Jun. 5th, 2017

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I know people like to drag on old dubs like Gundam Wing and Slayers but I listened to Free! and Yuri on Ice and holy wow. So much cringe. I thought dubs were getting better!*

Writing for a new fandom is kind of nerve wracking; writing porn for a new fandom is more so. But maybe I'll actually have some fic to post today! [personal profile] imperion and I might be going for coffee+writing so we'll see how that goes. I always like writing porn in public. :D

Click to see bigger!

I really couldn't help myself and hearing that the filming is done for season two hyped me up. She's so cute! ♥

*and because I'm not interested in hashing out the dub vs sub debates of old, these are just my opinions and if you dig modern dubs, that's great!
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Title: Situational Shift
Fandom - Pairing: Final Fantasy XV - Prompto/Noctis
Length: 1126 words
Summary: Prompto finds Noctis on top of the caravan and the quiet conversation they have there changes everything.
Content Notes: Fluff, hinting at infidelity.
Author Notes: Written for my [community profile] fffc June bingo card, the prompt was "sleeping under the stars". Also, will I ever stop writing awkward boys in love? of course not Stay tuned to find out!

Situational Shift )


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