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I'm going on a field trip! :D The art department is hosting a trip to several nearby places; ATHICA, the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art; The Lyndon House Arts Center; The Georgia Museum of Art. Somehow, I've never been to any of these places! I don't know how that happened, haha. I'm pretty excited about this and I hope that I gain some measure of inspiration from it.

We spent most of today under a severe storm warning. It seems to be over now, although we're still under wind advisories and flash flood watches. :\ We'll see how it goes. My night class wasn't canceled but as my mom and I live in a trailer and I am the only driver/have the only vehicle, I wasn't about to leave her alone here. BUT a friend's night class was canceled so I'm just like that's not fair. :\ Oh well.

I'm reading long, romantic/happy ending, standby fics lately. A Dog's Life (Frank Castle/Foggy Nelson). Something Dumb to Do (Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson). Consolation (Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade). Once More, With Feeling (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson). National Pastime (John McClane/Matt Farrell). I recommend all of these fics if you want a guaranteed happy ending. ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, I made my farewell post over on LJ and I added where I can be found online. Figured I should also share that here, even though I'm pretty sure I recently did this, haha:

[ profile] nan_the_ghost
[ profile] nan
Instagram: heartfeltghoststudios
Goodreads: Nanners

And there you go!

.....oh, welp. I hear thunder grumbling again. Bad weather makes me so sleep.
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We watched Logan yesterday for my nephew's birthday. Now, I'm not a huge X-Men fan, I don't really care that much about these movies. Spoilers )

Anyway, we're supposed to have some pretty severe weather today. We'll see! I really enjoy thunderstorms but I'd rather not have the hail or super duper high winds.

So last Friday we had our installed critique for our projects in graphic design. Two professors critiqued me; the ceramics professor (also the head of the art department) and the art history professor (also the museum director). It was a mixed bag! The major points ended up being:

Ceramics Professor: He basically made the suggestion that I'm not knowledgeable enough about the zodiac to do this project justice. He also questioned why I made Taurus a girl since Taurus is symbolized by a bull and bulls are male. HOWEVER, today my graphic design professor told me not to worry about that, to not worry about these kinds of gender absolutions. Also, she seemed to appreciate that I didn't take his criticism to heart; honestly I don't respect his opinion very much so I wasn't too bothered by why he said, haha.

Art History Professor: She was so, so enthused. She wanted me to add a border around the posters so they can be more easily framed. She wants me to finish the set and write some kind of narrative (she specifically mentioned a graphic novel/manga). She also told me to look into making figurines (!!!) of the characters. She loved my color palettes and was just really supportive and awesome.

SO YEAH. A mixed bag but the ceramics professor is a toolbag - one of my classmates made oil candles and he ruined one by turned it upside down and shaking it, which made her cry - so I'm absolutely going to listen to the art history professor, since she is so supportive and crazy smart and just awesome.

I've done some research into making figurines and wow, is that expensive. I also thought about creating dolls using Dollfie Plus dolls (the ones about the size of Barbies) but apparently those are no longer produced???? But then I thought about making plush dolls, which would be, in theory, a lot easier to do. I'm going to try making one and see how it goes; it might go pretty well.

Both art history professor and graphic design professor would like me to expand this so that it can be my capstone; so the posters, the cards, the figurines/plushies, apparel, stickers/buttons, stuff like that. I'm pretty excited!

the display for my zodiac project

Here's my display in the retail space! There's a spotlight on it so photos don't look so great, haha. The posters will be for sale but I need to redo the cards, since they're not really cut very well; plus it's only half and there's no reason to sell a half a deck of cards.
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We did our Christmas yesterday and it wasn't as painful as I was expecting! The children were loud and playful, of course, but no one was permanently injured and only one toy was broken so I'm considering it a win. XD My gift haul was a set of 72 Derwent watercolor pencils (!!!), some super cute slippers with Schnauzer heads on them, some clothes, some money, and some drawing pads and those "adult coloring pencils" marketed for the adult coloring books (and I'm not sure why the family member who got me me these; she complains about my high dollar taste in art supplies and she still did this, haha, oh well). They'll be good for sketching. :D

Getting on a plane tomorrow afternoon! There'll be lots of running around, getting the dogs to where they need to be, finishing up packing, so I'll probably be pretty scarce around here until maybe Friday or Saturday.

I hope everyone is having good holidays! The year is almost over, aaaahhh.
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THANKSGIVING BREEEAAAAK. I don't actually have much of a break, since I still work today and Friday, but at least I don't have to go to class (I would have...preferred it the other way around but you know, I can't have everything). I don't actually like Thanksgiving very much and my sister is coming over, which is kind of a bummer (my fault, I invited her), but that's okay. At least I get some time off. |D

The waiting room thing Monday went well; I ended up playing a lot of Pokemon rather than wrote, haha, but I have 2/4 fics finished of the ones I was prompted, and I think I'll work on the rest for my advent calendar.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, the advent calendar is looking to be very Yuri on Ice related, because I'm adoring these characters and I love Victuuri and Russian!Yuri and Leo/Guang-Hong and Phichit and I just. I want to get to do things for all of them. know. Probably very Yuri on Ice focused. Sorry other fandoms. |D

GOSH anyway, I gotta get ready for work (boo) but I'm feeling really positive and happy today. Yay. :D


Oct. 8th, 2016 09:03 pm
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Guess who's OFFICIALLY ON FALL BREAK AAAAHHH. No work + no school + three days = very happy Nan. ;3;
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I honestly have no idea what I've been doing with my time. I haven't watched anything new recently, I haven't been drawing very much, I haven't written anything. I've studied a bit of ChoiceScript and I've been working but other than that??? idk, man.

