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Jfc this weekend was terrible. I ended up not doing any of the fun things I'd planned and instead worked on all the projects my professors dumped on me for the long weekend. I got three hours of sleep last night. It's been great.


Quick fic recs, since that's what's getting me through the end of this semester, ha ha ha.

love means never having to say you're sorry by [ profile] coloredink, Sherlock/John: Sherlock Holmes knows what comes of love. Dang, this is so sweet? Sherlock fumbling through love is one of my faves.

Wildflowers by [ profile] axona, [ profile] Lulubean, Katsuki Yuuri/Yuri Plisetsky: These won’t be the last tears he sheds over Victor Nikiforov, but he has hit a point where they stop and leave him numb and dazed.

“He...that was my first kiss,” Yuuri whispers, staring down at his open palms on his lap helplessly.

Yurio makes a noise like he’s just been punched in the gut, and he growls something in Russian that Yuuri doesn’t bother translating. He only looks up when Yurio squats in front of him, firmly and unapologetically taking hold of Yuuri’s empty hands with his own, intense blue-green eyes staring at him.

“You deserve better than him.”

NOW DON'T YOU GIVE ME THAT LOOK OKAY, I know breaking up Yuuri/Victor is just Not On but I saw that this was a long, slow burn Yuri/Yuuri and thought I'd give it a shot. Some of the prose is a bit longwinded but I adore the way the author writes the characters and that's what's most important. XD


Also, finished my painting! Copic markers, watercolors, acrylics, about....jeeez, maybe 3'x4'? I don't really worry too much about measuring things, lmao. The critique was pretty interesting for this one, with most of the class deciding that this seemed like more of a caretaker role than anything sexual, while my professor saying there seems to be something almost transactional about the figures' relationship. It was pretty interesting! I certainly have my own intentions with this piece but I'm 100% fine with viewers interpreting it however they want.

a large winged figure holding a smaller figure
Click for full size!
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This post at [site community profile] dw_maintenance is really heartening; people, at least superficially, are interesting in making and maintaining their DWs! Woo! Is there an active subscription meme going around?

Today I'll be going to work and immediately heading to the studio to work on my current painting (inspired by Zeus and Ganymede, although this Zeus wears a plague doctor mask and has wings and big monster claws so you know, definitely just inspired). I'm using markers to color the wings because I've had a lot of success using markers for feathers and I'm finally really interesting in something I'm doing for painting class this semester and I want it to be successful. Markers are really time-consuming though, haha, so that's what I'll be working on this weekend. ;3;

closeup wip of of Zeus wings

WIP closeup of the wings! Four colors are used for each feather. This really is going to take forever. :'D

Friday is a guilt-free day off and I can't wait.


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