Jan. 31st, 2017

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Yesterday was pretty great. I didn't do a damn thing other than watch LPs and play with the dumb cats.

The lever fic is up to 3600 words and I'm beginning to worry about whether it'll actually be finished in time. ;;; It's beginning to get a little sloppy as I go along because typically I edit as I write and I've stopped that. I have a lot of schoolwork that I need to do tonight (and I had nightmares about doing it all, haha, so that's great) but maybe if I start as soon as I get home from work, I'll have time to work on this damn fic.

[community profile] fan_flashworks is not the community where you stress about your fics. XD

The Outdoor Club is going camping and caving this weekend at Cloudland Canyon State Park and I signed up to go. I have never gone camping and tbh I'm way more interested in the caving. But guys. It's going to be cold. And wet. What was I thinking? Dang, me.


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