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SO. Guess who watched the entire first season of Daredevil? Yes, it is me. What a good show.

I ended up having a lot more emotions for Matt than I was expecting to. I love that he was so conflicted about what he was doing. I love that his Catholicism is what stopped him from murdering people. I love that he was his own demon; that he wanted to do what he did.

FOGGY. FOGGY. FOGGY. How great is Foggy? His joking, his casual support of Matt, his ease at admitting that hey, Matt is a pretty good looking dude. How great was the big reveal? All that emotion. I loved that this show doesn't push aside how people would feel about having a loved one going out and fighting. And Matt lying about his blindness. And just. That flashback episode. Oh gosh. ;;;

Karen was adorable and she tried so hard, even though she was so scared. At first I wasn't sure how I would feel about her but I ended up adoring her.

Claire was also wonderful; her world-weariness was so palpable, the way we could see the city grinding her down.

So anyway, a really great show. I ship Foggy/Matt pretty hardcore and I'm kind of disappointed this fandom hasn't written more dark!Matt because hnnn, that would be pretty great. ;;;

I'm excited about season 2 and Jon Bernthal joining the cast. Aaaaah. \o/
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