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I didn't feel well today but I made it through work, then went to pick up some groceries. While I was there, I decided to check my blood pressure. 172/108 with a heart rate of 100. Y i k e s. I came home, took something, and it's okay now. This Thursday is the first anniversary of my dad's death. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it.

Handel won in the GA 16th district. This is disheartening, even though it's not that surprising. I hate this state. The south would be a great place if weren't for the people.

I'm not doing great right now, haha.
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So I had my doctor's appointment last Thursday! Cut for general doctor-y things, it was a breast exam so yeah )

Classes are going well. I have so many friends in my painting class that it really makes up for having THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON ALIVE in there as well. |D

Sketch! This one is a little big, idk why my phone's camera took this one bigger, I didn't change any settings but anyway Sad gay dudes saying goodbye )

My sister and Mom are going to the Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale tomorrow and I'm debating whether I want to go. On one hand, I've never been before and it might be fun! On the other hand, I'm tired, Mom and my sister should spend time together without me, and I could spend the time with my dogs, who've been kind of overshadowed by the kittens. XD

Crap, I really should have been getting ready for work instead of writing this post! |D
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It's quiet. The Olympics are on tv but it's turned low, so we can pay attention if we want and ignore it if we want. It's just Mom and me. She's in her chair and I can faintly hear the sounds of her clicking the mouse. I'm on the couch. The air purifier is humming away, creating a lovely white noise. The kittens have been playing in non-destructive ways and now Penelope is sitting on the couch with me. The dogs are quiet. It's a little bit cloudy out, so the sunlight is a soft grey where it's trickling in from the blinds and the glass door leading out to the back porch.

It's a good morning. :)

OH and I suppose I should add that I'm reading A Year's Temptation by [personal profile] lomonaaeren, which is an oldie but goodie.
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I've been invited to go to a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child midnight release party with some friends at the nearest Barnes & Noble. Kinda tempted, ngl. But also kinda not tempted because I'm old and midnight is a time I like to be curled up watching tv. XD Also I work that day and I'm going clothing shopping early the following day. So. :\a

Classes start in less than two weeks! Aaaaaahhh. Last night I broke out the watercolors and tried to figure out if I knew what I was doing. I don't. |D But that's okay because I got a lot of practice with them and by the end of it, I think I kind of got the hang of them. It was fun. I'll probably play around with them more tonight. I'm terribly inspired by Qinni but I don't want to straight up copy her. I want to paint some Mori boys. ;3;

I've been playing Pokemon off and on lately, although I've been slowing down a bit as new to me Pokemon get harder to find, haha. Oh well. It's still a cute game. I'm really excited for Sun and Moon though. I really like the newer Pokemon that they've shown us.

ALSO. No Man's Sky comes out the same day as classes start. How am I suppose to play that game AND have a life? ;;;;
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☆ We watched Independence Day: Resurgence! Spoilers )

☆ Mom and I went to the nearby outlet mall and did some shopping (I bought the cutest fucking leggings, aaaahh so precious) and ate out at a pretty nice restaurant. We were both in a good mood and we both got some good walking in before it got to hot to breath. It's been a good day. ;3;

☆ I've been on the NoSleep forum on Reddit and man, some of them have fucked me up, lmao. I'll be doing a rec post sometime in the future, although chances are if you're into creepy stories, you've already read the ones that I'm going to rec.

☆ I've had to do some pretty heavy lifting (70-80lb dogs from floor to about chest height) over the past week and I'm paying for it now. I'm pretty sure I pulled some muscles in my shoulder and chest; I'm experiencing a gentle, pulsing pain just under my right breast, going up to my shoulder. Boooo. If it doesn't go away, I'm going to the doctor and seeing if they can give me something. :\

☆ I'M ON VACATION! \o/! Until next Thursday! It's going to be an easy going week, I think. Catching up on sleep (if I can, reading the stupid spoopy stories I'm reading), catching up on shows (Voltron, mostly!), and spending time with my puppies and kitties. ;3;
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I got volunteered to work on Monday so I get to work every freaking day of the three day weekend, boooooo. One day I'll have a job where I don't have to do this kind of thing! But I'm going to take a different day off next week so it works out. I guess.

