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I started playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius yesterday. It's pretty interesting! It's an odd mix between typical cell phone game (gems to buy if you want, energy, borrowing friend's party leaders in battle) and typical jrpg (npcs, exploration). I quite like it so far! The main characters, Rain and Lasswell, are kind of freaking adorable and I already ship them, because of course I do.

LOOK AT LASSWELL MAKING EYES AT RAIN. I mean, come on. I'm 100% into it.

Mom and I watched Zootopia last week. I'm not as in love with it as a lot of people seem to be but it was super cute and I loved the universe.

We're going to watch Independence Day: Resurgence today! I adored the original movie when it came out so I'm hoping this one follows in its footsteps, at least a little.

This morning is going to be devoted to catching up on Camp Nano stuff. I've finally been inspired to write some things. Finally.
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Krampus: I don't know what I was expecting with this film but spoilers )

10 Cloverfield Lane: So okay, I have had a crush on Mary Elizabeth Winstead ever since I first saw her in Final Destination 3 so this film already had that going in its favor. spoilers )

The Boy: Haha, okay, I also have a crush on Lauren Cohan so this was another film that had that going in its favor. spoilers )

Also, Mom watched Age of Ultron and really liked it! This is the woman who once said she didn't like superhero movies! And yet she adored Winter Soldier and Avengers, went with me to watch Civil War, and now really liked Age of Ultron. Doesn't like superhero movies, my butt.

I've been devouring Fast and Furious fics! I don't know what brought back my interest in this fandom that I'd had a brief but intense affair with back in freaking 2001 and then wrote maybe two ficlets for in like, 2009? I haven't even seen all the movies! I watched the first one and then [personal profile] imperion and I watched Fast and Furious when it came out in theaters but that's it. Although I'm terribly tempted to buy the box set and binge on these ridiculous movies. And then write all the Dom/Brian fic I can handle. ;;;


May. 26th, 2015 01:27 pm
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Interstellar )

Mad Max: Fury Road )

This movie made me really glad I'm great at driving. |D
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Into the Woods )

Arslan Senki episode 7 (and also general thoughts about this show )

I'm trying to be so good in not talking about things that haven't happened in this version, hahaha. |D

daryun from the closing credits

heart eyes motherfucker


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