May. 18th, 2017

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Soooooo yeah, I wasn't super into the movie but I quite like Newt (and I've been devouring fic, haha) so here, have this precious bean holding a very dangerous little baby. :3
Newt Scamander with is his head bowed and holding a creature

And a closeup of his face because I'm really proud of his (barely there) freckles. :3
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Red is fine! He's still limping a bit but he's using the wounded leg and is now a happy back yard dog.

Selphie is fine! The base of her tail was swollen and the vet said I caught it in time before it could become a hot spot. She either was stung or bitten by something. She was prescribed some things to get her back to 100% but she's good about taking medication. Or rather, she's suspicious when she gets treats laced with pills but she never manages to, like, not eat the pill, haha.

My progress in FFXV has slowed because I'm, like, obsessed with watercolors right now. I don't know what is happening but I want to paint so many things and so that's what I'm doing. I have another piece in the works. I'm really enjoying this. *___* I blame the materials. I bought a hardbound Strathmore watercolor journal a few months ago and am finally using it and because it's the fanciest journal I own, everything in it needs to be my Very Best Work...but somehow be done Very Quickly, lmao. It'll die down soon but I want to ride the high while it's here.

We fired the bather at work and hired someone I'd worked with at a previous job (when I worked at the vet hospital) so that's pretty great! But it seems like we've been so busy and there's been so much work to do and I'm just so tired. ;3;


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