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2020-06-16 09:27 am

Sticky post: Welcome!

Subscribe and unsubscribe at will. I randomly go on following sprees so if I show up in your journal, do not be alarmed!

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2017-10-18 09:10 am

(no subject)

Shit! It was cold this morning! We don't have any kind of centralized heat and we weren't ready, haha. The space heaters are now humming away in the living room and kitchen and I'll be breaking out the heated blanket. And I'm going to get up on the roof and clean out the chimney before we can use the wood burning stove. Aaahh, I love cold weather but I'm very unprepared for it. ;3;

Nintendo shared a picture of their Switch and 3DS 2017/early 2018 releases!

Aaaahhh. ;3; Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (I never played the first one because I've never owned a WiiU but I've heard it was great), Octopath Traveler, Strange Journey Redux (I've never played Strange Journey so it's a new game to me!).

It's really awesome that although the Switch is now a thing, Nintendo is still releasing games for the 3DS. That's pretty great, good for you Nintendo. :3

Mental health stuff )
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2017-10-16 10:32 pm
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Fic or Treat!

[community profile] monthlysupergo

Nan's Door

DW username: [personal profile] nanslice
AO3 username: [ profile] nan

You may get: Ficlets, art!

Please leave me: A fandom, character/ship, prompt, general request. Have multiple requests? Go for it! Or just leave a 'fic or treat' and get something random. You can request original artwork if you want, just give me prompts for that as well. :3

Light is on for: Dwircle, people just passing by, whoever!

Fandoms, etc.: Final Fantasy VIII (I'm rusty but I'll try), Final Fantasy XV (stick with the main four guys), Until Dawn, Law & Order: SVU, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Captain America, Star Wars (prequel trilogy!), Gundam Wing, Castlevania (Netflix series), Daredevil, Yuri on Ice (art only please!), original works, I feel like I'm forgetting fandoms but you know.

Other info: UH I don't really have any DNWs. Haha.

(prompts will be filled on the 31st!)
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2017-10-16 12:06 am


We had a bit of a snake scare today. Talking about a snek! )

And also rescued a baby lizard from Hecky! I have no idea how the little guy managed to get in the house but Hecky had him. Fortunately he's a good cat who doesn't guard or growl over food or anything else, so it was easy enough to get the lizard from him. The poor little guy was playing dead while Hecky had him but as soon as I had him cupped in my hands he was quick to show his displeasure. I relocated him to a tree in the front yard away from all the predatory pets I have (and also away from the new snek friend).

Other than all that, today was a pretty chill day. Watched Little Evil, about half of the first season of Buzzfeed's Unsolved Supernatural, and the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.
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2017-10-13 10:06 pm
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Inktober Day 8 - Day 9


A friend told me I should color this, never gonna happen!

Squad goals tbh.
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2017-10-13 09:27 pm
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Some photos

I'm so behind on replying to comments (I'm gonna do it right after posting this!) but I've been spending a lot of time on instagram lately. So photos I've posted recently.

Taken today, I pass by this house daily and finally decided to investigate it. It was spoopy. ;3; The door was locked (what seemed to be a hook and eye at the top; I was able to pull it open a bit but not enough to slip through) but since it was a screen door so I just pressed my lens against the screen to get a shot of the interior, haha.

Taken a couple of days ago, I just thought it was a nice shot.

This webbing was easily three times the size of my head and I just thought it was pretty, all covered in dew.

Taken sometime last year.

Taken sometime last year.

Taken a few days ago, I was actually just trying to seem busy so that my sister would leave me alone but I ended up with a nice shot, haha.

OH YES, so for any photographers out there, I'm not a professional photographer! Nor do I consider myself an amateur photographer. I'm strictly a cellphone photographer lmao.
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2017-10-11 09:23 pm

(no subject)

Today I was using plastic silverware and like a Grown Adult I managed to swallow part of one of the fork tines. ;;;;; It was a pretty small piece, less than half an inch but. SIGH. Google tells me this is actually super common and I'll live and just pass it but I'm 100% sure it's going to destroy my intestines and I'll die of internal bleeding. Haha!

