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I have a problem, okay? [community profile] fffc is hosting their June special Mini Summer Bingo and I just had to sign up. XD

moonlight shadows
(Law & Order: SVU, Barba/Carisi)
(Law and Order: SVU, Barba/Carisi)
karaoke bar
(Gundam Wing, Duo/Heero)
summer love
(Law & Order: SVU, Barba/Carisi)
(FFXV, Noctis/Prompto)
outdoor music festival
(FFVIII, Irvine/Zell)
sleeping under the stars
(FFXV, Noctis/Prompto)
air condition
(Law & Order: SVU, Barba/Carisi)
funky old motel
(FFXV, Gen)


I really like how ALL OF THESE could fit for FFXV. :\a But I'm going to try and do a nice fandom spread instead, haha.

EDIT: Hiding the table behind a cut because it has spacing issues and the html is a little overly complicated and I'm not messing with it today. :\ But anyways, sleeping under the stars and karaoke bar definitely need to be FFXV, while idk about everything else. No clue. XD

Tomorrow my work is celebrating its 2 year anniversary with a dumb party with games and contests and stuff and people are bringing their dogs and bluh. I love dogs, in particular my dogs, but I'm so over being constantly surrounded by dogs. And tbh I don't really care for the people who are planning on showing up either. :\ Also, boss's super homophobic asshole boyfriend is going to be there grilling hotdogs, so just. Freaking end me and also keep me in your thoughts. ;;;;

Date: 2017-05-27 10:57 am (UTC)
kephiso: Victor from Yuri!!! on Ice in front of the sinking sun on a field close to my home (Default)
From: [personal profile] kephiso
Oooh, so it is the table that's causing the problems... *had wondered about this with the May Special). If you do have a fix, can you let me know? I'm afraid I don't really know a lot about html... I mean, I'll probably give it a shot and try to fix it, but I'm a noob with html, so no guarantees xD

But I signed up, too, and have one or two ideas all ready... I'd love to challenge myself to write a blackout with a different fandom for each square, but I'm not sure I have that many fandoms *ponders options*

Keeping my fingers crossed for you re: the work party!

Date: 2017-05-29 08:41 pm (UTC)
kephiso: Victor from Yuri!!! on Ice in front of the sinking sun on a field close to my home (Default)
From: [personal profile] kephiso
I noticed that it does not do wonky shit if you switch from HTML to Rich Text editor. Idek why... Like, I see the code, but I have no clue why it would produce the outcome. Hm. Maybe one day I will know HTML well enough to know *gg*

Oh! And I just noticed your by-line (which is not the correct word... subtitle?). I, too, am perpetually late to the party! Exhibit A: I noticed X-Men about... a week ago. Talk about late...

But it does bring me to nine fandoms (Harry Potter, Yuri!!! on Ice, Captive Prince, Mentalist, Dishonored, X-Men, MCU, Sherlock, Welcome To Nightvale). Not sure if I will go the nine fandoms route, since I've only seen three-quarters of First Class and none of the others, but that made me ship Erik/Charles so hard ^^

And I'm glad about the work party!


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