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Jeep is fixed! I'm cautiously optimistic, just because that's who I am. I'll drive to work this morning and see how it goes but gosh, fingers crossed, guys. The jeep is not okay, I tried to drive to work and it started leaking all of the power steering fluid I put in it. So it's going to the car doctor on Monday. :\

Things I'm working on in the immediate

[community profile] fan_flashworks is doing an Amnesty challenge and one of the previous prompts is 'photo.' I'm working on a fanart piece for that for a fandom where photos and selfies definitely come into play. :>

The current prompt for [community profile] 100words is 'bliss' and I'm sure I can write something for that.'s a small list but I'm going into my final week of classes so I don't want to try to add too much here lmao.


DW has gotten quite a bit more activity lately but that doesn't always translate to community activity so I broke the ice and made the first post at over at [community profile] yurionicefans with my work. Related, [community profile] ffxv! I never bothered looking for a community when this game came out but this one was created about a week ago. I don't really have anything to share over there but hopefully I will soon. :) Also, [community profile] steveandbucky is also a thing (that I never searched for before) and I have, like, plenty to share there (and also here! Most of my art/fic was posted directly to tumblr and AO3, never here).

I was talking with [personal profile] imperion last night; she's made a simblr and was talking about that fandom and while I certainly don't want to create a tumblr for my sims, I'm a little interested in sharing photos/stories here. :3 Or possibly creating a new journal for it, although frankly I'm terrible at keeping up with multiple journals, haha.
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So. I've been in fandom for a very long time. It was late 2000, I was a shy 13 year old, and we got our first computer. I immediately started searching (not "googling", nope; I used Alta Vista back then) for Slayers and Sailor Moon related stuff. I almost immediately fell into Darkness Rising (I can't believe that site is still around) and the rest is history. Because I didn't go to high school, fandom was absolutely my main way of interacting with the world. From 2000 to 2005, I was basically a shut-in. Then I started college and met [personal profile] imperion. And I mean! I was still addicted to fandom! It's just that I had a partner in crime to enjoy it with irl, haha.

But things change. Fandom is a very different animal. It's so open now. People write their porn under their real name and photo. Rather than the deep discussions available on yahoo groups and journaling websites, the flash bang of tumblr rules. People don't really talk about things anymore. They just like and scroll on. And I've found that although people talk a lot about coming back to journal fandom and recreating what once was, it often ends up being nostalgia talking and very little actually gets done.

And maybe that's just the way it's suppose to be. Nothing can really recreate those golden years. And not just in terms of how fandom works; I don't think I could go back to being as consumed by fandom as I was. And that was absolutely part of the appeal, being able to just lose myself in this online world. I can't. There's too much happening offline. I have too many responsibilities. I have original works I want to develop. I want to take in new media.

I don't know. I still read fic and I'm still interested in writing fic. But. I don't know. I don't really know where I'm going with this. I'm just feeling really sad about the way fandom was but also aware and (finally) accepting that we can never go back to that, and also unsure about whether I would if I could and why is does this particular hobby mean so much (because it was very much a Way of Life for a while there, haha, oh me).

Anyway. This whole thing probably doesn't make much sense but I definitely would love to hear y'all thoughts.
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The current prompt for [community profile] fan_flashworks is "lever" which I'm kinda of excited about because it gave me a little bit of a plot thing for a Sherlock fic. :3

ALSO so look, I'm typically not big on "this character only tops/bottoms" but I'm really into top!lock, that is my favorite thing, and for once tumblr came through for me with various blogs devoted to top!lock. |D

Also, I've yet to draw any fanart this year and that's depressing. I've done plenty of original art (yay school???) but to be honest that's not as fun as fanart, haha. So when I get off work tonight I'll probably draw something Yuri on Ice related (look, it's not ALL about Sherlock right now, okay?).

I have to have a three page expository piece of fiction featuring a single character but that character is going to be a witch and her dog comes bounding in, tail wagging while she's getting ready for work, but when she goes to say good morning to the dog, the dog is a girl because she's dating a werewolf. Haha! I might post that here after it's done. |D
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THANKSGIVING BREEEAAAAK. I don't actually have much of a break, since I still work today and Friday, but at least I don't have to go to class (I would have...preferred it the other way around but you know, I can't have everything). I don't actually like Thanksgiving very much and my sister is coming over, which is kind of a bummer (my fault, I invited her), but that's okay. At least I get some time off. |D

The waiting room thing Monday went well; I ended up playing a lot of Pokemon rather than wrote, haha, but I have 2/4 fics finished of the ones I was prompted, and I think I'll work on the rest for my advent calendar.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, the advent calendar is looking to be very Yuri on Ice related, because I'm adoring these characters and I love Victuuri and Russian!Yuri and Leo/Guang-Hong and Phichit and I just. I want to get to do things for all of them. know. Probably very Yuri on Ice focused. Sorry other fandoms. |D

GOSH anyway, I gotta get ready for work (boo) but I'm feeling really positive and happy today. Yay. :D
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WELP. I signed up for [community profile] iddyiddybangbang. 5k doesn't sound so bad and when else can I write non-traditional a/b/o Steve/Bucky with bewildered recognitions, possessive and comforting sex, Hydra being dicks, and Steve and Bucky going on a heat-induced killing spree! Wooo! XD Looking at the optional prompts, my idea is pretty tame in comparison! \o/ If anyone else is planning to sign up, we should probably having writing sprints or something. Google hangouts and Gchat allow for group convos, right?

