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...oh wow, just got a call from my job. We had a water pipe burst and the guys can't come by until the afternoon to fix it so today's a bust (I work at a grooming shop, kinda need water to bathe those puppies!). Which is bad because I need money but good because dang, I love days off. XD
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I honestly have no idea what I've been doing with my time. I haven't watched anything new recently, I haven't been drawing very much, I haven't written anything. I've studied a bit of ChoiceScript and I've been working but other than that??? idk, man.

SPEAKING OF WORKING I'm writing my resignation letter to the vet hospital because I've been offered more time at the receptionist job and I'm going to take her up on her offer. It's my sister, btw, so of course. XD It's less hourly pay but more and better hours and I'll be home in the evening for my parents so it's definitely a good idea. I just. Resignation letters are really hard. Aaaaahhh.

Still madly in love with Avengers Academy but I'm getting worried that I won't be able to get Bucky before this event ends. I WILL THROW MONEY AT THIS DUMB GAME IF IT COMES DOWN TO THAT.

The new Voltron cartoon starts June 10th and I didn't even know about it until this morning but I'm excited. :D
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I started my job as a receptionist at my sister's grooming place today! It was okay. It's only for four hours a day (unless they need me for longer, which they did today! They were running behind and asked me to bathe two dogs, which I was like sure) and the time seemed to go by pretty quickly. My job entails data entry, answering phones, greeting clients, accepting payment, and setting up appointments. All of which are things I've done before at other jobs but every job has it's own quirks.

Anyway, it was just the first day and everything seemed to go pretty well so I have high hopes that I won't fucking hate this job, haha. It's just a summer job anyway so if I do hate'll be over in August. XD
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Last night when I was at work, I was getting ready to leave and for some reason I said hi. Like, it just fell out of my mouth. And it sounded weird, kind of weak and hoarse. I suddenly experienced this overwhelming feeling of dread and it didn't go away until I was in my car. ;;;; I know it was all in my head but it was still way too spooky.

For context, I work at night at a vet hospital. Alone. So it gets pretty creepy here sometimes! But I like being scared! I used to watch creepy youtube series like Marble Hornets and Everymanhybrid but they ended up getting too dense for me (I eventually went back and completed Marble Hornets but it went too far and ended up being too confusing for me to stay interested in). Everymanhybrid was pretty great but there was just so much to go through. I'm tempted to try again. I really like the kind of dread these series give me, even though - or maybe because - they're so low budget and clearly labors of love.

BUT. Being scared in a real life situation isn't the same and I'm kind of creeped out right now just thinking about it. XD


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