Jan. 24th, 2017

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So [personal profile] imperion and I got together for coffee and writing and my fic for the latest prompt at [community profile] fan_flashworks has exceeded 1000 words and it's not nearly halfway finished. This is probably not a big deal for a log of people buuuuut I'm pretty dang excited, haha. Also it's kinda dark!Sherlock and kinda mean to Mary but oh well, I like manipulative, mean Sherlock, haha, spoiler he's also a huge goober who pouts around so yeah.

I'm very much trying to keep my head above water and not focus on justonething at a time, both because I literally can't allow that to happen right now (I have too much to do!) and also because I don't want to do that, I want to be able to focus on multiple things. So we wrote, and then I watched "This Is Us" and then I drew in my sketch book (not only Sherlock fanart) and now I'm...probably going to bed lmao.

I wrote the expository scene for my creative writing class; I kinda want to get the grade back before I share it here? Haha, I'm self-conscious about original work. ;;;;


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