Kiddo ended up not coming over yesterday, since her idiot dad is allowing her boyfriend to stay over at their house and told her mother (who lives in Denver) that kiddo seemed like she was high or drunk or something. And this is the child who attempted suicide a few weeks ago, I am just flabbergasted at how poorly he's managing this. Also pretty confused and annoyed that her mother allowed her to go to Spartanburg, since that's where all of her problems came from, but I'm not a parent so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty unhappy right now tbh.
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2017-10-10 02:27 pm

(no subject)

I'm still doing Inktober - they're being posted regularly on instagram - but I had a really bad mental health episode Saturday night and I've been trying to recover from that so I've not been up for going through all the rigmarole of posting them here. My first therapy appointment is tomorrow; not a moment too soon, I guess!

Mom and I binged Channel Zero: Candle Cove and started on No-End House today; Spoilers ) so we've only watched the first episode. We also watched Chernobyl Diaries yesterday which was a serviceable horror movie with a really dumb ending and rewatched Lights Out which....EH.

This is Us, Law & Order: SVU and Will & Grace are all back so I have a show Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I'm honestly not used to being interested in that many airing shows. XD

EDIT: And it is now Tuesday! I got back from my therapy appointment and mental health issues )

Anyway, I think we're probably going to catch up on the next two episodes of No-End House and Kiddo might be coming over today, which is really freaking awesome. ♥
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2017-10-05 10:25 pm
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Inktober - Day 5

So someone was racist in front of me (talking about a man, she said "He's good looking for a black guy") and while I called her out on it, I'm still mad. So this guy happened.

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2017-10-05 08:44 am
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Inktober - Days 3 and 4

I eschewed the prompt lit to draw one of the dudes from my NaNo story next month. Although the next piece made me want to write something completely different.

"If you see the good doctor out walking his pet, don't be shy! He's always gratified to meet a future patient." So I was listening to Welcome to Night Vale while working on this piece which is probably pretty obvious and now I want to write something weird and odd for NaNoWriMo, which is how I end up never getting anything finished; I'm so easily distracted lmao.
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2017-10-02 09:52 pm
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Inktober - Day 2

Really unhappy with this; I didn't have time to put a lot of effort into something today. Booo! But at least I still made it. :3
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2017-10-02 08:33 pm

NaNo synopsis is up!

The for now title is The Piety of Flame although we'll see how that goes.

When it came, it was fire lacing through his veins like acid, burning and curling his skin until branch-like scars reigned, a canopy of knowledge etched across his flesh. Afterwards, Alyianel knows what he must do, although his choices sour his people against him, labeling him a traitor and a liar. He lives on the fringes of human settlements, healing those in need and accepting their pittance of payment gratefully.

However, Alyianel's quiet life of faithful servitude comes to a end when he's conscripted to the human military, forced to serve as a military healer. His cage is gilded but the bars remain all too evident.


Field Marshal Trevor Monroe, head of the Queen's Imperial Guard, is his liege's most trusted soldier. Cold and calculating, his military genius is matched only by his ruthlessness. However, his position as a Pegasus Knight earns him mistrust from most of his men; the tinge of magic necessary to form a bond with such a creature both honors and shames him. That magic within saves him from the fear his men instinctively feel at Alyianel's arrival; the power seared across the elf's face as well as the magic blanketing him both fascinate and aggrieve Trevor.

As Alyianel and Trevor circle each other wearily, the fires of war grow ever hotter and obsession and betrayal raise their hateful voices.

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2017-10-01 07:10 pm

Inktober - Day 1

Click to see bigger!

As soon as I saw that "old man" was on the prompt list, I knew I wanted to draw my dad and Micah. My dad described Micah as his best old bud; Micah passed away four days before my dad got his cancer diagnosis. While my dad was still alive, it felt like Micah was still with us, lying in front of the door to the back porch. Both mom and I would carefully open it like always, only to be reminded that he was no longer there. After my dad passed a little over two months later, that feeling went away.

