Jan. 1st, 2017

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A few weeks ago I signed up for [community profile] inkingitout to try and stimulate writing this year, since 2016 was a total wash in terms of fic. Here's to hoping!

[personal profile] kalloway has a comm called [community profile] monthlysupergo, which is described as an "old fandom challenges" community. January's challenge is themed prompt tables. Prompt tables. I haven't seen those in approximately a million years. I need to decide what to claim. ;3; Maybe I'll make them them drabbles! Like actual, 100 words drabbles! Ooooh.

It's time to make fandom fun again!

Goodreads emailed me about their 2017 Reading Challenge but look, I am a terrible reader anymore. /o\ I'm a little ashamed about it but there's just so many other things to do. Maybe...a book a month? ;;

Also, some of y'all track your media consumption and make weekly/monthly lists here and I think I'm going to take that up. For one thing, I really like lists. Like. A lot. Also, I want to consume more media! I have netflix! I have access to torrents! I have no idea why I procrastinate on things I actually want to do. Even when I have free time! But no more. Time to have some accountability. XD


And something else that really doesn't pertain to this journal at all, I really need to get my weight back under control so I'll be working out every day (except Wednesdays) and snapchatting my niece afterwards as proof. But I don't have any weight goals in mind, just working out every day. |D


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