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I bought a new car! A 2018 Ford Fiesta. The jeep was just too expensive for commuting an hour to work (I spent $400 in gas in one month). So anyway, it was a pretty huge adjustment going from a 1996 vehicle to a 2018 one but ofc I love it. ♥ I named her Cindy.

Work has been going well, although there have been little missteps on my part that have caused me great anxiety haha. I know that I have not made any major mistakes, just small, annoying ones, but it's nerve wracking! Being an adult is very difficult and I do not like it at all. XD

I adopted a kitten! A little 8 week old calico! Her name is Waffle and she is a little tyrant. ♥ ♥ Things were a little dicey the first couple of days but now the older cats seem to adore playing with her (although I have to sometimes play referee because they play a little too rough for a little rolly polly.

I'm all caught up in the Magnus Archives! I am having some feelings about this podcast and I'm also having some shipper feelings as well, of course. XD Spoilers ) The problem with being caught up is now I don't have anything to listen to that has the exact kind of atmosphere that I want. So. I just started over with this instead hahahaha. One thing I've noticed since starting over is how much of an asshole Jon was in the beginning! Gosh! And so mean towards Martin!

The shakeup in worlds in FFXIV has me now living on Balmung! I'm an rper so this works out perfectly, except now I have to come up with much more interesting backstory for Yesun and O'mega. I do have a quick little thing written up for Mega, something appropriately tragic and terrible haha.

Let's see, let's see. I got an industrial piercing in my left ear! I should have gotten in my right since my left is my dominant side, I like to sleep on my left side, everything. But it's okay. |D I love it a lot, it looks so cool. It hurt a lot tbh and to go from just having basic lobe piercings to an industrial was a huge jump but I did it! \o/

I might be going kayaking this weekend. It would be a great time since we've had so much rain lately but idk. We'll see! I don't really know how much I want to hang out with the people I'd be going with haha.

....gosh. I didn't realize it as it was happening but there's been a lot going! I love it tho. I love being busy. It...feels like for a long time I was just kind of suspended, you know? For a lil while I was just here while waiting to move to Seattle and then I was dealing with complete heartbreak after the breakup and now, it's like. I'm here. I'm here. There's no just about it. My life is here and I'm gonna live it.

Edit: ALSO The Goblin Market was soooo much fun. It was clearly the first time this event was hosted but it was still really great. I enjoyed it a lot, there were a lot of genderqueer goblin hanging around, and I spent way too much money, ofc. XD
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Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well! I have been very absent lately and for that I'm so sorry. :< Things have been so crazy around here. A very good crazy, but crazy nonetheless!

I signed up [community profile] smutswap and I am so delighted. I got matched with someone whose work I absolutely adore and whose requests are just. So good! <3

I've been playing some FFXIV lately; not a whole, whole lot but some. I do really love how immersive this dumb game is. It's nice to just log in and spend some time in Eorzea.

I'm going to The Goblin Market in April and I'm so excited! It looks like it's going to be kind of spooky and creepy with artists and vendors and possibly drinking? Speaking of drinking, my great niece and nephew are having a birthday party at the end of this month and I wasn't going to go (it's at the end of a very long work day). But! Then I found out it's going to be at a western-y type restaurant that has very nice drinks. So! I'm gonna go. |D

Anyways! That's about it for what's going on in my life lately. I hope you guys are doing well! I've been keeping up with my reading page but not as well as I should have been. ;;
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I am so sorry for how sporadic I've been lately! I'm very unused to working full time and some of my days are very long (for example, last Friday I left the house at 6am and got home at 8pm). I'm slowly getting used to it but I very much appreciated having today off, haha.

ALSO, gosh, I really love this job so much! The vets are sooooo great and the vet tech is so knowledgeable and on Tuesday a litter of eight Golden Doodle puppies came in and it was soooo good. ;3; Anyways, the computer system is taking a little bit for me to learn - I used a very different one when I previously worked in a vet hospital - but it's coming along okay. We're also busier than I was expecting us to be for our first week! Which is nice because I really want this place to succeed and be here for a long time.

