Imktober #1

Oct. 2nd, 2016 09:54 am
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SHIT I meant to post this yesterday! It got posted everywhere else yesterday, little late on DW. ;;;

So my [personal profile] spook_me think was originally going to be Until Dawn, but now it's MCU with Until Dawn trappings - mostly that the Winter Soldier project turned Bucky into a wendigo instead of just a super soldier. Cue him running around cannibalizing Hydra agents, fuck yeah. |D
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So I've gone back to the 100 palette challenge thing (and [personal profile] imperion has a 100 prompt fic writing thing she's doing, so I'm not alone in this "creating 100 things" mission) and I've created two different pieces in two days. Whoa. I am sososo proud of these because I managed to be painterly rather than drawing line art and then filling in color!

The first is Matt Murdock from Daredevil!

Matt being concerned )

And the second is Bucky Barnes but it has an accompanying Steve/Bucky fic. Warnings for past trauma and possibly lacking in boundaries.

A few weeks after being reunited, after watching Bucky refrain from wanting things )
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Title: Hungry
Fandom - Ship: MCU - Thor/Steve/Bucky
Rating: Extremely NC-17, extremely NSFW
Content Warnings: graphic illustrated sex, dirty talk, mention of belly bulge?
Notes: This was basically an excuse to draw Thor's big hammer, lmao. |D

thumbnail for extremely dirty fanart hahaha
Hungry )

Also on Tumblr and A03.


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