Feb. 27th, 2017

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Ooooooh my god, I am struggling so much right now, haha. School has been beyond stressful and this past week has been absolutely awful. The weekend wasn't really much better; last night I stayed up to about 3am working on graphic design work and I wasn't even actually finished. I ended up finishing up after class this morning, voluntarily missing my painting class to get this done. Everything's printed out, it just needs to be mounted on illustration board now.

HOWEVER. Because that class has been so damn demanding, everything else in my life is basically a bust, haha. I ended up leaving immediately after printing because I'm running off of approximately three hours of sleep, haha. Oh well. I'm hanging in there.

I'm also going through a huge low in terms of grief and grief processing, haha. It's making it really difficult to navigate through the slightest difficulty without, like, completely losing my shit.

My night class starts Wednesday, which is a bummer since it's a) public speaking and b) from 6pm-10:20pm. I have an 8am. That's a ridiculously long day, haha. But! Spring break is next week! Including the weekends, that's nine days of no school! And work is going to be closed a couple of days so I'll only be able to work three days! I just have to survive until then, haha.

idk how to end this but have this inked line art for the Rook and the King of my chess piece series. One day it'll be painted haha.

rook and king dancing


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