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This is just a mishmash of various memes I've seen, haha.

Six favorite selfies through the year! This is one from tumblr and look, I actually really like taking selfies so this one was...eeeehhh.

Excuse my face )

LET'S SEE. In terms of life, this year has really, really sucked. My dad was diagnosed with cancer May 16th and then passed away June 22nd. I mean, that alone makes this year a huge piece of shit, ha. But my dog Micah died in May, everything has been so incredibly stressful, and then Trump was elected, dang. It wasn't all bad though. My friends really stepped up in terms of supporting me through everything; I've really found out who I can depend on. That's something.

In terms of fandom, I started this year being super obsessed with MCU/Stucky, then was super in Star Wars (first The Force Awakens and then going back the prequel trilogy), and ended it with Yuri!!! on Ice. I haven't been in an anime fandom in a while. It's weird. I've found I really struggle with writing for non-English speaking canons; if I can't hear the characters saying what I'm writing, I can't tell if it's in character, I guess? And I definitely don't know enough Japanese for that to work, hahaha.

Most popular fanart: Sooo I really thought this Anakin/Obi-Wan art+fic combo was going to be the top spot at 607 notes but this Otabek/Yurio piece has gotten 696 notes. Thanks, Yuri on Ice fandom! (My most popular art thing of all time is this Stucky piece drawn last year, with 905 notes)

First art of the year: This Kylo Ren thing which is, frankly, not great. Last art of the year (so far): This Victuuri piece, which is also one of my least popular art things! I don't know if Yuri on Ice is just over saturated with Victuuri or if I just post Victuuri pieces at the wrong time, but as well received as my Otayuri work is, my Victuuri work is super ignored. It doesn't bother me very much, it's just funny, haha. Anyway, I'm pleased with how I've grown as an artist and I like to think, at least, that I'm getting better.

Most popular fic: UHM this year was pretty terrible in terms of fic output but either the Anakin/Obi-Wan art+fic combo above oooor Beginning of the End, which is a creepy fic+art Anakin/Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon piece. And I think was the start of the whole Sith!AU hahaha. People dig Siths.

UHM, in terms of fandom interaction, I've not been that great. I've started commenting more lately though! But for much of the year, I've been pretty absent. In my defense, I've been super busy, haha. But eeeh, that's not a great defense. Fandom is important to me! I know that interacting with other fans is a big part of why it's so much fun. So I need to be do better with that.

ANYWAY. 2016 in review. It's been a hell of a year. I don't want to hate this year because it's the last one I had with my dad, but lbr here; ultimately, it really fucking sucked. Here's to 2017!
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Look, I love year in reviews so I'll probably do at least a million for of these before 2016 officially comes to a close. XD

Take the first line of the first post from each month, and that's your year in review.

My one resolution for this new year's is to stop letting fear guide me. (hahahaha welp)

The current prompt for [community profile] fan_flashworks is metal which, considering I'm in the MCU fandom, should be a pretty easy prompt to fill. (I didn't write this prompt.)

SUPER LOVERS IS GETTING AN ANIME. I REPEAT, SUPER LOVERS IS GETTING AN ANIME. (I haven't watched this yet but I've heard terrible things, which...I'm taking with a grain of salt since the terrible things I've heard are also true for the manga, which I loooooooove)

It's April, which means Camp NaNoWriMo! (I didn't do Camp NaNo haha)

I started my job as a receptionist at my sister's grooming place today! (I still work there! I'm not a receptionist tho, I'm more of a "whatever we need" kinda person lmao)

Let the sinning begin. (My [community profile] seasonofkink card)

I started playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius yesterday. (Still a really cute game, I still super ship Rain and Lasswell, dang)

I'm experiencing two different kinds of sads. (After my dad died)

[community profile] trickortreatex is gearing up! (I successfully participated!)

SHIT I meant to post this yesterday! (An inktober fill!)

I don't care about sportsball but congrats to the Cubs! (I still do not care about the sportsballs)

Card! (My [community profile] genprompt_bingo card)
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So 2015! I know that a lot of people had trouble with this year. tbh, I don't really remember a lot about it. I don't remember it as being particularly awful or particularly good. I guess that means it wasn't a particularly outstanding year either way. Which I guess is a good thing, even if it makes for a particularly boring year in review. XD

So what do I remember. I definitely remember being incredibly frustrated and overwhelmed at times (mostly due to school. entirely due to school. school). I've made some pretty great strides in terms of art. There were some dry spells when I wasn't getting work done like I'd wanted but that's normal, I think!

I've strengthened friendships both online and off. I've never had such a good friend base offline and I'm so happy that I've met and got to know these people. They are pretty great. I've met new people online and our relationships are growing. While fandom is still kind of meh at the moment (mostly because, of course, the lack of community), as far as individual friendships are concerned, things are pretty great. :3

I didn't do much traveling, aside coming to Texas at the end of the December (which is where I am now!).

In terms of media, I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier in January and it basically took over my life. :D I also watched Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World.

But probably the best movie of this year for me was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So good. I've gone to see it twice; once at a regular theater and once in Imax 3D. It was so great. ;3;

Favorite tv show of the year is definitely Daredevil.

Favorite video game is probably Until Dawn, or maybe Choice of Robots, hahaha.

UH. I guess that's all! I don't really have anything else to say about 2015. I'll be making a post later about wishes for 2016.
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So. 2014. It really wasn't a great year, tbh! But let's go through it, month by month!

2014 in review! )

HOWEVER something that happened that I haven't talked about on this journal is that I might have gotten a PS4 for Christmas! It came with a digital download of The Last of Us, which is what I'm playing. But I bought Dragon Age Inquisition, which is kind of funny since I've not played either of the first two. OH WELL.

TELL ME YOUR PSN NAMES and we can be frans. I'm yaynan there. You'll get to see the kind of terrible gamer I am. XD


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