I hate what Marvel is doing with the latest Captain America comic line but I also love how fandom comes together when this kind of shit happens. It's like for about five minutes, we're not arguing about shipping or wonky characterization or kinkshaming. Nope, we're all complaining about the bullshit the canon writers are doing. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's an incredibly stupid and offensive move to make Cap a ~secret Hydra agent the whole time~ but. I'll admit to enjoying the outrage that's been living on my dash.

Also, I have an idiot friended on facebook who blamed liberals for Hydra Cap. I have no idea why she's like this. Or why we're friends tbh.

I'm going to try and write a little tonight. I have several prompts sitting in my tumblr inbox for my Sith!QuiObiAni AU and I would like to get something written for at least one or two of them. I don't know if I've posted any of that AU here but I'll have to get on it. it's kind of popular and I don't know what to say about that. ;3;
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Many thanks for the well wishes and hugs from my last post. Hugs are always welcomed and appreciated. ♥ ♥

I'm taking Dad to the hospital today for his first round of testing. I'll probably be spending a goodly portion of it in the waiting room so hopefully I can manage to get some quality sketches in.

Thanks for your support, guys. I'll keep you updated.
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Micah, my family's dog, died tonight. He was about 12 and in pretty poor health. It's still devastating.

So last week I had to take my dad to the doctor. He's also in pretty poor health. They ran some tests and sent him home. Yesterday we got the test results back. The major thing is the x-ray results. They found a mass on or around his lungs. The doctor pulled my mom away and told her that he couldn't be sure what it was but that it was not good. Then I took him to the hospital to get him scheduled for more tests.

He goes Thursday and Friday for tests. See, the whole reason he went to the doctor in the first place was because in the past few months, he's grown very weak. His right side has gone pretty numb and he drags one leg when he walks. He's irritable. He forgets conversations. He doesn't understand things very well. It was all stuff that I thought was pointing to early onset Alzheimer's.

But now there's this fucking mass. And the tests they'll be running include spinal tests and cranial tests.

I'll basically be missing work at my new job tomorrow (I have to bury a 80-90 lb dog and try to tend to my mom, who is completely devastated) and then Thursday and Friday to take my dad to the hospital. Fortunately my sister is the owner of the new job place so she's very understanding.

I told her today that this week was going to suck. I'm honestly surprised at how quickly it came to pass.
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Today my workload is: working at regular job from 9am-6pm, going to my boss's house and taking care of her pets (she's out of town), and then going to my sister's shop and deep cleaning everything. It's a long day. I also have to work tomorrow. (。•́︿•̀。)

But! I have Friday off, so that's a thing right? Right. Happy thoughts. ;3;

Still thinking about participating in spook_me. I want to write a haunted house story, set in a cold wilderness! Thanks for the inspiration, Until Dawn. XD I just need a fandom that would work well for that. I could possibly make MCU work and have Steve, Natasha, and Sam looking for Bucky and find themselves trapped in a house for a night or so. :\a idk though. Writing a bunch of teenagers would probably be easier for that kind of setting.
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Hello DW friends, how are you? I've been very sad lately and I don't understand why.

Classes have started and I'm pretty overwhelmed. talking about classes )

I went to the dentist on Thursday and it wasn't quite as bad as I'd expected it to be. I ended up missing class and work on Thursday-Friday, but I was assured that that was the norm for oral surgery so I did my best to not feel guilty about it, hahaha. I now have another appointment September 24th, so that's happening. That's just going to be fillings though so, you know, not so bad.

mental health stuff )

Anyway, this is a sad post. I'm working on art and writing Stucky for [Bad username or unknown identity: fan_flashworks"]. I've finally decided to buckle down and get some of those achievement badges.
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Despite being super hot and sunshiney, today feels like autumn. It's making me feel nostalgic (like everything else, haha).

