Jan. 6th, 2017

About me!

Jan. 6th, 2017 01:16 pm
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WELP. I was let out early from class tonight (not due to weather) and work has been canceled for tomorrow (entirely due to weather) so I guess it's time for an about me post!

HELLO new friends and old! I'm Nan. I've got by some form of Nan (the earliest being Nanthimus) since around 2003? Or thereabouts? But I first joined internet fandom late 1999. I'm a 30 year old, extroverted, somewhat geeky, obsessive minded woman from the southeastern part of the US! I'm an art student and I work at a pet grooming salon when I'm not frantically trying to catch up on classwork, ha.

I have two dogs and a cat and my mom has four dogs and two cats so there are occasional pet photos, haha.

I'm very multifandom and I like all mediums; western, eastern, live action, anime, whatever. Right now I'm mostly into Yuri!!! on Ice and FFXV, although perennial favorites are Star Wars and the MCU. Past fandoms (that still crop up from time to time!) are FFVIII, FFXII, Gundam Wing, Hellboy (movies online), and Until Dawn (2015 video game). I'm currently watching Sherlock (BBC), which is a shame because I've always made fun of that fandom. XD

In terms of output, I'm both a ficauthor and a fanartist, although I'm terrible at writing fic for non-English speaking fandoms and I tend to really dislike dubs. This means anime tends to be fanart only! I'm just really terrible at telling if I'm in character for non-English characters, haha, idk that probably doesn't make sense. I also do a lot of original art, obviously, although I don't really post very much of that here. I guess I...probably should?

Fandom is extremely important to me but I also try not to take it too seriously. I'm also pretty over the whole fandom discourse when it comes to non-con, underage, so on and so forth. I'm a pretty big believer in ykinmk. I'm also a pretty big believer in warnings and tags!

Related, I guess, but I try very hard to not read spoilers and also try not to spoil other people.

AND ALSO I have a listography to help me keep track of what I watch and when I watch it, as well as to help inspire me to stop procrastinating on things I want to do.

Uh yeah, and this one is a biggie. My dad passed away June 22, 2016. THIS HAS FUCKED ME UP PRETTY BADLY and sometimes I talk about it. So yeah, fair warning there.


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