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Title: (blood)Lust
Fandom - Pairing: Castlevania - Alucard/Trevor
Rating: PG-13 for vampirism, blood.

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I'm trying something a little bit different, although it probably doesn't look very different to anyone other than me.
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Title: Heat
Fandom - Pairing: Law and Order: SVU - Barba/Carisi
Length: 975
Summary: Carisi stays late working on a case. Barba notices and decides to stay with him. For a little while, anyway.
Content Notes: barely there D/s, non-consensual non-sexual touching, feelings realization.
Author Notes: Written for the 'air conditioning' square in my [community profile] fffc mini summer bingo card.

Heat )

On A03
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It was a rainy, rainy day today so I spent most of it playing video games and painting this. :D

Title: Time and Place
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Rating: PG-13 for sexually suggestive situations (they could be cuddling or this could be post-coital...or mid-coitus lmao)
Content notes: None
Artist notes: Drawn for the amnesty challenge over at [community profile] fan_flashworks. The past challenge I picked was photo.
Summary: Noctis doesn't think this is the time or place but Prompto's always up for a selfie.

Time and Place
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I wrote Steve/Bucky! Finally! Rated teen and up, post-catws, Bucky recovering memories.

You Already Have Me )

Also on AO3 and Tumblr.

Related (kinda), I have a new tumblr: nancreates. It's suppose to be fic/art only, although ngl I'm kinda tempted to make it a Captain America blog, h-hahaha obsession. ;3;


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