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Today is a good day to go on a subscription spree.
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Redbox finally got Kingsman and Jupiter Ascending, but I ended up binging on Parks & Rec instead. Guys, this show. This shooooow. Why am I only just now watching it? It's so good omg.

...For once, I don't have a lot to talk about. :o
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Happy Independence Day, my fellow Amuricans! Happy Saturday, everyone else! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVE ROGERS.

I am working, because that is what I do. /o\ I had delusions of staying late tonight and getting more hours in, but naaah. I also had delusions of taking a long lunch break and getting some writing in, but also naaah. They balanced each other out, I guess.

I bought a new notebook and I am pretty excited about it.

This is such a boring post. |D
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So last night I was crying on plurk about how much I seriously miss the way fandom and fandom culture use to be. How people made crappy websites on geocities and guestbooks and yahoo groups. And how journaling was the way to go, how livejournal was the hub of fannish activity. I miss it so much.

And then [personal profile] imperion and I went out for dinner and we talked about how we used to be able to just write. How we had a claim in every theme community and we were able to post little ficlets at least once a week. Sometimes two! It may not have been the best work of our lives but we weren't out to change the world, we just wanted to write stuff.

And you know? There's no reason why that can't still be happening. Yeah, sure, fandom at large has moved to tumblr. But...there's still things happening on journal sites. They're not the behemoths that they once were but LJ and DW aren't dead. There are people here. There's content here. I can't control fandom at large but I can control what I'm doing and how I'm interacting in fandom and if I'm not having fun, if I'm uncomfortable or unsatisfied with how fandom at large is behaving or how it has shifted culturally, welp. I don't have to interact with it. I can have my nice, cozy journal and my friends here and be perfectly happy. I mean of course, I'll still use my fic/art blog on tumblr and I'll post things on AO3 but where I actually talk about stuff, where my actual internet home is, is here.

SO. [personal profile] imperion and I have made a challenge for ourselves and I'm inviting everyone who reads this to join us. [community profile] fan_flashworks is a fandom comm that awards achievement badges each time you, well, reach an achievement (for example, filling siz prompts consecutively). A new prompt (midnight) has just been issued. The challenge is to gain as many of these achievement badges as we can raaaaahhhhh. Okay, to start with, we just want to post three consecutive pieces and get our tags for the comm, hahaha.

It's a start. I have bingo cards to work on and my own little challenges to work on. I'm just tired of being ADRIFT ON THE INTERNET and I have the ability to change that. ;3;
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this is long and materialistic and talks about some financial issues so I'm cutting! )

ANYWAY. Yes. Gaaaaames. One day I will be able to play all the games again (and be a terribly slow gamer who rarely gets anything done, ssshhhh).
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SO! I'm creating an artblog on tumblr. It's going to be art only, no me talking (well, no test only posts), no reblogs, just art. My question is, as I'm reblogging my art from other places, is do I want this to be a sfw blog? I've never made it a secret that I draw porn. I like drawing porn. I've consistently drawn porn since I was...a bity baby 14 year old on the internet. Every blog I've ever had (uh, except my facebook I guess) has had my porn art on it.

And I mean, my nsfw blog wouldn't be hidden; each would link to the other so it's not like people who follow me wouldn't know I was drawing porn. It wouldn't be some kind of secret. And I tag everything - kinks, triggers, even just nsfw stuff if there's nudity (even though immediately afterwards ten million porn blogs start following me, hahaha).

I just. I can't decide what I want to do. On one hand, some people don't like porn. On the other hand, I really like having everything in one spot (I'm going back to my original tumblr blog and if Free! people want to follow me, that's fine).



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