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The Civil War event for Avengers Academy ended and I got Bucky! And I only spent a little money! /o\ I'm so weak. I also got Madame Hydra, who I'm largely ambivalent about but I lovelovelove her voice so! Eh. The academy looks so bare without Hydra members wandering around but I like that I can go back to focusing on the regular missions.

I turned in my resignation letter in at vet hospital job. My boss and I spoke and had a pretty long heart to heart, which was nice. She was very understanding about my reasoning (it's better if I'm home in the evening because that's when my parents start getting tired and I need to be home with them; medical stuff freaks me out pretty badly now). I initially told her that I would work out a two weeks notice but she told me that wouldn't be necessary and told me I could come back whenever I wanted. Which was also very nice.

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I honestly have no idea what I've been doing with my time. I haven't watched anything new recently, I haven't been drawing very much, I haven't written anything. I've studied a bit of ChoiceScript and I've been working but other than that??? idk, man.

SPEAKING OF WORKING I'm writing my resignation letter to the vet hospital because I've been offered more time at the receptionist job and I'm going to take her up on her offer. It's my sister, btw, so of course. XD It's less hourly pay but more and better hours and I'll be home in the evening for my parents so it's definitely a good idea. I just. Resignation letters are really hard. Aaaaahhh.

Still madly in love with Avengers Academy but I'm getting worried that I won't be able to get Bucky before this event ends. I WILL THROW MONEY AT THIS DUMB GAME IF IT COMES DOWN TO THAT.

The new Voltron cartoon starts June 10th and I didn't even know about it until this morning but I'm excited. :D
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Guys, I fucking love Avengers Academy. It's like someone said, "What would Nan love? I know, a Marvel high school AU!" And I appreciate the thought so much.

I still don't have Cap (he's standing the square, waiting for me to get all the stuff) and I'm two things away from getting Bucky. I love Wasp so much and I ship her and Black Widow, aaaaaaahhh. And I kind of ship Tony/Sam because they fly together a lot and Tony has no chill when he lands while Sam has his graceful little free fall and aah, I just love everything about it. I want to get all of the buildings and all of the characters (except for like, Madame Hydra and Crossbones, man I don't care about either of them) and make my academy so great, ah. ;3;


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