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So I've mentioned it a bit recently but I'm determined to earn badges over at [community profile] fan_flashworks. I've been determined to do this for about...two years now? And I haven't even gotten my own tag yet (which is three fics written for three consecutive prompts).

BUT MY TIME IS NOW. I work better when other people are writing with me towards the same goal so I am, haha, sending out feelers to anyone who would like to join me in collecting achievement badges for that comm! I really like the idea of achievement badges (yay, reward systems and collection!) and I like that it's one prompt at a time, so I don't get bombarded with multiple prompts and end up not writing anything (which is a problem I have with for bingo cards!).

SO yes. If anyone else would like to be my writing friend, that would be pretty great. \o/! And if you don't want to focus on [community profile] fan_flashworks and would prefer a different prompt challenge, that's also cool! I just want to write with people who are also publishing things and having a good time with it, because seeing them succeed makes me want to succeed too. ;3;

ALSO we don't need to share fandoms or anything, we just need to share the struggle of meeting challenge deadlines hahaha.
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