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Title: (blood)Lust
Fandom - Pairing: Castlevania - Alucard/Trevor
Rating: PG-13 for vampirism, blood.

Click to see full image!

I'm trying something a little bit different, although it probably doesn't look very different to anyone other than me.
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My jeep start skipping when I was driving home last night so I called my car guy and asked if I could drop it off today and have him check it out. He said yes so that was the plan.

When I tried to leave today, it started skipping so badly I couldn't go over 15 mph and when I tried to go up a hill was almost impossible. I made it back home and now here I am. I've started looking at cars but I can only afford a used car and even those require a kinda high down payment. Which I don't have.

I'm just so depressed right now. Last night I made a plan! I had a plan for dealing with this! But nope.

I just got off the phone with my car guy's wife and he might be able to come here and haul it, which would be nice. But we'll see.

Ooooh my god I hate feeling so helpless, haha.
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I have a pretty legit sunburn on my arms and shoulders. ;3; I mowed for about two hours today and I wore a tiny little cami because I have a lot of sleeveless shirts that I would love to wear to class without having a farmer's tan and I didn't put on sunscreen and boom, sunburn. It's a constant low grade itching but if I scratch, pain. But hey, it'll level out into a nice tan probably so, worth it I guess? :'D

I drew something last night! I just have to clean it up/color and it'll be done. But that won't be happening super soon because:

Look my mom offered to buy them and how do you say no, like that's impossible.


Jul. 7th, 2017 11:22 pm
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Has anyone else watched this? My feelings can be summed up in four screencaps. If you've watched it, you know exactly what I screencapped.

Characters spoilers I guess but no plot spoilers )

So like, I'm shipping this pretty hardcore ofc.
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I fixed my jeep's driver side door! I figured out what was wrong and have managed a work around! It shuts! Just in time for me to get stuck in spillover traffic from a accident for two hours, wherein my jeep overheated and started smoking. Traffic eventually started moving and I was able to get to somewhere and eat and let it cool down but it was handling a little wonky on the drive home. It had oil and coolant so I'm honestly hoping so hard that it was still overheated and that after sitting overnight it'll have cooled down and will be okay. Fingers crossed.

*buries face in hands* *screams a lot*
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So I got the check-in email from [community profile] getyourwordsout, which was timely since I had no idea how things were going for the year. I only signed up for the 75k a year challenge because classes really cut into writing time (although tbh last semester my creative writing classes helped a lot, haha). Right now I'm sitting at 19,623 words for the year. Not great and I'm going to have to play catch up but! That's certainly better than this time last year so I'm happy. :3

Today is going to be spent waiting for the phone company to come by and fix the phone (sometime between 12:30 and 4:30, lmao I guess the time frame could be worse????) and writing a/b/o fic, aw yis, thanks July 4th holiday. ♥ ♥ ♥
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So today our internet service provider came by and upgrade our equipment/plan for free. Exciting! I kinda feel like we're finally entering the 21 century, haha. There's definitely been a noticeable difference in how quickly pages load but I haven't watched anything yet so I don't know how much streaming quality has changed.

Law & Order fandom, or at least the Barisi fandom, while small is incredibly welcoming. ;3; It kind of reminds me of prequel trilogy Star Wars fandom in a way. Comments on fics and replies on tumblr posts and stuff. It's really nice.

Speaking of which, I'm currently working on an abo fic for that fandom because weird AUs are always fun; the problem is although I consume a ton of abo fics, I've never written one before and I don't really want to fall into a lot of noncon/dubcon that takes place. Mutually respectful abo fics for the win, I guess!
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I have never even finished a line in a bingo and I've managed to do a blackout. *__* I am so proud of myself, haha. Summer love and funky old motel are easily my least favorites, while....moonlight shadows and sleeping under the stars are my faves. Although I ended up really liking karaoke bar and sunrise too. HMMM. Anyway, I actually finished a bingo card! :D 

moonlight shadows
(Law & Order: SVU, Barba/Carisi)
(Law and Order: SVU, Barba/Carisi)
karaoke bar
(Gundam Wing, Duo/Heero)
summer love
(Law & Order: SVU, Barba/Carisi)
(FFXV, Noctis/Prompto)
outdoor music festival
(FFVIII, Irvine/Zell)
sleeping under the stars
(FFXV, Noctis/Prompto)
air condition
(Law & Order: SVU, Barba/Carisi)
funky old motel
(FFXV, Gen)
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Title: Summer Love
Fandom - Pairing: Law & Order: SVU
Length: 263 words
Summary: “I never really took you for a Grease fan, Carisi."
Content Notes: None
Author Notes: Written for the 'summer love' square of my [community profile] fffc card. This one was easily the most difficult to write, haha.