I've been drawing so much lately, it's been great. I received some really harsh criticism from an anon over at [community profile] fandomsecrets and while I didn't appreciate the way they said it, there was a lot of truth in what they were saying. I'm going to have to work on branching out on subject matter, or at least include more backgrounds and work in more color theory.

Working on my last commission, but I think I'm going to keep commissions open indefinitely. I highly doubt I'll get inundated with requests so I'll be able to keep up. \o/

I've hit that headspace where I just don't give a shit about anything to do with work right now. It's too stressful. It's mostly because half the staff quit and now we're dealing with newbies and it's not their faults (everyone has to start somewhere!) but it's still pushed me into not caring. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, I should be getting the key for my second job this weekend. Wooooooo. ;;;
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Yessss, Sunday is over, now my weekend starts! \o/ It promises to be a quiet couple of days off, since I don't get paid until Friday and I'm broke as a joke. But that's okay because I want to get some serious work in on the comic.

[community profile] seasonofkink starts tomorrow...I mean, later today! I'm hesitant to signup because porn can be so difficult to write but. Bingo cards, man. I love them. Plus look at this sweet, sweet prompt list. ;3; Plus, art is allowed so maybe I'll just draw porn instead, HOW ABOUT THAT??? ...I already know how that'll go, I'll draw it and then feel the need to attach a ficlet because that always happens. ;;;;
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Everything I try to write for Bucky/Steve is sad. Granted, that's to be expected but you know. Sadness.

I'm working on a Winter Soldier/pre-serum!Steve art piece that is also sad. This is tumblr's fault.

I have Monday off and I am very thankful for it because I have three art projects due next week. Hahaha. ;;;;

Everything is pretty great. It sounds like it but that's not sarcasm. |D
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[community profile] space_swap seems like it might be relevant to some of y'alls interests! It's a multifandom exchange, but the fandoms all have to take place in SPAAAAACE. I would participate but the only space fandom I have is Gundam Wing. ALTHOUGH apparently Sailor Moon qualifies as well, so maybe I'll have to peruse everything I'm familiar with and see what else might apply. :\a WHOA and actually I reckon TMNT qualifies, with the Krang and everything. Huh.

So this Monday starts the last week of class; after that, it's all finals. I'm only nervous about one class but I'm really just eager for this semester to be over with. Which I think I've mentioned before. Multiple times. Sorry. ;3;
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I changed my theme - [personal profile] nanslice. CUTE.

There's been some interest in an anime/manga(/maybe video games?) friending meme so watch [community profile] anime_manga; I'm going to try to get one set up for tomorrow or Saturday. Hopefully tomorrow. Start of the weekend and everything. *g*

Definitely adding Casshern Sins to my long, long list of anime to watch.

I've been sick this entire week. ;;; Maybe I'll call out of work tomorrow night.
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Multifandom friending meme! It's almost the end of the year, perfect timing for a good ol' friending meme. I keep thinking about see if [community profile] anime_manga would be interested in having a friending meme. HMMMM.

I'm accepting topics to talk about for the December meme! If I've not commented on yours, let me know; I probably missed it and I would hate to do so!

Something I did for the friending meme but haven't done here is talk about the manga that I'm currently reading. I have MangaRock on my tablet, which is basically a manga ereader and it's really the best thing ever. I discovered Rutta & Kodama, which is now one of my favorite yaoi manga. It's so sweet! But anyway, there are multiple ongoing manga that I'm following. It's a pretty long list. I will eventually (EVENTUALLY!) make a post about all of them.

I really need to catch up on Teen Wolf before the next season starts.
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omg the art presentation that's been looming over my head is over! It's done. I am so relieved. This thing has been on my mind ever since the beginning of the semester. I'm so glad it's over. ;3;

I'm really looking forward to when I have time to consume new media again. Right now I'm basically watching comfort movies/shows because hahaha I need comfort and it's really left me stagnant, I guess? Which is not good for the ol' creative juices. I'm cautiously/hilariously looking forward to that Magical boy anime that's coming in 2015 though, even though Free! has spoiled me and I really wish those magical boys had muscles. Oh well. The pink kid looks cute as hell though. Headbands. ;3;

This season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been one filler episode after another. I mean, they're entertaining but man, I want to get back to the plot. ANY plot. Just something.
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I signed up for [personal profile] makobdayexchange and ended up wanting to write all my prompts myself, haha. I'm so looking forward to this challenge.

I received my picture prompts for [personal profile] spook_me. They're so perfect. One of them, I think, is fanart for the Charger or Tank in L4D2, which immediately makes me want to write for that one. XD

I'm really looking forward to getting to sleep in tomorrow. ;;;
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I'm debating whether or not I want to catch up on Free! in time to cry over the season finale, or if I want to wait until the season finale airs so I can watch it all at once and cry for nine thousand years. I don't know. I don't know.

Sign ups for [community profile] trickortreatex are now open! I'm really looking forward to this; it seems like it'll be a low-pressure exchange, since fics only need to be 300 words and art needs to be at the "nice sketch" stage. I think writing my letter will be my plan. I haven't participated in an exchange in so long that I'm pretty !!!!!! about it. XD


Sep. 14th, 2014 09:11 am
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I'm basically taking off work today to try to get through some of the ridiculous amount of work that's due tomorrow. If I manage to finish early (or while I'm taking a break) I'm going to try to write/draw something for this journal. Or maybe fanart that was posted on tumblr but never made it here. ;;;;
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Did I really just change my theme because the new one was called 'turtle'? Yes. Yes I did.


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