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Finished season 3 of Sherlock and I gotta say, this is the gayest show about heterosexual men I've ever watched.

spoilers )

I dunno when I'll get around to watching season 4. Probably tomorrow? Maybe?
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Spoilers )

I mean I also watched The Hounds of Baskerville and spoilers )

But really, all my feels for the Reichenbach Fall.

....GUYS I'M SORRY one day I'll watch something else haha but right now, pretty deep in these Sherlock feels.
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Classes have started in full swing and I've been buried in graphic design stuff. My company is Vainglory Zodiac (although it is often spelled Vain Glory Zodiac because the logo I created looked better with that space, aaahhh) and I've been designing the zodiacs in Mad Max and MCR's Killjoys aesthetics. It's work, although it's fun work. :3

I was watching Sherlock yesterday and I got to The Hounds of Baskerville and my mom came in a watched a few minutes before saying "Well maybe I should watch this show too!" So when we came back from town, we binged the first season. XD I think we're going to try to watch the second season today.

Spoilers through A Scandal in Belgravia )

Also, dang, what is happening in Sherlock fandom. I don't know exactly what happened in season four but a lot of people are angry, hahahaha.

ANYWAY, since today is a day off, I'm going to maybe actually create a thing again, idk maybe.
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So I finally did it, I finally watched the first (hour and a half) episode of this show and just barely started the second episode. Here's my thoughts on both!

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