I desperately want to move closer; the just over an hour commute is not ideal. But for the time being, it's okay!

I also signed up for and got my assignment for [community profile] smutswap aaaannd aaaahhh, I am very excited. :3


Feb. 24th, 2019 09:42 pm
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So I've made a Prompto Argentum journal: [personal profile] fortheready. I'm not super into BIG GAMES but I've been poking around [community profile] bakerstreet and [community profile] the_love_hotel for good threads. :3 There's an arranged marriage thread (that I've not commented on, I'm not sure I want to play Prompto in that?) AND a bodyguard thread AND a public claiming thread that could be a lot of fun! I'm good with canon mates and cross canon, porn or nah.

OH and this is what started it all: This isekai smut rp hahaaha.

So like, if you RP and would like someone to play off of, hit me up! I would really like to rp with someone haha. :3

Thank you!

Feb. 19th, 2019 10:54 pm
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Huge, huge thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post. I'm still incredibly hyped and can't believe I got so lucky. I'm going to be at this brand new hospital from the very beginning. omg.

Greedy financial stuff )

So I'll be guaranteed off Wednesdays and Sundays and go back and forth each week having Friday or Saturday off (and Saturdays are only half days anyway).

We bought our scrubs on Sunday (once we get our names embroidered, I will show you guys!). I did the direct deposit and tax related stuff tonight.

jdsaklfdjsfkahfdsfjdhasfdsafsa I'm so excited. Gosh. The hype is real.
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So a plurk friend mentioned a Korean period piece with zombies called Kingdom and I knew I was going to have to watch it. And...and I did. I watched the whole thing. Spoilers for the entire first season )

I have been so tired. ;o; But I left at work at noon thirty yesterday and had today off because we only had two animals coming in (I work at a grooming salon) so I've been catching up on rest and trying to take a break from job hunting and doing fun things. ;3;

Also did my taxes! Am getting back more than I was expecting, which is really nice. Also figured out how to do them for free on turbotax hahahaha. XD
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Is anyone else watching The Promised Neverland Spoilers )

Still watching Oofuri! Haruna has been introduced and I totally understand why all my friends love him hahaha. Still really really enjoying this lil gay baseball anime. ;3;

I've been attempting to watch the Resident Evil 2 Remake. I say attempting because I'm a huge chickenshit and these zombies are terrifying. ;o; I never played the original but I owned the guide book and I was in love with it, carried it around with me everywhere. I remember looking at it on the school bus with my best friend and I didn't go to high school so guys: this is reaching pretty far back. XD So I have a lot of nostalgia for this game I never played. ALSO: Leon and Claire look like babies, omg I love it.

I have been job hunting like a mofo! I've started applying to jobs that aren't necessarily in the area I want to live. I just. I need a better paying job, someone please hire meeeeee. ;3; But on the whole, things are going well. I'm at least getting enough hours at my current job that things aren't too tight.
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So we had our first actual play session on Tuesday night and in the very first room my character Ariadoris and another character needed a Constitution save. Due entirely to my bad decision making haha. In the second room, Ariadoris and a different character pulled out their instruments (a dulcimer and a mandolin, respectively) and try to find out if the giant rats would dance. Spoilers: they did not.

(I remind you, Ariadoris isn't a bard, he's a paladin; he just has a instrument due to being a far traveler)

It was a very good play session and we had a lot of fun and I'm so glad I jumped at the chance to join this group when it was first proposed. ♥

Is anyone else watching The Passage? Minor spoilers for the first two episodes )

I've also been listening to The Magnus Archives on my drive to and from work. I'm on episode 54, I think, and I remain so invested in what's going on! What is going on?! I have some sad/bad associations with it so I gave it up for a while but shrug, I want to listen. If anyone else is following, please come chat with me about it! No spoilers tho, I want to go in completely blind. :3

Edit: Oh also, I know that the holidays are over but uuuhhh, I'm still sending out holiday cards. I'm so sorry. XD I'm so late with everything omg.
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Here, obviously!

I'm on twitter at [ profile] asleepyghosty

My user name on discord is basic biscuit#7965

...and that's pretty much it! :3
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Thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post. If you are new here, hello! I am emotional and dramatic! And am doing this question meme, stolen from several people!

