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I haven't finished his route yet but have Damien!

damien holding a glass of wine
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This was really a lot of fun to work on, ngl. <3
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Title: A Moment of Weakness
Fandom - Pairing: Final Fantasy VIII - Irvine/Zell
Length: 1079 words
Summary: “Oh wow, Zell, look!” Selphie said, bouncing in her seat and tugging on Zell’s arm. “A festival! They’re having a festival! I can see it from here!”
Content Notes: Romance, banter
Author Notes: Written for the 'outdoor music festival' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

A Moment of Weakness )
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Title: Twilight
Fandom - Pairing: Law and Order: SVU - Barba/Carisi
Length: 898 words
Summary: Barba’s voice was sharp when he asked, “Are you planning on transferring?”
Content Notes: Romance, banter, secret relationship.
Author Notes: Written for the 'moodlight shadows' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

Twilight )
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Title: Situational Shift
Fandom - Pairing: Final Fantasy XV - Prompto/Noctis
Length: 1126 words
Summary: Prompto finds Noctis on top of the caravan and the quiet conversation they have there changes everything.
Content Notes: Fluff, hinting at infidelity.
Author Notes: Written for my [community profile] fffc June bingo card, the prompt was "sleeping under the stars". Also, will I ever stop writing awkward boys in love? of course not Stay tuned to find out!

Situational Shift )
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So to celebrate freedom, last night I settled down and painted this little piece, haha.

prompto winking and sticking his tongue out
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And here's what my palette challenge progress looks like so far, oh my god I can't believe I've been working on this for so long and this is all I've got. /o\

current as of 05/03/2017
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Title: Getting Acclimated
Fandom - Ship: Sherlock (BBC) - onesided Sherlock/John
Rating: G
Length: 525
Content notes: None
Author notes: set sometime between S01E01 and S01E02. Written for the [community profile] fan_flashworks prompt "new." Also, whoa, first time writing in this fandom, totally intimidated, haha.
Summary: Sherlock slowly gets used to John's presence.

( Getting Acclimated )
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Title: This Moment
Fandom - Pairing: Free! - Makoto/Haru
Rating - Warnings: G, none
Summary: They treasured every moment they could get.
Notes: For [personal profile] luxken27's Summer Mini-Challenge Table Five - love

Haru woke slowly. )


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