Apr. 11th, 2017

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I took a day off today. I've been trying not to do that because honestly, I need all the hours at work I can get but. We've hired a new person and she's friends with the owners and those three get along really well but I don't really like any of them and this really highlights the differences between us all. Now to be fair, I'm related to the owners but you know, that doesn't really help so much. They talk about men and trucks and shit and I'm just like uh, okay welp.

We finished 13 Reasons Why and holy shit, what an intense ride. Spoilers ) I read somewhere that this show is opening a dialogue about bullying and suicide and I really hope that it helps some kids out there.

I have two presentations tomorrow, a friend is hosting her capstone event on Thursday, and I have two pretty massive projects due Monday. So. Thank God for Good Friday, I guess! It'll be a nice guilt-free day off where I can maybe get some work done. |D


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