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[personal profile] imperion and I went for coffee and this is what happened when I got back. This cat.
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Red is fine! He's still limping a bit but he's using the wounded leg and is now a happy back yard dog.

Selphie is fine! The base of her tail was swollen and the vet said I caught it in time before it could become a hot spot. She either was stung or bitten by something. She was prescribed some things to get her back to 100% but she's good about taking medication. Or rather, she's suspicious when she gets treats laced with pills but she never manages to, like, not eat the pill, haha.

My progress in FFXV has slowed because I'm, like, obsessed with watercolors right now. I don't know what is happening but I want to paint so many things and so that's what I'm doing. I have another piece in the works. I'm really enjoying this. *___* I blame the materials. I bought a hardbound Strathmore watercolor journal a few months ago and am finally using it and because it's the fanciest journal I own, everything in it needs to be my Very Best Work...but somehow be done Very Quickly, lmao. It'll die down soon but I want to ride the high while it's here.

We fired the bather at work and hired someone I'd worked with at a previous job (when I worked at the vet hospital) so that's pretty great! But it seems like we've been so busy and there's been so much work to do and I'm just so tired. ;3;
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Wow, okay, so bullet points will work for the kind of day I had:

  • Woke up with a headache

  • Medicated Red, let him out

  • Get to work, realize the dog bather is definitely fired, realize I gotta take her place, realize we're horribly overbooked with a ton of big (upwards of 70 lbs) dogs

  • Headache gets worse

  • Lunch! Coworker/Boss asks if I'm okay, I tell her not really, I'm trying not to throw up, she says (while getting her greasy, greasy food) that yeah, she already dry heaved once because she's the type of person who's incapable of not making everything about her

  • Coworker/Boss tells me she'll "give me a break" and bath ONE of the THREE Boxer dogs if I deshed the Rottweiler

  • Rottweiller proves to be super aggressive!

  • I end up in the bathroom being sick and then decide to go home

And then I came home and passed out, the end! :D :D :'D So glad it's Saturday, my weekend starts NOW.

Also, Selphie has an appointment on Monday, she's been really tender around the base of her tail and crying about it and I just can't let this go on. For those of you who are new, this is Selphie, my precious little pumpkin-headed dog:

I got her when she was about 5 weeks old and she's around 4 years old now. ;3; I love her.
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So I'm planning on doing Camp NaNoWriMo this coming July. Again. I think focusing on a project like this will be good for me. Once again, I have no idea what I'm going to write so instead of planning like I usually do, I'm going to wing it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Due to everything going on, I ended up missing the priority deadline for financial aid. Hopefully the priority deadline just means I won't be a priority but I'll still get financial aid.

A friend wants me to take a play writing class next semester! I'm going to have to drop a class to take it but that's okay. I'll probably drop photography, since eeeh. I'm not to terribly enthused about that one anymore.

Going back to work tomorrow. We'll see how it goes!

Also, meet Hecky. He's my new love. Selphie's afraid of him, hahaha, my sweet baby pumpkin head. ;3;

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