SPEAKING OF WORKING I'm writing my resignation letter to the vet hospital because I've been offered more time at the receptionist job and I'm going to take her up on her offer. It's my sister, btw, so of course. XD It's less hourly pay but more and better hours and I'll be home in the evening for my parents so it's definitely a good idea. I just. Resignation letters are really hard. Aaaaahhh.

Still madly in love with Avengers Academy but I'm getting worried that I won't be able to get Bucky before this event ends. I WILL THROW MONEY AT THIS DUMB GAME IF IT COMES DOWN TO THAT.

The new Voltron cartoon starts June 10th and I didn't even know about it until this morning but I'm excited. :D
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Steam's having a sale so I bought This War is Mine and Deadlight. Let's see how that goes, lmao. I'm now avoiding all sales as best I can because I've spent too much money (....not on those games hahaha) and I need to stop. ;3;

I bought about six copic markers and have been informed that this is the end for me. I have a boatload of prismacolor markers but I can already tell the copics are superior. Thankfully, they can be used together so that's good (at least that's what I've been told, I haven't had time to test it out)! I look forward to drawing a lot of certain Jedis, hahaha I am obsessed. ;3;

SPEAKING OF WHICH, there's a five part miniseries comic called Obi-wan & Anakin and of course, I have the first two parts. The art is fantastic and it's a nice snippet of life for Obi-wan and Anakin. I personally would have preferred it being based more on their day to day lives as Master and Padawan but instead it's some kind of mission going on. Still, it provides some really great characterization for both men. And did I mention the art is fantastic? The artists really love Obi-wan. He constantly looks so damn majestic and almost leonine. Just wonderful.

I bought paid time for dreamwidth! Woo! Time to get some new icons.
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So there's been yet another tumblr post about how much everyone misses LJ/DW. I reblogged it in hopes that more people see it. ;3;

I was bad and ordered Until Dawn. I'm terrible with horror games but this one is more of an interactive story (like Telltale's games!) so I'm probably going to be able to handle this. It plays off of slasher movie tropes, which I adore and forces the player to make choices that can have a ripple effect throughout the game. Basically, this is The Butterfly Effect: The Game. I can dig it. |3 I'm going to play it in the dark with headphones on and be so scared, it's going to be GREAT.

I haven't really been consuming much media lately. I might have talked [personal profile] imperion to watch Arslan Senki; I'll probably pick that back up before long. I also need to catch up on Agents of SHIELD before the 3rd season starts airing.

I still haven't been able to focus on things very well lately. It's frustrating when I look at things I need to get done. Oh well. ;;;;

It might be time to change my DW layout. :\a
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While today is a work day, tonight is a "get shit done at home" night.

- Finish inking the first page, scan each panel and put them together
- Scan and color sister's business card logo
- Bathe Selphie and Murray
- Brush Murray, he's shedding and it's getting matted up
- Watch episodes 3 and 4 of Gundam Wing
- Catch up on Arslan Senki!
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Since the season finale of Agents of SHIELD aired last night, I'm hoping the second season gets added to Netflix soon. I could just download it but meeeeh, downloading is such a hassle and my internet has extremely wonky lately. 8|

I wrote an original thing for the GoodReads Love is an Open Road Event and while I'm not sure I'm entirely proud of what I came up with (I quite love the characters and the idea though, so I might be revisiting at a later date) and I'm kind of proud that I managed to bang out a coherent story in a couple of days (...I really shouldn't have signed up for this thing) and it also ended up being the longest thing I've ever written and actually completed (~5k which isn't too terribly impressive but I was pleased anyway).

In somewhat related news, I'm kind of interested in participating in [ profile] bb_shousetsu for their sports thing. I mean it's called GUYS AND BALLS. How could I pass that up?! But the question is whether to write, draw, or offer up illustration services? I don't know. :\a

I'm quite sleepy and I have to work tonight. ;;; Why do days off go so fast?

Edit: I signed up to write and to maybe illustrate my own story over on bb_shousetsu, wish me luck. ;;;;
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I'm watching After Earth and these are some of the most lifeless performances I've ever seen. Will Smith is pulling the asshole dad routine and I DON'T CARE FOR IT AT ALL.

I started a new game in FFXII, which might have been a mistake considering what a time sink that game is, haha. I really love the world of Ivalice and Vaan and Penelo don't bother nearly as much as they apparently bother other people. In fact I feel something of a kinship with Vaan; he doesn't know what the hell is going on and neither do I.

I meant to write today but instead I watched trashed tv and slept. WAY TO GO ME. I have a nice new notebook with nice new paper that's just itching to have words on it.
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I woke up panicky this morning which was just wonderful. I don't know what my problem is; there's nothing to stress this much over. Little things make me upset, I'm getting angry all the time. It's not healthy. :\

I spent a good portion of yesterday drawing and that was pretty great. I'm trying to apply the techniques I've learned in painting to my digital work, however it still looks very same-y to what I've been doing. It's probably because my composition skills suck. I really need to find better stock images. XD But it's still a nice Makoharu piece so that's nice.

I want to wriiiiiite. I don't want to be at work today. I might take a long lunch and go somewhere; I'd really like to finish some of the little ficlets for this prompt table before getting into the longer pieces I'll be writing for various exchanges. I need to get back into the habit of writing every day. But sometimes I only have time for writing or drawing and drawing is going to win every time.

I'm still not caught up on Free! but I've heard things so spoilers up the the twelfth episode )

And also, Free! fandom drama )

Anyway, I don't appreciate this show emotionally compromising me like that. I don't appreciate it at all. XD


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