Summer Love )
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Title: Celebration
Fandom - Pairing: Gundam Wing - Duo/Heero
Length: 402 words
Summary: "Yeah.” He brushed some of Duo’s tangled hair out of his face before shaking his head. “But Une’s going to have your ass for being publicly intoxicated.”
Content Notes: Drunkenness, maybe?
Author Notes: Written for the 'karaoke' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

Celebration )
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...since I've only been posting fic lately.

I'm so sleepy. ;3; And I really don't want to be at work right now. Three day weekend is on its way and I can't wait!

I'm contemplating picking up an online class for next semester. Religions of the World sounds like it would be interesting! But I'm taking three upper level English classes + Spanish 1 so I'm not sure I should add anything to my schedule. It might just be Too Much and I've been on the Dean's List too long to fuck up my gpa now.

I've seen gifs of Episode Prompto on tumblr and I am having some concerns and feelings.

Using a phone as a flashlight last night in the rain, in the dark, made me appreciate how the developers made the characters move in Until Dawn. You really do hold/move your phone light differently than a flashlight. Well done, guys!

I'll be participating in Camp NaNo and have roped a local friend into participating with me. So that's good! :D
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Title: Sky Vibes
Fandom - Pairing: Final Fantasy XV - Noctis/Prompto
Length: 499 words
Summary: “Everyone, back in the car!” Ignis ordered as the sky opened up and poured down on them.
Content Notes: None really
Author Notes: Written for the 'wild card' square of my [community profile] fffc card. I picked rainy days to fill. :)

Sky Vibes )
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Title: Bump in the Night
Fandom - Pairing: Final Fantasy XV - Gen
Length: 221 words
Summary: “Nope, no way, I’m bunking with Noct,” Prompto cut in, casting wide eyes at Noctis. “C’mon, please?”
Content Notes: None
Author Notes: Written for the 'funky old motel' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

Bump in the Night )
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Title: A Moment of Weakness
Fandom - Pairing: Final Fantasy VIII - Irvine/Zell
Length: 1079 words
Summary: “Oh wow, Zell, look!” Selphie said, bouncing in her seat and tugging on Zell’s arm. “A festival! They’re having a festival! I can see it from here!”
Content Notes: Romance, banter
Author Notes: Written for the 'outdoor music festival' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

A Moment of Weakness )
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Title: Twilight
Fandom - Pairing: Law and Order: SVU - Barba/Carisi
Length: 898 words
Summary: Barba’s voice was sharp when he asked, “Are you planning on transferring?”
Content Notes: Romance, banter, secret relationship.
Author Notes: Written for the 'moodlight shadows' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

Twilight )
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I want to write some totally id-y fiction full of supernatural romance and power imbalances and then those power imbalances being flipped. Which means maybe I should do Camp NaNo? Is anyone planning on participating in Camp NoNo this July? Is this a terrible idea? Someone either enable or talk sense into me lmao.

EDIT: Altho I can also just write AUs instead of working on original fiction, even though gosh I really need to start working on original fiction again, like dang, me. :\a
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weight stuff )

I went to Torrid yesterday (so glad I have a local store!) and bought clothes and I might have plurged a little and materialism yay! )

This weekend was a complete bust, writing-wise. :( We had home repairs and stuff to do and I just didn't have the time. I'm going to try to get something written/posted tonight but we'll see. I'm going to do writing sprints and see how it goes. ;3; If anyone's interested in doing writing sprints with me, hit me up on discord: nanners#7965
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At the beginning of June, I made a goal of finishing three bingo cards/prompt tables. Guys, why did I do that??? Family visits + unexpectedly strong feelings about anniversaries this month = not writing nearly as much as I'd expected to. I mean, I've certainly written more than normal and managed to publish three fics this month! But that's not enough for my goals.

So new goal for the rest of this month: finish up my [community profile] fffc June special card. Hopefully if I try to make my fics more bite sized I'll actually manage to finish. ;3;

I don't know what I want to do for next month. Camp NaNo is a thing but I don't know if I really want to participate this year. At least not in any official capacity, haha. Maybe I'll do the same thing as I did this month and just shoot for blacking out a card. I have enough of them!
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Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post.

I'm okay! I actually ended up spending most of the day alone, watching SVU and playing on Pinterest. Mom and my sister went to places but I really resent my sister inviting herself over like she did (and she knew it) so I elected to be alone.

weight and health )

Let's see. I'll get back to fandom soon.


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