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My one resolution for this new year's is to stop letting fear guide me. Which seems weird and vague but in reality, it's something that will help me in various ways.

I become paralyzed with fear sometimes. Not physically, but it definitely stops me from doing things I want to do. Going to MomoCon? Well, idk, it's in Atlanta. But by the time it rolls around, I'll have a car I can rely on! And I can't get anyone else to drive in Atlanta! AND I'VE DRIVEN IN ATLANTA BEFORE. So why can't I just say "yep, MomoCon is a go?" (besides the fact that idk if I'll have money to go because of said car but you know, that's beside the point a little here)

Working on projects. A fear of failure keeps me from even starting fandom comics. I want to illustrate Steve washing Bucky's hair! But noooo, because I'll start it and then fail and feel like shit.

I'm pretty sure all of my procrastination originates from fear.

So that's my resolution. To stop letting fear guide me.
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I LOVE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS. I absolutely never keep them even when I have the best of intentions, but I keep thinking maybe this year will be my year.

So here we go!

Write at least 500 words
Draw for at least 1/2 hour
Read for at least 1/2 hour

Exercise for 30 minutes, three days a week
Make at least one DW post

At least one fic posted
At least one fanart posted
At least one new-to-me movie watched
At least one book read (I should up this, since I know I'll be doing the Goodreads challenge)

As far as classwork goes, no procrastination. Three studio classes means I won't have time to procrastinate; I'll have to get things done quickly. I actually do pretty well with this stuff so I'm not that worried about it, haha.

As far finances go, I need to stop eating out so much. This gets so expensive. I have to start carrying lunches. That's about the only continually frivolous thing I do. I mean, sometimes I'll buy a game or go to the movies but eh, not often enough for it to be a big deal.

Let's see. That's enough, I think.



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