May. 10th, 2017


May. 10th, 2017 06:31 pm
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Instead of going to work this morning, I had to take the neighborhood dog to the vet. :( He came limping up last night and we let him in the yard to rest for the night and this morning took him to the vet. Mom and I thought he'd been hit by a car but the vet said that it looked more like he took a beating from other dogs. :( He's spending the night in the hospital and when he gets back, he's no longer going to be a neighborhood dog. We're going to put him somewhere. I DON'T KNOW WHERE, since we have mumblemumble number of dogs and we really just don't have room, but we'll make it fit somehow.

Anyway, that's been most of my day, now I'm going to see about working on some art type stuff.

ALSO new community announcements!

[community profile] 15woes, similar to to [community profile] 15kisses and [community profile] 15kinks in that it has prompt tables centered around the zodiac, except this time you claim a character instead of a ship, and sadness should be present (although happy endings are allowed!).

[community profile] whole_new_world, a claiming community devoted to AUs!
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Still no spoilers, just cute stuff and Chocobos. :D

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