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I bought a 3.5x5 inch sketchbook in attempts to do a sketch a day in it! This is the first one, because I always start sketchbooks with a battle lady. XD Just a reminder that my instagram is Heartfelt Ghost Studios and while it's rarely used, I'm going to start using it more often. It's just so easy to post stuff there. ;;;

Today was the first day of classes, by which I mean I had my only Mon, Wed, Fri class, which is graphic design. It was a little overwhelming being surrounded by so many people again and my professor knew about my dad so she gave me a hug and then after class we went to her office to talk. She told me if I ever need to leave class due to emotions, she understands, and that if I need to a quiet place to sit then her office is always open. She's so nice. ;3; I'll have to remember this when I'm struggling in her class, since she's a very tough teacher, haha.

Tomorrow begins the bulk of my classes (environmental science, public speaking, script writing, and painting v) although I'll be missing script writing since I have a doctor's appointment. I hope that professor doesn't get too upset that I'm missing the first day of his class but on the other hand, I frankly don't care that much if he does. |D
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Steam's having a sale so I bought This War is Mine and Deadlight. Let's see how that goes, lmao. I'm now avoiding all sales as best I can because I've spent too much money (....not on those games hahaha) and I need to stop. ;3;

I bought about six copic markers and have been informed that this is the end for me. I have a boatload of prismacolor markers but I can already tell the copics are superior. Thankfully, they can be used together so that's good (at least that's what I've been told, I haven't had time to test it out)! I look forward to drawing a lot of certain Jedis, hahaha I am obsessed. ;3;

SPEAKING OF WHICH, there's a five part miniseries comic called Obi-wan & Anakin and of course, I have the first two parts. The art is fantastic and it's a nice snippet of life for Obi-wan and Anakin. I personally would have preferred it being based more on their day to day lives as Master and Padawan but instead it's some kind of mission going on. Still, it provides some really great characterization for both men. And did I mention the art is fantastic? The artists really love Obi-wan. He constantly looks so damn majestic and almost leonine. Just wonderful.

I bought paid time for dreamwidth! Woo! Time to get some new icons.
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No, Thank You!!!, a new BL romance gaaaame! I say "new" but it came out in February. The protag is super interested in sex, all the LIs are adults, body hair settings, and fully uncensored. At $40, it's a bit steep, but interest in it might help in more BL games being brought over. So...soon as I get a chance, I'm buying it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Checking out the summer anime schedule, I'm kind of interested in Gakkou Gurashi! and of course, Junjou Romantica 3 but other then that, meh. Which is okay, since I have so many to catch up on, aaaahh. ;3;

Pose Reference Stock Resources You Need to Know. SenshiStock is one of my favorite stock resources and she's created a group called dAPoses: A Pose Reference Collective. Definitely a great resource to have!
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A while back I downloaded the 30 day trial version of Manga Studio. WHOA. It's not particularly intuitive but I played around with it today and I'm beginning to understand it better. It's definitely helpful in terms of creating comics, which makes sense since that's the whole point, hahaha. This program isn't very expensive so I'll probably be buying it soon-ish. :3

So [personal profile] omens linked a bunch of comics on Tapastic and now I kind of want to work on a webcomic? I mean technically I'm working on a graphic novel for school but the webcomic would be for Josh and the hooded man (which most of you probably don't know but I'll be creating an original fiction filter so that you guys get to meet these characters) and that's a pretty dark, unhealthy story. I mean. The comic for school needs to be a coming of age story and I guess technically Josh's story is, in a pretty horrible kind of way. XD

Uhm, hmmm. Lineness digital painting is really difficult; I don't know what the disconnect is between traditional painting (which is lineless, of course) and digital paintings but it's giving me fits. As is speed painting, haha. Oh well. I just need to keep practicing.


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