Apr. 29th, 2017

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So I got to play with a Nintendo Switch yesterday. *__* My graphic design professor brought hers and let me handle it a bit. I played LoZ: Breath of the Wild and it was absolutely beautiful. *__* As soon as I have some disposable income, I might be buying one. *__* Once I find one, I mean, apparently they're hard to come by. XD

After getting a couple of emails from the mods over at [community profile] getyourwordsout, I finally checked in. I'm sitting at 12,877 words and I signed up for the 75k challenge. That's...low. I'm hoping to get more work done over the summer.

...I have a lot of plans for the summer, haha. It's just that last summer was, eeeehhh, pretty emotionally fraught (for new friends, my dad passed away of cancer and I was a primary caregiver and while I absolutely do not regret being right beside him, it was also a huge devastation, obviously, and look at me making these disclaimers because I feel guilty even complaining that it was hard, haha wow) and then I've been so busy with school, it'll be nice to take a bit of a break and just work and create things and take in media and just, aaahh.

Anyway, haha, I got the email from StoryADay talking about the May challenge of, of course, writing a story a day. I'm not making any plans, since everytime I decide I'm going to Do The Thing the thing doesn't get done, but I'm eyeballing it.


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