I like to think they're together again, free from the tired bodies that weighed them down, exploring the nature they both loved so much.


Uh, also, the rest of the month isn't going to be as intense as this one, haha, there's no way I can be this detailed on a daily basis.
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2017-10-01 08:53 am

(no subject)

So September was royally, epically awful so bring in the clowns and monsters, October is here.

Happy first day of Halloween, everyone!
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2017-09-30 11:32 pm
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Art - Original

'kay so I could totally have saved this for Inktober but I actually finished it yesterday and I'm too dang honest.

I was playing off what kind of scars lightning gives you when you're struck by it, only I guess I turned it more into a tattoo than anything else. Some version of this dude may end up being featured in my NaNo story (yep, I'm attempting NaNo this year). He also may end up being a reoccurring character for Inktober. Maybe.
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2017-09-28 10:13 pm

Some things and also FANART!

I have my initial therapy session October 10th! The doctor doesn't seem to specialize in anything that's particularly relevant to my issues (at least according to the website). He's also a dude, which is not ideal, but the front desk told me that the female doctors who accept my insurance are full. WHICH WASN'T EVEN A BIG DEAL TO ME UNTIL SHE SAID THAT. I'm all for giving it a shot though.

[personal profile] imperion and I went out for coffee last night and I got a couple of sketches done in preparation for Inktober. Also she got me all excited for NaNo even though I wasn't planning on participating this year. ;;;

I don't often back projects on kickstarter but I backed this one because I folllow that artist on instagram and I absolutely love her work. *__* It's reached its goal (and then some) so I'm hyped about that.

Also to celebrate today's Arcana update, have Asra and Faust, being cute. :>~

click to see bigger!

Probably the last piece I finish before Inktober takes over! Kinda messy but I dig it. :3
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2017-09-27 09:06 am

(no subject)

So yesterday I was running late to work and I was trying to find my keys. Not in my purse, the jeep, anywhere that I could find. I started taking out the couch cushions and looking under furniture. Finally I set my purse down on the table beside Penelope and started digging around again. Penelope gets up and theRE ARE MY KEYS. SHE'D BEEN HOARDING THEM LITTLE A TINY, FURRY DRAGON. SHE'S BEEN LAYING ON MY POINTY, UNCOMFORTABLE KEYS.

So I'm like well okay then cat, thanks a lot, and I rush out the door and am met by Selphie on the front porch. I pet and kiss her and hurry down the steps. But when I open the gate, Selphie pushes past me (and she's about 45 lbs so, you know, strong pupper). The only way to catch Selphie once she's past the gate is to open a door on the jeep. because she'll immediately jump in! Car rides! Guys she loves car rides.

I open the passenger door and in she jumps and I head back to the house because I gotta get a leash to get her back to the yard. She's looking at me like what are you doing, where are you going and eventually I decide to just take her to work.

She looked very satisfied with herself but she wasn't satisfied when I gave her a bath and clip her nails, ohohohoho.
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2017-09-25 05:25 pm

(no subject)

I'm not making it to Spanish tonight but I got in touch with psychological resources requesting an evaluation, so that's something. I've never talked to mental health professionals before but better late than never, right?
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2017-09-25 09:34 am

(no subject)

Yesterday was my dad's birthday and Cut for attempted suicide )

Why is life so much?

EDIT: Okay so that ended up being really dramatic. She's fine, physically, and she's willingly talking to both her mother and the therapist.

I finally found a Nintendo Switch and immediately put it on layaway. It's the Splatoon 2 edition bundle so that's exciting; I've never played Splatoon, having never owned a Wii U, but I've heard it's pretty great so I'm excited. And of course, I also got Breath of the Wild. My mom thinks she's going to pay for of this and it be my Christmas present but there's no way I'm letting her pay for it all.

And Spanish tonight, which I'm already anxious for, although that may be just because of everything else.
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2017-09-22 09:12 pm

(no subject)

Has anyone else played what is available of The Arcana? Because I've fallen in deep and I need a friend to be going on this adventure with me. I'm already drawing fanart, y'all.