty but dang, it is. Super pretty. Damn.

The CAS is pretty great because it doesn't really determine gender and you can set it so that your male presenting sim has to pee sitting down and can get pregnant, while your female presenting sim can pee standing and can't get pregnant. You can set it so that sims can wear the clothing typical for the opposite gender. It's really, really nice.

Some of the worlds are small and that's kind of a bummer. Forgotten Hollow only has five lots! (four residential and one empty). That's super small. I'm playing in San Myshuno because I like city living with apartments and stuff, but also it seems like it has a lot of stuff going on.

Speaking of which, THERE'S A LOT OF SIMS HANGING AROUND. The communities feel very alive and there's a lot of sims to interact with. Dang.

I'm really enjoying it and I can't believe I played the amount of time I did and only took three pictures. OH WELL.

Boom! )

Anyway, I really love it so far, of course. There are little things that I'm less than thrilled with but you know. Oh well.


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