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We watched Logan yesterday for my nephew's birthday. Now, I'm not a huge X-Men fan, I don't really care that much about these movies. Spoilers )

Anyway, we're supposed to have some pretty severe weather today. We'll see! I really enjoy thunderstorms but I'd rather not have the hail or super duper high winds.

So last Friday we had our installed critique for our projects in graphic design. Two professors critiqued me; the ceramics professor (also the head of the art department) and the art history professor (also the museum director). It was a mixed bag! The major points ended up being:

Ceramics Professor: He basically made the suggestion that I'm not knowledgeable enough about the zodiac to do this project justice. He also questioned why I made Taurus a girl since Taurus is symbolized by a bull and bulls are male. HOWEVER, today my graphic design professor told me not to worry about that, to not worry about these kinds of gender absolutions. Also, she seemed to appreciate that I didn't take his criticism to heart; honestly I don't respect his opinion very much so I wasn't too bothered by why he said, haha.

Art History Professor: She was so, so enthused. She wanted me to add a border around the posters so they can be more easily framed. She wants me to finish the set and write some kind of narrative (she specifically mentioned a graphic novel/manga). She also told me to look into making figurines (!!!) of the characters. She loved my color palettes and was just really supportive and awesome.

SO YEAH. A mixed bag but the ceramics professor is a toolbag - one of my classmates made oil candles and he ruined one by turned it upside down and shaking it, which made her cry - so I'm absolutely going to listen to the art history professor, since she is so supportive and crazy smart and just awesome.

I've done some research into making figurines and wow, is that expensive. I also thought about creating dolls using Dollfie Plus dolls (the ones about the size of Barbies) but apparently those are no longer produced???? But then I thought about making plush dolls, which would be, in theory, a lot easier to do. I'm going to try making one and see how it goes; it might go pretty well.

Both art history professor and graphic design professor would like me to expand this so that it can be my capstone; so the posters, the cards, the figurines/plushies, apparel, stickers/buttons, stuff like that. I'm pretty excited!

the display for my zodiac project

Here's my display in the retail space! There's a spotlight on it so photos don't look so great, haha. The posters will be for sale but I need to redo the cards, since they're not really cut very well; plus it's only half and there's no reason to sell a half a deck of cards.
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I don't know how it works for other colleges/universities but for mine, once you get into upper level painting classes, you basically start the semester making your own syllabus about a series of works you want to do. This semester I want to focus on mythology, both established and of my own design.

I have three pieces I want know I want to focus on; the first being nature as an anthropomorphic entity (for example, Gaia). Know who I am, tho, it'll end up being kind of grotesque, lmao. The second will be the idea of psychopomps, the entities that guide souls to the afterlife. And the third is a play on the tal of Apollo and Daphne. Instead of Daphne getting turned into a tree, she's going to turn in to a flock of hummingbirds (I know hummingbirds don't flock but!), with a central piece of canvas/paper and then smaller pieces fragmenting off of it.

However, I need two more! I can't decide what I want for them! Maybe Zeus and Ganymede? Maybe the idea of the three fates? HMMM. :\a

And for graphic design 2, we're developing a branding system for a product that we also must create and distribute in the retail space on campus. I asked my professor if something do to the zodiac would be appropriate - since everyone loves zodiac stuff - and she's was very supportive of the idea. She also mentioned tarot cards and I've always wanted to create my own deck, but not in less than four months, haha.

Anyway, it's really nice when I end up similar stuff for different classes. It helps me stay in the same mindset for them. :3


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