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Hello to all my new readers! :D It's nice to see all of you. It's also nice to check my reading page multiple times a day and have new things to read. How awesome. :D

I've spent a ton of time over these past few days playing Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Let me refresh you on what my avatar looks like:

He's my blessed child. ;3; He's married to Niles:

The flirtatious, mildly sadistic character. I love him and I love them together. ♥

However, dang, I'm terrible at strategy games! I'm playing in easy with permadeath turned off because I'm so bad. Apparently Conquest is the hardest version of Fates? That's good. I have Birthright, I'm just waiting until I finish Conquest before I start it. :3

I'm on chapter twenty now and I've only managed to get three of the second gen characters. I don't know if that's good or not but maybe I'll be able to get more before the end! :3


You know how some libraries and people will have summer reading lists? Well, I want to have a summer anime watching list, haha. It's just easier for me to watch things with subtitles when I have a lot of free time (because I can't multitask when watching subtitles and I always end up feeling like it's wasting time, even though what hobby isn't ultimately a time-waster, really?).

Speaking of summer, I have class on Friday and finals on Monday and then I'm done with this semester. Come ooooon, summer. *_*

Oh and also, jeep is fixed! I drove to class yesterday with no problem. :D
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More thoughts on Fire Emblem: Awakening! I'm starting chapter 13 so spoilers up until that.

So this game has consumed my life and that's fine )

YEAH ANYWAY. Going to get everyone nicely leveled up and then push forward. This game, man. This game.
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Thank you to everyone who replied to my video game recs post! I ended up buying Mario Kart 7 and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

I'm speeding through Mario Kart and eeeeh?? Maybe because it just seems really easy but it's not really holding my attention? I love the whole mood of it and it's kind of a nostalgia bomb but eh, I might be turning it in soon for credit.

NOW. Fire Emblem. FIRE EMBLEM. Spoilers! )

I'm probably going to return Mario Kart and keep credit on my account. I'm definitely going to buy Fire Emblem: Fates when it comes out next month* and I'm so sloooow at playing games omg. It's embarrassing.

*Even though the gay options are pretty, uh, not great representation (and I'm not saying this because I'm mad about them because Spoilers for Fates )
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Updated my layout: [personal profile] nanslice. Woo!

So I'm looking to buy a new 3DS game. Right now all I have is Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon X. I quite like casual games, RPGs, and romance (straight is good but gay is betttterr). I also like sandbox games but I'm not sure those are things that are really big on the 3DS? :\a I know Fantasy Life is a thing.

Right now I'm eyeballing LoZ: A Link Between Worlds and Mario Kart 7. I downloaded a few demos to see how things go. I tried out Legend of Legacy and it's a lot of fun! I love exploration in gaming. ;3;

ANYWAY, if anyone has any 3DS game recs, let me hear them! I have the new 3ds, if that makes a difference; the only game I know of that requires that is Xenoblade Chronicles. :\a

I have to go to my Geo lab tonight and bluuuuh, I don't want to. ;;;;
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So there's been yet another tumblr post about how much everyone misses LJ/DW. I reblogged it in hopes that more people see it. ;3;

I was bad and ordered Until Dawn. I'm terrible with horror games but this one is more of an interactive story (like Telltale's games!) so I'm probably going to be able to handle this. It plays off of slasher movie tropes, which I adore and forces the player to make choices that can have a ripple effect throughout the game. Basically, this is The Butterfly Effect: The Game. I can dig it. |3 I'm going to play it in the dark with headphones on and be so scared, it's going to be GREAT.

I haven't really been consuming much media lately. I might have talked [personal profile] imperion to watch Arslan Senki; I'll probably pick that back up before long. I also need to catch up on Agents of SHIELD before the 3rd season starts airing.

I still haven't been able to focus on things very well lately. It's frustrating when I look at things I need to get done. Oh well. ;;;;

It might be time to change my DW layout. :\a
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So does anyone play Illyriad? It's a browser city-building game. I used to play it a while back, quit, and decided to pick it back up. It's fun! It's pretty in-depth and can be intimidating at first but it gets a lot easier. Plus, alliances! If any of y'all play, we should definitely form an alliance!

An anon over at [community profile] fandomsecrets brought up Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and I am pretty interested in this! It's cheap enough, anyways. Here's the anon's comment if you're interested. :3 is hella fun but it's SO LAGGY on both my desktop and my latop, firefox and chrome. It's a bummer. I can definitely see how it would be such a fun game to fall into but having my little blob organism lag so much and end up being absorbed by other blobs that should have been SO EASY to avoid is the opposite of fun. It's infuriating. :\

Now I'm watching Agents of SHIELD. Netflix finally got the second season (like...a week ago or so haha) so aaahhh yeah, time to watch!
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No, Thank You!!!, a new BL romance gaaaame! I say "new" but it came out in February. The protag is super interested in sex, all the LIs are adults, body hair settings, and fully uncensored. At $40, it's a bit steep, but interest in it might help in more BL games being brought over. So...soon as I get a chance, I'm buying it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Checking out the summer anime schedule, I'm kind of interested in Gakkou Gurashi! and of course, Junjou Romantica 3 but other then that, meh. Which is okay, since I have so many to catch up on, aaaahh. ;3;

Pose Reference Stock Resources You Need to Know. SenshiStock is one of my favorite stock resources and she's created a group called dAPoses: A Pose Reference Collective. Definitely a great resource to have!
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I've updated my journal layout, since doing so always makes me want to update more. Which, I don't know if that makes any kind of real sense but there you go. |D

I've been playing Type-0 a lot and man, running around Akademeia reminds me so much of FFVIII that I'm having major nostalgia feels. ;3; just talking about which characters I like to play as the most )

This post makes me want to watch all the Marvel movies in order. I haven't watched the third Iron Man movie and I barely remember the first two films. Maybe I this thing.

I've been suffering through a toothache since yesterday morning. ;;; I know I need to get to a dentist but not have dental insurance makes that difficult. I'm going to go eventually but in the meantime I've been going through the usual pain remedies; pain killers, salt gargle, peroxide gargle, and clove oil. My mouth is in a state of shock but it's helping.
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I was bad and bought Final Fantasy Type-0. ._.;;;

mild spoilers for the first mission and characters we meet during it )

I also got the Final Fantasy 15 demo but it didn't finish downloading before I had to go to work; something to look forward to when I get off! \o/
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I'm watching After Earth and these are some of the most lifeless performances I've ever seen. Will Smith is pulling the asshole dad routine and I DON'T CARE FOR IT AT ALL.

I started a new game in FFXII, which might have been a mistake considering what a time sink that game is, haha. I really love the world of Ivalice and Vaan and Penelo don't bother nearly as much as they apparently bother other people. In fact I feel something of a kinship with Vaan; he doesn't know what the hell is going on and neither do I.

I meant to write today but instead I watched trashed tv and slept. WAY TO GO ME. I have a nice new notebook with nice new paper that's just itching to have words on it.


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