May. 5th, 2017

nanslice: ([FFXV] contemplating the universe)
Last night I linked [community profile] 15kisses, today I'm linking [community profile] 15kinks! Same format, even down the Zodiac prompt table, but the prompts this go round are far more sexual in nature. I may have...already...claimed something there. I'm just saying, I'm terribly intimidated of writing FFXV fanfic but I still claimed Prompto/Noctis and I'm scared now, watch me just draw a bunch of porn instead. Or change my claim to Squall/Zell. XD But anyway, if you're interested in prompts of a more sexual nature, [community profile] 15kinks. :3

I had terrible, awful, no good dreams last night. My anxiety is up! It's not great. It's like as soon as school ended I had time to think, which apparently is never okay. :( Oh well.

Have to go to work today and then I think I'll start working on some prompt fills. :3


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