Jan. 21st, 2017

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The current prompt for [community profile] fan_flashworks is "lever" which I'm kinda of excited about because it gave me a little bit of a plot thing for a Sherlock fic. :3

ALSO so look, I'm typically not big on "this character only tops/bottoms" but I'm really into top!lock, that is my favorite thing, and for once tumblr came through for me with various blogs devoted to top!lock. |D

Also, I've yet to draw any fanart this year and that's depressing. I've done plenty of original art (yay school???) but to be honest that's not as fun as fanart, haha. So when I get off work tonight I'll probably draw something Yuri on Ice related (look, it's not ALL about Sherlock right now, okay?).

I have to have a three page expository piece of fiction featuring a single character but that character is going to be a witch and her dog comes bounding in, tail wagging while she's getting ready for work, but when she goes to say good morning to the dog, the dog is a girl because she's dating a werewolf. Haha! I might post that here after it's done. |D
nanslice: ([sherlock] at your shoulder)
Finished season 3 of Sherlock and I gotta say, this is the gayest show about heterosexual men I've ever watched.

spoilers )

I dunno when I'll get around to watching season 4. Probably tomorrow? Maybe?


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