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Oct. 25th, 2016 07:55 pm
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Hello there! First off I want to go ahead and thank you! I’m so excited to see what you come up with and I’m pretty easily pleased so please don’t stress. This is meant to be a fun little exchange for everyone and that’s really the most important thing. <3

General Likes: With regards to treatsI love friendly banter and pining and happy endings. Power imbalances and possessiveness are also things I like! AUs are also pretty great (some fandom-specified exceptions, read below). Porn is also a-okay and dub-con of the “aliens/sex pollen/heat made them do it” variety is great (A/B/O is a huge fave of mine, but I’m not a fan of the more non-con/”omegas have no agency” aspects of it).

As for tricks, I really like creepy stuff. I also like gory stuff! You want to write a zombie AU? Go for it! Characters getting trapped in a haunted house? Kidnapped by the fae? YES. I do ask that there’s still a happy or at least hopeful ending. :)

Do Not Want: No hard non-con please. No unhappy/hopeless endings. No misunderstandings that remain unresolved. Ultimately I like for characters to wind up happy.

Fandom Specifics

Steve/Bucky is my main ship here. Do they get trapped in an abandoned, haunted Hydra base? Do they get introduced to what modern day Halloween is all about? Or maybe you get away from horror and they have a nice quiet morning together. Or they’re kicking Hydra ass, a beautiful, fluid team? I like a Bucky who’s still shaking off the Winter Soldier and a little less human because of it and a Steve who’s trying hard to reach his best friend. These two need good things to happen! While Bucky being haunted from the abuse he canonly suffered is okay, absolutely no Hydra Trash Party please!

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Obi-Wan Kenobi is very precious to me. I ship Obi-Wan/Anakin and Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon (or Anakin/Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon if you want to go full AU, however I don’t ship Anakin/Qui-Gon so Obi-Wan would need to be firmly in the middle of that little threesome). Want to do something with force ghosts? Go for it! A spooky planet that plays with their worst fears? Sith!Anakin and Sith!Qui-Gon being creepy towards Obi-Wan? I’m down! I really prefer Obi-Wan being the focus and also the pursued character. If you want to stray from shipping, kickass Jedi being kickass is also always welcome, and Obi-Wan struggling with being the quintessential Jedi, particularly when faced with Qui-Gon and Anakin’s less traditional actions, is also pretty great. :)

Until Dawn
I’m 100% Climbing Class trash. Josh/Chris is my absolute main interest in this fandom. Canon typical violence and themes are pretty great (if you want to focus on cannibalism here, go for it!). Wendibro!Josh hunting Chris? Chris returning to the mountain to save Josh? Or maybe an AU where the mountain never happened and the whole group is going to a Halloween party? Either way, a possessive, boundaries-pushing Josh is pretty great. However if you want to focus on a more fragile Josh, that’s cool too. :) Chris being a good bro is always welcome and if he’s oblivious to any romantic feelings Josh has for him, well that’s just fine with me. ;) If you want to go more of a gen route, everyone getting together for scary movie watching, or epic prank wars, or playing around with a ouija board is good too!

Aside from the Do Not Wants list, these are all suggestions to help you out and give you a sense of what I like so if you’d like to write something completely different from what anything I wrote above, go for it! I hope you have fun and thank you so much. :D


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