My first two days of class were okay. I've a feeling I'm going to adore geology and the professor who teaches it; she's enthusiastic and wonderfully nerdy. History is going to be a struggle. Not the subject, because I love ancient world history, but the professor is going to be a problem. Fortunately I'm the type of student who can completely ignore the professor if I need to. Metal etching is intimidating and painting 3 is going to be fiiiiine. First day of art crit is Monday and first day of geo lab is Tuesday. We'll see how it goes. It was really nice to see my school friends again and experiencing people enthused about seeing me was a nice thing. XD

Last night, Kiddo and I lay in bed and watched Spirited Away. My tv is quite small (a 20 inch) so I pulled the stand until it was touching the foot of the bed at one corner, which made the space feel smaller. That, plus the window unit running, a small lamp on, and the dogs asleep in their crates made the whole thing very cozy. ;3;

Work continues to be very stressful, mainly because the woman hired to be the new office manager apparently doesn't know what the hell she's doing, even after a month of training. She had a panic attack last Thursday when I can in and I try to be sympathetic but it's difficult when she's already cried on my shoulder three times. This may not be the place for her. My boss has also decided to throw more responsibilities my way, which was pretty stupid since she knows classes have started and I'm going to be working much less. It's so annoying.

I'm hoping that come Monday, everything settles down. I'll be off work which will be nice, so hopefully when I get home from school I'll be able to sit down and finish the things I meant to get done before classes started, lmao whoops.
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I'm at work and I'm terribly bored and boss is out of state at a thing so I feel like it might be time for a real update, rather than just complaining about medical stuff, so here goes! XD

Monday and Tuesday are my last days off before classes start on Thursday. I have to make them count. I have one commission to finish up (I'm so sorry it's taking so long, [personal profile] shipwreck_light!), several Stucky pictures I would like to finish, I probably should buy some school Kiddo is coming to spend Wen-Sun with us, which means I should work Monday and Tuesday and take Thursday and Friday off, but my boss scheduled a meeting on Thursday that I probably shouldn't miss. |D;;;

I'm pretty disappointed in my productivity levels over this summer. I know that people tend to get more inspired or have more ideas the less time they have, so maybe I'll actually get more work done after school starts. If that's the case, I'll just have to buckle down and make sure I actually do the things that I'm inspired to do (and also stop waiting for inspiration because that's a stupid, inconstant way of getting creative project done, Nan, stop that).

My fic idea for [community profile] iddyiddybangbang is slowly becoming less id!ficcy and more like just a regular fic (granted, a fic that's still pretty porny). Whoops? XD
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It's July! CAMP NANOWRIMO TIME GUYS. That, plus commissions, means I might not be here too much. I'm going to try, obviously, because I really love keeping up with my journal but omg time. |D

Basically all I did yesterday was watch Agents of SHIELD and draw before going to work. It was pretty great. \o/ Typically I'm off on Mondays and Tuesdays but since the past two days were the last days of the month, I volunteered to work them and be on Thursday and Friday instead (I have to work Wednesdays, it's pretty non-negotiable). That ended up working out pretty well; I get two days of at the beginning of July (camp!), I'm going to be working all day July 4th (we're closed but someone has to go in, might as well get some hours in!) and my typical all day Sunday (so those two days are going to be bracketed by four days off~), and...okay, I don't have a third point but those two points are good enough. |D

I hope it rains today. I hope it rains the next two days. Please rain. ;3;
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I've updated my journal layout, since doing so always makes me want to update more. Which, I don't know if that makes any kind of real sense but there you go. |D

I've been playing Type-0 a lot and man, running around Akademeia reminds me so much of FFVIII that I'm having major nostalgia feels. ;3; just talking about which characters I like to play as the most )

This post makes me want to watch all the Marvel movies in order. I haven't watched the third Iron Man movie and I barely remember the first two films. Maybe I this thing.

I've been suffering through a toothache since yesterday morning. ;;; I know I need to get to a dentist but not have dental insurance makes that difficult. I'm going to go eventually but in the meantime I've been going through the usual pain remedies; pain killers, salt gargle, peroxide gargle, and clove oil. My mouth is in a state of shock but it's helping.
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So my final project for 3-D was to create a tape sculpture of myself and install it somewhere on campus. It has to interact with it's environment in some kind of way and props can be used.

This is what I came up with )

I'm going to see Age of Ultron Friday and I am so hyped. I've run into some spoilers - mostly some asshole anon over at [community profile] fandomsecrets - but idc, I'm so excited. :D

I'm debating whether or not I want to create a journal or wordpress account for professional (read: original) work. The comic I'm writing should probably have it's own site. HMMMM. :\a


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