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I'm going on a field trip! :D The art department is hosting a trip to several nearby places; ATHICA, the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art; The Lyndon House Arts Center; The Georgia Museum of Art. Somehow, I've never been to any of these places! I don't know how that happened, haha. I'm pretty excited about this and I hope that I gain some measure of inspiration from it.

We spent most of today under a severe storm warning. It seems to be over now, although we're still under wind advisories and flash flood watches. :\ We'll see how it goes. My night class wasn't canceled but as my mom and I live in a trailer and I am the only driver/have the only vehicle, I wasn't about to leave her alone here. BUT a friend's night class was canceled so I'm just like that's not fair. :\ Oh well.

I'm reading long, romantic/happy ending, standby fics lately. A Dog's Life (Frank Castle/Foggy Nelson). Something Dumb to Do (Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson). Consolation (Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade). Once More, With Feeling (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson). National Pastime (John McClane/Matt Farrell). I recommend all of these fics if you want a guaranteed happy ending. ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, I made my farewell post over on LJ and I added where I can be found online. Figured I should also share that here, even though I'm pretty sure I recently did this, haha:

[ profile] nan_the_ghost
[ profile] nan
Instagram: heartfeltghoststudios
Goodreads: Nanners

And there you go!

.....oh, welp. I hear thunder grumbling again. Bad weather makes me so sleep.
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