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It's quiet. The Olympics are on tv but it's turned low, so we can pay attention if we want and ignore it if we want. It's just Mom and me. She's in her chair and I can faintly hear the sounds of her clicking the mouse. I'm on the couch. The air purifier is humming away, creating a lovely white noise. The kittens have been playing in non-destructive ways and now Penelope is sitting on the couch with me. The dogs are quiet. It's a little bit cloudy out, so the sunlight is a soft grey where it's trickling in from the blinds and the glass door leading out to the back porch.

It's a good morning. :)

OH and I suppose I should add that I'm reading A Year's Temptation by [personal profile] lomonaaeren, which is an oldie but goodie.
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My dad's condition is deteriorating, to the point that I need to help him bathe. I try very hard to remain positive in front of him and not seem upset but it's difficult to see my dad, who has always been so physically powerful, now be so weakened and vulnerable. However, while he has moments despair and shame, overall he's still in good spirits. And he enjoys food and being disappointed at how badly the Atlanta Braves are doing this year.

this is very practical and very morbid )

I ended up taking my mom back the doctor on Tuesday because she's been constipated for about a week and none of the laxatives I've gotten for her have helped. They prescribed a laxative that seems to be helping slowly. They suggested a colonoscopy just to rule out colon cancer and I was like jfc are you kidding me, can we please catch a break here? They didn't seem too concerned about that possibility, it was more of a just in case due to Mom's age, but GOD FUCKING DAMN IT.

I'm going to make a more pleasant post later on this evening but I wanted to get this more serious stuff out.


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