How old are you? 32!

Tattoos? None yet but I have an appointment on June 21st to get this done. It's Laika, the first Soviet space dog. The caption reads "In memory of Laika: a greater friend to mankind than mankind was to her." And it absolutely murders me. It's a reminder to never let anyone take too much from me, to never let anyone use me up until all that's left is ash. And it's also a reminder that dogs are too good for us. :|

Ever hit a deer? I hit three deer at once and totaled my car! It was delightful, let me tell you.

Ridden in an ambulance? Nope!

Sang karaoke? Nope!

Ice skated? Nope! But I adore roller skating and I've been told that if you're good at one, you're not good at the other? But that person might have told me that because she's great at roller skating but terrible at ice skating haha.

Ridden a motorcycle? Yep, both as a driver and a passenger.

Stayed in hospital? Nope!

Skipped school? Haha, I skipped my entire four years of high school. XD In that I went for a week of ninth grade, dropped out to be homeschooled, and then didn't complete that and just went straight to getting my GED. I also skipped a ton of college tbh, I was a terrible student.

Last phone call? I called to do a phone interview with a recording! Very awkward, I would have vastly preferred talking to a person.

Last text from? telling me I opted in for updates about a job application I'd submitted haha.

Watched someone die? I watched my dad die from cancer. He stayed home during his illness and died in his bed with my mom and me next to him.

Pepsi or coke? Coke!

Favorite pie? Cherry

Favorite pizza? Pepperoni and bell peppers :3

Favorite season? Faaaalllll I love everything to do with fall, it's so beautiful and (in theory) is cooling down and the best holiday is in fall.

Broken bones? In third grade I broke my arm! And immediately started using the cast as a weapon.

Received a ticket? No, thank god. I would be so mad. I've been pulled over a couple of times but was always let off with warnings.

Favorite color? Orange!

Sunset or sunrise? Sunset! It's so beautiful the way the sky lights up with oranges and pinks before settling in with reds and purples. So beautiful. I love it.
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I'm struggling to maintain my good vibes. ;; People talk about how bad facebook and twitter are but honestly plurk is where I feel the most alienated. I want to maintain the friendships I have there but. Sigh. I know the mature thing is to be able to maintain friendships with your exes but I'm pretty sure that's when there was an amicable split. This was not that haha. I'm pretty sure a clean break is what is best for me but that's pretty difficult too. It's been three months and I'm better but idk. This person is not worth this level of pain tbh lmao.

I'm getting to the point of depression where I really just want to curl up and not see anyone. But I'll be so disappointed with myself if I back out of going to DnD tomorrow. I desperately want to go.

Feelings are too hard.


Jan. 18th, 2019 12:20 am
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I created a new character for FFXIV. She's on Coeurl because that world currently has a bonus and I want it haha.

She's a pugilist!

Her expression when men talk hahaha

She cute!

She very cute. ♥

I'm not sure about the hair but we'll see what happens when I meet Jandelaine. :3
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Job interview seemed to go well? I guess??? It was short, only about 15 or 20 minutes, but technically it was the second (there was an email interview) and he asked me lots of questions. I'm not getting my hopes up but I'm cautiously optimistic.

But one thing I can say for certain is that the drive was an hour long in mostly unfamiliar territory, so I'm feeling 100% more confident about driving to Battle and Brew to play DnD this Sunday, hahahaa, am so hyped for this. There's going to be 18 other women going and I don't know any of them and I am soooo excited to meet new people and potentially make new friends! \o/!
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On a whim, I started a new game of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Once again, I'm romancing Niles. Will I ever romance anyone else? Seeeeems....unlikely? I guess I could play as a girl and then romance....?????? I kind of ship Silas/Felicia, in a "we're both in love with Corrin but he's with Niles so we'll settle for each other" kind of way. I also dig the idea of Niles being a total shit to Silas before inviting him into bedroom play with Corrin. I...promise to actually write some things, eventually!

