Jan. 27th, 2017

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I stayed up until 3am this morning finishing up graphic design and painting projects. Sooooo I ended up getting 3 hours of sleep and I've managed to not take a nap throughout the day! Which means it's 9am and I'm super exhausted, hahaha.

[personal profile] misbegotten took icon requests and I, of course, requested Johnlock ones! They're right here if anyone would like to snag some. :3

This week has been a doozy so instead of being productive, I'm watching Markiplier play Resident Evil 7. XD I'm no good with horror games and Resident Evil is one of those series' that I try to stay on top of because I ship Wesker/Chris like the fandom. Also, when I was a baby Nan, my best friend and I would talk Resident Evil 2 on the school bus (she played - I just obsessed over the strategy guide).

....my god. That game came out in 1998. jfc.


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