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The crumbling foundation of the Univers Peace Accords - the peace treaty set up by the High Space Colonies - gives rise to new militia, new separatist groups, and new attempts to be free. Groups who've long felt disenfranchised are seizing this opportunity to gain new, intoxicated power.

Meanwhile Earth, abandoned by the wealthy when space travel became the norm, is after its own autonomy in the universe. With human populations down (but not gone), the ecosystem and biosphere have slowly regrouped. Unfortunately this boon in natural resources gains the attention of those who would recreate the damages done so long ago. While Earth doesn't have the resources and wealth the colonies have, it has its own weapons...and its own alliances.

A small brigade of mostly child soldiers are willing to defend their planet. But what can such a small group do against the whole of the universe? And what weapons do they have at their disposal?

Ashwen Lance, a child from Earth who has lost everything, and Jin Tsuji, a child from the colonies who never had anything to begin with, are two of five who are hand picked to train with specialized mobile suits. Initially distrustful of each other, they soon realize that in a universe full of enemies, allies are too precious to disregard.


Nov. 1st, 2015 09:54 am
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Oh, and just for the record, I managed to get the tumblr crossposting feature to work. I ended up using this tutorial to help me out. It has pictures! Those are useful. XD I'm not sure how much I'll use this, since tumblr is a pretty terrible blogging platform (but a great picture sharing platform, so you know), but I figure why not, the more the merrier or something like that.

Today is a gray, dreary day, which is perfect for the first day of NaNoWriMo. \o/ I haven't started on words because I'm at work, but I'm excited. :3


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