We watched Bird Box recently, which was incredibly good??? We also watched A Quiet Place which was less good, but still good. I have thoughts but it's late and I'm very sleepy haha.

Also watched episodes 2 and 3 of Oofuri with [personal profile] chagrined tonight, since we missed last Saturday. This anime continues to be super adorable and Idk spoilers??? )

I have a dumb work thing tomorrow that I have to get somewhat dressed up for, which would be fine except immediately afterwards it's back to regular work, which doesn't really allow for nice clothes. I'll bring a change but I hate doing makeup that's just going to go to waste. Oh well! I have a job interview on Wednesday and I don't want to be too excited about it but I am very excited about it but I don't want to get my hopes but aaaaahhhhh

Sleep times now. ;3;
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I'm friending literally everyone who comments there jsyk. Everyone.


Jan. 10th, 2019 11:41 pm
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So last night was the first meeting of the online DnD group I'm a part of! Most of us have never played before so it was mostly explaining a little bit on how to play while also creating characters.

I love my character so much. He's a male Mephistopheles Tiefling name Ariadoris. :3 He's a Far Traveler, chaotic neutral, and his backstory is:

"Ariadoris was spawned by a wizard in an attempt to grab hold of power. Forced to perform atrocities at a young age, Ariadoris grew to hate his father and the first chance he had, he murdered him. Despite his Tiefling heritage ever at the back of his mind, Ariadoris decided to wander the world and HELP people and so took up the role of Paladin. However, he cares little for the laws of the land and does what he thinks is best, which is one of the reasons why he has sought to travel so much; it's hard linger in one spot for very long when you anger those in charge. Another reason he travels so much is because he yearns to experience everything that he can. He wants to imbibe the world one meal, one plate, one toke at a time."

\o/ He also has goat-like horns (they have a slight curl backwards), long dark hair pulled into a messy braid, reddish purple skin, gold eyes with black flecks, sharp teeth, a forked tongue, and he plays the dulcimer. You guys. I'm gonna draw him so much.
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When I'm sad, I buy little plants. ;3;

I watched the first two episodes of Oofuri with [personal profile] chagrined on Saturday and it was? So good??? So we're going to watch the next two episodes next Saturday and so on and so forth. Watching things with subtitles is much easier with other people and I don't know why that is. So...if anyone wants to watch anything with me on Discord, let me know, haha. XD

Speaking of watching anime, I looked over the winter season and hmm. I've been strongly urged to watching Mob Psycho 100 season 2 but I gotta watch season 1 first! I absolutely want to watch The Promised Neverland. I kinda want to watch Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. Also want to check out Revisions and Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka. I also want to check out Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen altho it might be too cringy haha, we'll see. Dororo looks pretty cute and I'm already an episode behind, and I'm also behind on the new Boogiepop Phantom thing.

AND I'M ALSO CURRENTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF SO. MANY. THINGS. XD There are so many things I want to see. I need at least two more sets of eyes.

Today after work, I went to the doctor because of my earache. It's an ear infection and now I'm taking super intense antibiotics to combat it. ;; I'll be very glad when it's gone!
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#49 of my palette challenge, this one, while there's no actual nudity, it's edging into NSFW territory.

Also I really like how I drew this one and the previous one days apart and the styles are so different, haha.

I'll hold you up )

This almost ended up being a really boring piece but then I reverse the colors and doodly doo-ed and boom, it looks so much better. XD
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I've spent the first few days of the year nursing an ear infection and a pulled muscle in my upper back, hahaha. It's definitely put a halt on exercising, although today is the first day where they both feel pretty good! I'd wanted to see Spider-Man last night but eeeeh. Not this weekend since I am so broke but if it's still in theaters the weekend after, maybe!

So Michaels is having a sale on organization stuff as well as yarn. I'm. Offended. I'm also too broke to take advantage of this sale. ;;;

I've put in about 26 job applications tonight. I've been putting in so many since January first. I need a better paying job so bad. I just want to live comfortably in a little apartment filled with plants and books (and my kitties) and be able to go out to eat with friends and go hiking on the weekends. That's it. Please someone hire me so I can make this dream a reality. ;3;


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